The Roommate – Ch.1

Author: Jane_X

Siene was his roommate’s girlfriend so she was off-limits. But Caden had wanted her ever since he’d moved in several months ago. He’d tried to put her out of his mind but things had only gotten worse.

A month ago he walked in on her in the bathroom as she was stepping out of the shower.

“Oh!” She jumped with surprise and grabbed for a towel, but not before he’d run his eyes down the length of her body, noting the water droplets dripping from her erect nipples and the soft curve of her pussy as it disappeared between her legs, barely hidden by neatly trimmed curls of hair.

He slowly drew his eyes back up her body until his gaze met hers. Caden could see the alarm in her eyes but there was something else, too. Was it excitement? She gripped the towel modestly against her body but he thought maybe she was secretly pleased that he’d gotten a good look.

Caden stared at her with a provocative expression, making no move to leave.

“I have to get dressed,” she said, shifting nervously in the small space.

Caden pressed a finger to his lips. “Shhhh,” he whispered.

Then reaching out, he grasped her wrist and brought her hand against his jeans. He let out a little sigh of pleasure as he pressed her palm firmly against his stiff erection.

Her eyes grew large and she glanced at Caden, her face a mixture of uncertainty and surprise. A second later Siene pulled her hand away and looked down at the floor.

“I – I really have to get ready. Anthony’s going to be home any minute.”

She refused to meet his gaze again so he stepped to the side and she hurried out the door, her half-naked body pressing against his as she brushed past him.

He watched her scamper into Anthony’s bedroom, her towel falling open in the back, revealing her perfectly shaped ass for a few blissful moments before the door shut behind her.

He leaned against the bathroom doorway and unzipped his pants, freeing his thick cock. He stroked himself as he thought of her naked, wet body.

Caden was so turned on by their brief encounter that he climaxed in record time. When his cock erupted with hot cum, he pictured it spurting all over her pretty face.

He paused outside the shut bedroom door, hoping that perhaps Siene would open it and catch him holding his stiff cock, slick with cum. Just the thought of her seeing him in that condition kept him hard.

But she didn’t emerge so Caden cleaned himself off in the bathroom and then retreated back to his own room. And not a moment too soon, either. Anthony’s footsteps sounded in the hallway just a minute later.

For days he worried that she’d tell Anthony about the incident and he berated himself for being so bold. It had been a very risky move. But the days went by and Anthony never brought it up, so he guessed that Siene didn’t betray him. Life continued as normal.

Nearly every night Caden laid in the dark, masturbating to fantasies he created about her. Sometimes he imagined that he walked into the bathroom a few minutes sooner. He imagined slipping into the shower with her, running his hands over her wet body as he fucked her under the warm water.

Other times he fantasized that Siene had crept into his bedroom at night after Anthony was asleep, crawling under the covers with him. He imagined waking up just as she was penetrating herself on his hard cock, sliding it into her tight pussy. He pictured her big, firm tits rubbing against his chest as she rode him to orgasm.

He was finding it harder and harder to be around her when she visited Anthony at the apartment. Just laying eyes on her for a few seconds gave him a raging hard on. He was in agony. And he could tell that Siene knew he desired her. He’d caught her staring at him several times when she thought he wasn’t looking.

Then last week he’d woken up thirsty in the middle of the night and was making his way through the dark to get some water from the kitchen when he heard noises coming from the living room. He’d quietly stepped back into the shadows.

When his eyes adjusted to the darkness Caden could see Anthony sitting naked on the couch. Siene was standing in front of him, wearing a short skirt and a tight sweater.

The moonlight was casting a soft glow through the window in the living room but Caden was safely hidden in the shadows of the foyer. He watched as Anthony reached his hands under Siene’s skirt and pulled her panties off, sliding them down her legs and tossing them onto the floor.

He pulled her onto his lap and she straddled him. Anthony’s cock was standing at attention beneath her hips. She lifted her skirt and rubbed his dick against her pussy, rocking back and forth, her clit sliding against the head of his cock. She moaned with pleasure.

Caden’s own cock grew rock hard watching Siene pleasure herself. He’d never witnessed her being so free and open with her body. It was an incredible turn on.

Anthony pushed her sweater up over her breasts and Caden could see well enough to make out the lacy design of her bra. As Siene continued to rub her clit against his cock, Anthony gently pushed the fabric to the side and slipped his hands under her breasts and teased them away from the confines of the bra, leaving them exposed and framed by the black lace.

He fondled her breasts as he watched Siene masturbate on his cock. “Oh, yeah, rub your pussy on my dick.”

Caden couldn’t resist any longer. He pulled his erect cock out of his pajamas and began stroking his hand up and down the thick shaft, staring at Siene as she rubbed her pretty pussy all over Anthony’s hard dick, her beautiful tits exposed to the moonlight.

Anthony ran his hands through Siene’s hair and pulled her face down to his, kissing her deeply, his tongue exploring the inside of her mouth. He slid his hands over her body and grabbed her by the ass, lifting her skirt, giving Caden a perfect view.

Anthony gently pushed Siene onto his stiff cock. She gasped as he entered her and let out a moan as his full girth penetrated her. Her ass came to rest against his balls, every inch of his cock stuffed inside her pussy. She moved her hips and began to ride him but he grabbed her firmly by the waist and stopped her movement.

“Not yet,” he said wickedly, watching waves of pleasure wash over her face. “You like my big cock up your tight little pussy, don’t you?” he asked, tracing his fingers around her erect nipples.

“Yes,” she said, her breath coming in little gasps, “I want to fuck your big cock.”

She wiggled her hips against him and he sighed with pleasure, but held firmly to her waist. She strained against him and moaned. “Oh, please,” she begged, “let me fuck your cock.”

Caden nearly came at the sound of Siene’s dirty talk. His dick was so hard it almost hurt. She was so erotic. He wished that it was his cock in her pussy, making her beg to be fucked. Caden didn’t know how Anthony was handling it. He couldn’t have held back this long, not with Siene. He would have been pumping loads of hot cum inside her already.

Anthony kissed Siene’s neck, his eyes full of lust. “I’m gonna fuck your little pussy, but first I want to make you cum all over my cock.”

He ran his fingers along the folds of her pussy and pressed his thumb against her clit. Then he licked her nipples, sucking one and then the other into his mouth until they were rock hard. She squirmed on his lap, grinding her ass in little circles against Anthony’s thumb.

Caden watched as she climaxed on top of his cock, her head thrown back in ecstasy, moaning loudly. “Oh, yes! Fuck!”

Siene gasped as her body trembled with orgasm and she bucked against him, her thighs shaking. Anthony groaned with pleasure as she writhed in his lap, his cock buried deep inside her.

He slowly began to move her against him, his hands on her ass, guiding her movements. She moaned heavily as he worked his cock in and out of her.

Caden could see that Siene was enjoying every little sensation of being fucked. Anthony began thrusting into her hard and fast, meeting her movements halfway.

“Yes, oh . . . yes, fuck me,” she cried.

She rested her hands against the back of the couch, bringing her tits against his face. Anthony sucked on her nipples, flicking his tongue against her as he pushed her hips back and forth over his lap, impaling her pussy on his cock again and again.

Caden could see how wet her pussy was, her creamy juice running down Anthony’s balls, making a wet spot on the couch. He longed to taste her, to work his tongue into her secret folds and suck her clit until she came in his mouth. Given the chance he’d lick her clean after Anthony finished with her, he’d never been so turned on. Watching Siene take Anthony’s big cock up her pussy was so fucking hot.

“Oh, god, your pussy is so tight,” Anthony gasped as he drove his cock into her.

He spread Siene’s smooth ass cheeks and rubbed a wet finger over her asshole. Siene responded with ecstatic groans of pleasure. Anthony pushed firmly against her tiny hole and his finger slid inside her ass.

“You like my finger in your ass, don’t you, baby?”

“Yes, yes!” she moaned, bucking her hips back against his hand.

Anthony pushed his finger in deeper as he continued to fuck Siene’s pussy with his hard cock. This sent her over the edge and she exploded with pleasure, her body shaking.

Watching Siene cum a second time was too much for Caden and he orgasmed there in the shadows, stifling gasps of pleasure as hot cum squirted out of his cock.

Apparently it was all Anthony could take, too. “Oh, fuck! I’m cumming, baby!”

He gripped Siene’s hips and thrust deeply inside her. “I’m cumming inside your hot pussy!”
He stiffened against the couch and Siene took over, riding his cock as he shot his load deep inside her.

“Oh, god, yeah,” he moaned as he pumped the last of his cum into her pussy.

Anthony wrapped his arms around her back and kissed her. She collapsed against him, resting her head on his chest. Their bodies glistened with sweat and they breathed heavily in post-coital bliss.

Caden quickly pulled off his shirt and used it to wipe off his hand and then the wall, where ropes of his thick, white cum had landed. Then he tiptoed back to his room.

As he crawled back into bed, he realized that he hadn’t gotten the glass of water he’d gone after. Oh well, he thought. Watching Siene get her pussy fucked and her asshole fingered was definitely worth being thirsty.

Now that he knew she loved sex and acted like a dirty little slut, he was even more eager to fuck her. It had become very clear that he had to have her, one way or another…

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