Kat and Terror

Author: Jim Goodwin

The girls were bored. It was the night before their Sorority Formal. They’d shown each other their gowns and their new underwear sets. Now they were sprawled out on Terry’s big bed, wearing nothing but their silky bras and panties. Kat was a luscious redhead with long copper hair. Her friend Terry, affectionately known as Terror, was a well-built blonde. They’d been talking about sex and both of them were getting pretty horny. A contemplative silence had settled over the bedroom as they stared into each other’s eyes.

Terry rubbed a leg across Kat’s nearly naked buttock and broke the silence.

“I bet I can make you cum first.”

She watched Kat’s eyes for a response. The redhead’s eyebrows arched, causing needles of doubt to stab in Terry’s tight belly.

“Not a chance,” Kat growled.

Terry’s face fell as she looked away, tears began to form in her eyes. She’d really blown it this time. She tried to mutter an apology,

“Sorry Kat…I guess I…”

“No, doofus!” Kat interrupted, “I meant no way you’re gonna beat me. I’ll have you moaning and groaning for mercy in no time at all!”

Now it was time for Terry’s eyebrows to jump up.

Kat rolled off the bed onto her feet.

Terry duplicated Kat’s roll and stood facing her on the other side of the bed. The blonde’s hands were on her hips, a small smile lit up her face.


They both stripped off their undie sets and faced each other naked. They had seen each other nude before but only in quick glimpses, this time they really looked. They were both about five and a half feet tall. Terry was lightly tanned, except where her bikini had protected her large firm breasts and flaring hips. Her nipples were already hard and stood out from the light brown circles surrounding them. A sparse blonde bush lurked between her legs. Her shapely ass glowed white in contrast to her tan. She was a college goddess at her peak.

Kat’s body was slightly freckled and creamy. Her slightly smaller breasts were tipped in pink, her hard nipples were like pencil erasers. Her fiery red bush sat on a prominent pubic mound below a washboard belly. Her cute round ass was like a firm pink pear, assuming a pear had muscles. Every part of the redhead looked tight and electric.

Terry kneeled back on the bed and gestured for Kat to join her.

“We’ll start by kissing,” she explained “No pushing or shoving. Just rubbing and touching. First girl to cum loses.”

As they rubbed their flattened breasts together, Terry leaned forward to kiss her friend. Kat had been waiting. She opened her mouth and the girls’ tongues began to duel in their warm mouths. They grabbed each others head with both hands, turning the kiss into an endurance contest. Their naked upper bodies swayed together, as the kiss became more frantic. They arched their backs, bringing their tight bellies together, their cunts only inches apart. Kat heard Terror lightly moan.

Terry untangled one hand from the red hair and lightly caressed Kat’s back, slowly working her way down to her friend’s firm ass. Kat broke off the kiss and leaned back a bit. Terry could feel her friend’s pubic hairs brush against her own as a warm hand cupped one of her breasts.

The girls began running their hands wantonly around each other’s young, smooth bodies; exploring blindly for erogenous zones, softly inflaming passion as their now wet cunts brushed together lightly. Their mouths met time and time again, tongues wrestled in the dark sending warm liquid sensations through their yearning loins.

Breaking the deep soulful kiss, their eyes met. Their faces were flushed. Each girl’s long hair was now a wild mane, their bodies were shiny with sweat. They both knew the preliminaries were over. It was time for the main event.

Terry reached down and slipped her right hand between Kat’s legs. Her middle fingers parted the red hairs, she felt Kat’s moist warmth against her hand. Kat’s right hand moved down to Terry’s pussy. The blonde hairs were damp, she rested two fingers against her friend’s slit.

For a moment they just knelt there with legs spread and hands on each other’s cunt, green eyes staring into blue, blue into green. Their breathing ragged.

Kat brought her other hand onto Terry’s breast, “Gonna make you cum!” she whispered

Terry cupped Kat’s left breast and rotated the nipple, causing Kat to moan.

Their right hands began their dark, moist explorations. Slowly and gently they parted wet cunt lips to slide along slick slits. Both girls gasped and squirmed as her friend’s fingers danced on her pussy, grazing clit, sliding tantalizingly down toward the ass and riding back up again. They continued their breast play with same rhythm they were working down below, a rhythm that was increasing in pace as their hips began to buck in time with the frantic finger play.

Terry noticed Kat’s forehead and shoulders were reddening beneath the sweaty shine of her skin.

“Oh yeah, WildKat, you’re gonna cum on my hand,” Terry panted

“Uh-uh, Terror…you gonna…” Kat gasped back as she slipped two fingers into Terry’s hot wet cunt.

“Ohhh, uhhh, uhhnfair” was all the blonde could moan as she slid her fingers into Kat.

The time for words was finished. The molten sensations emanating from their groins were spreading through their tight young bodies and merging with the electric pulses of their tweaked nipples. Their silky thighs were spread wide as they tried to maintain balance on melting legs. Their pumping hands had open access to their eager cunts. The air was now alive with the squishing sound of fingers sliding in and out of wet pussy and the moans that neither girl could hold back.

They abandoned the breast battle and reached behind each other, their left hands between each other’s sweet ass cheeks, adding extra fingers to the frantic pussy play. They pushed their thrashing bodies together, their heads resting on each other’s shoulder as each fought to make the other cum before the onrushing tide of orgasm overcame her. They were locked together in hot, mad, sweaty passion, their young naked bodies writhing together, their firm flesh sliding on hot slippery skin.

Their breathing was now coming gulps and gasps. Their nostrils were filled with the smell of their mixed perfumes, sweat, and musky girl juices. Their pumping hips matched the manic pace of fingers rubbing ass, slit and clit. Their buttocks clenched and unclenched, as their pace became spastic and frenzied.

Kat felt Terry’s hand begin to tremble and knew from the cries and moans that blonde was about to cum but, although, she tried to hold back, Terror’s vibrating fingers pushed her over the edge.

They spasmed hard against each other, riding the orgasmic waves, milking the cum for every fantastic sensation. Finally both fell back on the bed, panting for breath, their shapely legs spread wide and glistening with their sweat and love juices. Both girls were grinning, already eager for a rematch.

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