Watching April: April’s Fool

Author: Master_Vyle

I guess I’ll be straight and to the point. My wife, April, is a total nymphomaniac. She has a constant craving for new and different cock, and she wants to get down on every one that is available for her and do her best to use it in every hole she has time to get it in. She loves as many different hard cocks as she can try, and her want and need for them has not diminished a bit in the nearly 30 years that we have been married.
I suppose you think it would bother me, but you’re wrong. I love it, and can’t wait to get a chance to see her getting stuffed with some stranger’s hard cock and fucked until she’s sweaty and totally spent. I myself am just a little bit bi, totally oral, so I love to do clean up duties. We have a couple of guys from online we meet every now and then and I like taking it from them occasionally, but most of her play with other men she picks up is a solo effort.
Yes, I think I’m lucky to have a wife who loves to have hot and steamy sex with other men, and she feels lucky to have such an understanding husband. The truth was when we first got together I had only been with two other women, and she had a reputation around town for being easy. April was scared to tell me that she was not sure that she could ever be faithful to one person, even though she really liked me, she though telling me would probably run me off. Imagine her pleasant surprise when I told her that it was not only okay with me if she ended up doing things with other guys, but I also encouraged her to find new guys to fuck.
We worked so well together that we married in less than six months. She was quite active, and as you can imagine she was quite popular with my single male friends.
Over time we discovered that the thing that really got me off the most was sitting back and watching her take it for a while before joining in on the fun. In the early years we did some swinging and swapping and that was fun. Then we moved more into just threesomes, each of us loving a little action with other partners that were the same sex, and that is still fun. But as time has gone on we’ve found that more and more I love to watch and then come in after the guy she’s gotten fucked by leaves and give her a deep cleaning pussy licking before giving her some more cock to enjoy.
Especially as of late and technology keeps getting better, I have found I like to hide out of the way somewhere and watch her getting fucked by some guy who’s totally unaware that I am there. When there’s time to prepare I even set up a couple of cameras so we can watch her in action later on. The first time we tried it like that, after talking over the possibility for a month or two, it was on April Fool’s Day a couple of years back, and I am pretty sure the guy she got it on with is unaware to this day that I was home and watching them.
Now April is gorgeous, at least in my book, and I’m sure there are a lot of other guys out there who would agree. I mean I’ve seen her in action with most of them. But anyway, she’s five foot six inches, with a fat pair of double d’s with red nipples that poke up like the eraser on a kindergartener’s pencil. Her hair is a corn-silk blonde that shows no signs of getting gray yet, even though she turned 50 this year. April’s ass is fat and round and totally smooth. Up front she has developed a bit of a belly, and her upper arms and thighs have gotten a little chunkier as the years have went on, but I personally love the way she’s gotten plumper with the passage of time. Her pussy is still nice and tight, but her lips are a little stretched, which is also okay with me, because I love a little roast beef hanging in my face when she squats down on me to get licked and eaten. Her skin is milky white everywhere the sun does not touch it, and because she likes to lay out in the nude during the summer she, for the most part, has a light and dusty tan for a good part of the year.
Anyway, her April Fool’s Day fuck a couple of years ago, that was the first time that I ever hid in a place I could watch her get it on with someone who had no clue that I was even there. We have a nice house by a big lake, which over the years has helped her score a lot of action, and that was where it happened. I had gotten the idea, had been made hot by the idea, after reading some stories about voyeurism online, and after showing some of them to April so she could read them she discovered that she was hot for the idea as well. The only thing was to create the situation that would be required for me to be in a hidden location to watch while whoever she was with did not know I was there.
The initial idea was to use the closets. All the closets in our house had louvered doors, which was ideal. After giving them an experimental try one day to see what kind of view they offered I realized that if the louvers were pointing up instead of down that it was easier to look out without having to strain or squeeze to find a good spot. So my first project one weekend was to buy new doors and bore out new latch holes so they could be put on upside down. Once the first one was finished and I tried it and was excited to see that it worked, but it was better than I expected, because I could look around the whole room with little problem of trying to find a sweet spot. With the louvers facing up I could stand and look out onto any area while they acted as a blind for anyone looking back to the doors.
Now it just so happened there was a young man staying at one of the houses next door to ours. His name was Todd, and he was probably 19 or 20 at the most, because he was just into his first year of college. The Robinsons were letting him stay at their house over Spring Break, although no one really comes and stays at the lake in the spring. There really aren’t that many college kids in the area, and only April and I and about three other families are the only year round residents, everyone comes in the summer, so even for Spring Break season things are pretty quiet.
I guess that Todd wanted to enjoy some quiet time away from his school and parties and the Robinsons must have suggested their lake house. I really don’t know if he was a relative or a friend of one of their kids because I didn’t take much time to talk to him. April on the other hand was very interested in him. Although he seemed a little plain to me I’ll admit that he did have a cute face and a nice smile. For the whole four days he was there April was deep in planning on a way to seduce him, dressing in a two piece and talking to him as he went out on the dock and laid out, dropping suggestive hints. The only problem was that he didn’t seem to have a clue that my wife was wanting him to fuck her.
It all came down to being an eleventh hour event. On the day she knew he was leaving April was determined that she was going to get him to fuck her, and on the night before we planned out the details, because like me she wanted to do it with Todd and have me watch, but not let him know I was watching. We decided that she would come up with some excuse to get him into our house and that she would do it with him in the living room. I would be in the hall closet that looked right into the center of the room.
I was pretty excited, and could not wait. I have learned over the years that April never lets a guy just get away when she’s determined that she wants him to fuck her.
So the morning came and I got into the closet, standing and looking out at the living room, waiting for April to return with Todd in tow. She had kept watch and went out as soon as he was getting ready to leave, saying that she was going to use the excuse that a large package for the Robinsons had been left at our house by mistake. The plan was to get him over so he could help her with the package, him being a strong guy and all, (wink, wink), so he could deliver it to our summer neighbors when he dropped the keys off. After he was inside the rest of the plan was that he was going to find out there was not a big package that she needed help with, just a small box.
I felt my blood rush when I heard the front door open and April’s voice saying, “It’s just in here.” He had fallen for her line, at least enough to get him into our house. I looked out and saw them step into the living room. My wife was wearing a white tank top that was so thin it did nothing to hide the fact that her nipples were hard, and a pair of black shorts. Underneath she wore nothing else, I knew. Todd was similarly dressed in a white muscle shirt with Mickey Mouse on it and a pair of navy shorts, the waistband of his boxers just visible over the waistband of his shorts. (Stupid kids and their underwear hanging out.)
As I waited for what came next I pulled my gym shorts down to my knees and slowly stroked my cock loose handedly. On that subject I will admit I am just a little over a handful, but April’s never complained. She does like them big when she can get them, but it’s always been much more about having as many different cocks as she could find irregardless of the size.
“Where is it now, Mrs. Snow?,” Todd questioned.
“April, please,” she corrected in her sultry voice. She walked around behind the couch and trailed a hand along its surface. “You’re not in a hurry, are you, sweetheart?”
I sighed to myself, working my cock just a bit harder. She loved throwing out a sweetheart, or a sweetie, or a stud, or a darling to some guy she was fucking. It was one of those little things I always thought was hot about the way she was when she was with a guy. She usually just calls me Barry, or hot thing, and the only one of her “other guy” endearments she ever uses with me is usually darling.
“Well, no”, he said. “Not really.”
I could see April crack a mischievous smile. “I have to be honest. I really don’t have anything for the Robinsons.”
“Oh, okay.” Todd replied as if he didn’t get it, sounding like being lead into someone’s house for some BS reason was a normal occurrence. Although I mainly think that he just didn’t get it.
“I’ve been trying to get your attention all week, sweetie.”
“Really?,” Todd questioned. “What for?”
I shook my head to myself as I held my steadily stiffening cock in the closet. Could this kid really be this dumb?, I wondered. Do they really let kids this dumb into college? I thought they had to have good grades and pass all sorts of test.
And yes, I do realize that he probably isn’t dumb, just really naïve.
Looking out I could see April had her perfect and winning smile on her face. She walked over to where he was standing, getting close but not yet touching him. “I think you’re pretty hot.”
Todd laughed at this. My view was so good with the louvers on the closet door facing the opposite direction from what they were intended that I could see his cheeks turning a little red. “Naw. Not me.”
“Oh, yes,” April told him. I couldn’t see her face but I was sure she was looking into his eyes with her pale gray ones, ones I myself love to look in to when we’re getting it on. She then said something low enough that I could only make out the murmur of her voice.
Todd was shaking his head. “Naw. You’re just kidding with me.”
“No,” my wife told him. She shifted a little as she stood in front of him, giving me a good view of her swaying ass as she tried to appear as if she were being childishly seductive toward the college student in our living room. “I really want to do it with you.”
“Mrs. Snow-,” he started.
“And I don’t want you to leave until I’ve had you,” April went on.
I sighed, giving my cock a couple of slow strokes. My wife had thrown her arms around Todd and raised herself up on her tip toes to put her mouth over his. I couldn’t believe how fucking hot it felt to be watching in secret for the first time. It was definitely a rush. It was not until sometime later that I even wondered about what might have happened or how he would have reacted if he had caught on to us.
“Woaha, wait,” Todd said. He disengaged himself from my wife’s arms and took a step back. “Now, you’re shittin’ me.” He had a hand out and took another step back. “Yeah, I get it. It’s April Fool’s Day.” He let out an uneasy laugh. “Okay. Happy April Fool’s Day.”
The irony was that neither my wife or me had even considered the date. I’m sure if we had she would have really thought up something to make him squirm beforehand, but we hadn’t. Once I heard him say it though there was no way I was ever going to forget. The first time watching her with someone who had no clue that she knew they were being watched. Todd really ended up being April’s fool.
April just stood with her back to me and shook her head.
Todd kind of laughed, a smile I am sure the girls liked appearing on his on his face. “You’re just kidding with me like you have been all week.”
I watched as my wife gave him another shake of her head. “I haven’t been kidding with you all week.”
“Really?,” he asked. Then he said, “Oh.”
And I thought to myself, oh. Yes kid, you finally got it.
“Ah, no,” he said. “This is April Fool’s.”
Okay, so maybe he still didn’t get it.
“Right?,” he asked.
I watched, not breathing because I was afraid it was going to be too loud. April reached down and then raised her tank top up and showed him her boobs. She was still facing away, so all I could see was her smooth back from her shoulder blades down. I could easily imagine what Todd was seeing, big fat tits, with those hard red nipples jutting up because they ride too high to be pointing at the floor. It was so easy to know what he was seeing. Even imagining it was exciting, being in the closet and detached from the action. I gave myself a few more strokes, letting out a breath.
“You’re not kidding!”
April again shook her head. “No, sweetie. No foolin’.”
I could see his Adam’s apple bobbing as his mouth worked. Todd was still fairly skinny, and I guess at his age I must have been too. “So you want-?”
“Mmmm, I want you to give it to me,” my wife told him. “I want your nice hard cock in me.”
He swallowed and let out a breath. “But what about, Mister-?”
“Barry?,” she asked, her tone coy.
I smiled to myself as I looked out, sighing a little as I continued to stroke my cock a little faster. I knew I was going to have to slow down or stop, because I was going to get myself off and nothing had even happened yet. It was just that the whole thing was so hot. It was exciting, to be there, just April and me knowing I was there.
“Yeah, him.”
“He went in to town to go to the store.”
Todd kind of nodded, opening his mouth and gulping in a breath. “How long?”
I smiled to myself. If he was going to ask then I knew that he was going to give in.
“Probably an hour,” April told him. She still had her tank top raised, but from the positioning of her arms I am sure that she was just letting it sit there over the top of her titties. “So that gives us, 45, 30 minutes to be safe.”
It wouldn’t take that long. I knew it wouldn’t take that long. Nervous young guys never take too long, no matter how good they usually are. I gave myself one more slow and long stroke, breathing shallowly as I waited for his next reaction.
“Sure,” he said. He nodded his head, a grin on his face. “Yeah, okay.”
I already knew that that was more than enough encouragement for April, but of course she caught him off guard. She sank right to her knees and grabbed his shorts and boxers, quickly pulling them to his knees. “Oh, my, what a nice, big cock you have, darling!”
I was already envious. Her head and shoulders blocked my view, but I took my wife’s word for it that Todd had a nice, big cock. I briefly closed my eyes and allowed myself a couple of more strokes. God, damn it, it was hot. I spaced my knees a little wider, as wide as I could with my shorts hanging around them. Looking out I saw my wife slightly rise up on her knees and then watched as her head sank down just to bob back up again.
“Ah, holy shit,” Todd hissed.
He had it good. April is such a fucking good cock sucker and she loves to do it. When she wants to take her time she can do it for hours, slowly teasing and torturing you until you’re about to come, then she’ll back off a bit before going in for more. It is her favorite thing to do when she is on her period. When we were first married there would be times when it was that time that we would lay in bed with her sucking me all day, not letting me go off until I finally swore there was no way I could take anymore.
I knew she was not going to take very long. She had given Todd a deadline, even though they could have had all day if they wanted to. Of course he would never know that. I’m pretty sure that April wanted to make sure he was nice and hard and ready to go since he was already nervous.
Todd leaned his head back and closed his eyes, putting his hands on April’s head and running his fingers into her hair. A lot of guys would be urging her on, even I have sometimes, humping her face while she’s sucking cock. I guess he wanted to relax and enjoy it for a minute, even though April was not giving him much time. After a couple of minutes he took his hands off her head and peeled his tank top up. I have to admit he didn’t look as scrawny as I had imagined, in fact there was some definition there, which meant he worked out at least a little. Under the tank top he was white as a sheet. For all the time he had spent laying around outside the past week it was apparent that he had kept a tank top on the whole time.
“Okay,” he finally sighed, putting his hands on her shoulders. “We need to go ahead. Yeah?”
I closed my eyes a second again and gave my cock several more strokes. Fuck I didn’t know if I would make it to the end. I hadn’t imagined that just the little bit I was watching in secret would make me hotter than all the times I had watched from a chair or from the edge of the bed while her other lovers knew I was right there.
I hear the slurping sound of April taking her mouth off of him, and that was enough to make me want to just keep on stroking, faster, up until the very end.
“Okay, darling.”
God. I grabbed my cock a little tighter and stroked a little slower as I watched my wife. She got into a squatting position and leaned close to him, then pumped herself up and down a few times. I knew she was giving him a little tit job. I could imagine his cock sliding up and down between her fat tits, all lubed up from her spit.
Finished with the rest of her teasing April rose up and turned around. She looked to the closet, knowing I could see her, and then stepped toward the couch. Then I looked to Todd who was dipping down and stepping out of his pants and underwear. My wife was not kidding. He had a nice long cock, it’s base surrounded by a puffy beard of dark hair. He had to be about seven inches, nice and slim, the kind I like to suck myself. It had a pointy head that was not much bigger around than the shaft. His balls hung close to his body and looked to be as hairy as the thatch around the bottom of his cock.
“How you want it?,” he questioned, stepping toward where she stood.
“Give it to me from behind, sweetie.”
I sighed, and for a second I wondered if it was a little too loud. As I stroked my cock with one hand I reached up and under my shirt and ran my fingertips over my nipples. They get hard and sensitive when I really get hot, and I love it when April sucks on them.
April grabbed her shorts and stooped down as she took them off. Once she stepped out of them she stepped to the couch and put her hands on one of the arms and leaned forward. She had picked a place where they would just be in view, another foot and the back of the couch would have been in my way.
“Damn,” I heard Todd say as he looked at her. “Nice.”
I know that April had shaved her pussy that morning. She usually does, but sometimes she will go for weeks, or even a couple of months where she will let it grow out. It is always funny though, the reactions she gets from younger guys, like Todd, when they see that she shaves it. It’s like they don’t think that anyone over 26 would shave down there.
“Mmmmm,” April purred, as she rocked slightly up and down, doing a slight push up against the arm of the couch. “You like a bare pussy, darling?” She still had her tank top on, raised up so that her nipples and the bottoms of her titties hung out. She ground her ass slightly in his direction.
“Fuck, yeah.”
He stepped up behind her, and as she felt him April pushed her ass back a little more. Todd was making a face, grunting a little, and my wife had a look of pleasant bliss on her own face as he entered her. He put his hand on her waist and gave a couple of shallow thrust. Then he pulled himself too her, and as he pressed his body firmly against her ass April arched her back, leaning her head back and sighing.
I worked my cock faster. Again it wasn’t anything that I had not seen before, but secretly being in the closet and watching made all the difference.
“Mmmm, that’s it, sweetheart,” my wife purred, her tone one of delight.
“Ah, yeah,” Todd agreed with a loud whisper. Already he was quickly working himself into a rhythm, thrusting himself in and out of April’s pussy. He held onto her waist, bucking up into her. His head was facing slightly off to the side, and his eyes were closed, a look of sheer pleasure on his face. His tongue darted out and he licked his upper lip before picking up his pace.
“Mmmmm, yeah,” my wife sighed.
“You like that, April?,” he questioned, moving a little faster.
“Yeah,” she panted. “I love that cock.”
I worked myself faster, trying not to breathe as I watched and listened to them. I would go a little faster, and then a little more faster than that, trying to match the pace that Todd was giving it to her. I was already sure that I was going to come around the same time they did. It was so hot that there was no way I was going to be able to hold back.
“Mmmm,” Todd purred and gasped. “I had no idea you would be so hot and wanting it.”
Hot and wanting it? I know, lines from bad pornos sound better. But there was something about his sincerity that made it seem hotter than it was at the time. In a way I was hanging on, wanting to know what he was going to say next, corny or not.
“Oh, baby, I want it all the time,” April confessed to him. Now she was using her wanton slut voice, and that made it even a bit more exciting as I listened, stroking in the closet. “You could have had me any time this week.”
Todd sighed, slipping his hands down and around her waist from behind, pulling himself closer and quickening his pace a little more. “I wish I figured it out sooner.”
“Nnnnah, me too,” my wife gasped.
I knew she was already getting close. April has a lot of speeds and moods, and she’s always been pretty orgasmic. She never fakes it. If she can’t get off with a guy, and it’s rare for her not to, she always has me to fall back on to finish the job. But she has the ability to go from a lot of things, she just has to be hot enough. If it’s going to be an all nighter she will hold back and come over and over, and if she knows it’s going to be a hot quickie she lets herself get caught right up in the heat so that she goes off really quick.
“God, you’re fucking hot,” he spat in a pant.
I couldn’t agree more with him. In fact at that moment they were hot, caught up in their fast and furious fucking over the arm of our couch. I was still stroking my own hard cock, matching his pace. In the bend of my finger I could feel a dribble of precum. It wasn’t going to be longer for me. That was for sure.
“You’re going to have to come back again, darling,” April panted.
I took my hand off my stiff and sweaty cock long enough to slurp those droplets of precum off my finger. It was a nice and creamy appetizer. I was still rubbing my nipples as I leaned slightly closer to the door. Once again I let out a breath and a sigh as I put my hand back on my cock and started to stroke it back with the pace that Todd was fucking my wife.
“I’m gonna do that, April,” he panted. He leaned down and put his chest against her back as he used the positioning of his arms around her waist to pull her closer and pound her harder. “I’ll come back again and really give you a good fucking.”
“Nnnnnnmm, yeah,” she gasped, closing her eyes and leaning her head back toward his.
Todd leaned closer and kissed her on the neck and as he did I closed my eyes for a few seconds, stroking my cock faster.
“You’re so fucking good, sweetheart,” my wife moaned.
I opened my eyes and looked out through the louvers. April was looking dead in my direction, and there was a broad smirk on her face that I knew was for my benefit. She licked her lips and bucked her ass up against Todd as he kept on pounding her from behind over the arm of the couch.
That was all I could take. Just getting that knowing look from April excited me even more than the hot quickie she was getting from Todd. I worked my hand faster, quickly beating my cock shaft between the head and my balls. I closed my mouth and just breathed through my nose in case it was too loud. God, I just couldn’t wait anymore.
It was only a minute before I felt that tightening in the inside of my cock as the head began to throb and swell up a little. I felt a beat and then the sensation of my hot and creamy cum running down my fingers. I looked out and watched as Todd straightened himself up, putting a hand on each side of my wife’s waist and fucking her with long and deep strokes. I continued to milk myself, angling my cock so that my cum spurted out and dribbled down my right leg. I just kept milking myself as April and Todd fucked, trying not to breathe too loud, and not stopping until I just couldn’t take any more of the friction on my shaft.
“Mmmm, yeah, that’s it, sweetheart,” April called, sexual anticipation in her voice.
I looked out as I took my final strokes. My wife had her head back, a look of ecstasy on her face as sweat began to soak her hair. April perspires a lot, even from light action, and that is another thing that gets me hot about her. Again, when she lowered her head back, she looked dead at me and smiled her knowing smile.
If I had been sure I would not have been caught I would have probably whispered, shit, because it was still so hot.
“Nayh, nayh, mmmmm,” April gasped. “Here it comes, sweetheart. I’m going to cum.”
She was still looking dead at me, and if I hadn’t shot my load already I probably would have right then.
“Yeah?,” Todd panted. I could see he was getting a little sweaty too.
“Mmmmm, yeah,” April moaned back. “Yeah, oh yeah, yeah.”
Apparently that was all it took for him to know it was okay to go ahead and let go. I knew he had probably been doing his best to hold back from the moment he got inside her pussy.
“I’m, gonna cum,” he panted. “I’m gonna cum.”
April bucked her ass back against him a little harder. “Yeah, come on, baby,” she panted back. “Come on and cum all inside my pussy.”
Todd picked up his pace slightly, pounding her just a bit harder. His face tightened up and then he threw his head back and let out a ragged breath. “Nnnnn, YEAH!”
April moaned with delight as I continued to pinch and tease my nipples with my free hand.
“YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!,” Todd roared, giving my wife a hard thrust each time.
“Nuh-nuh-ooooh-yeah,” April cooed back.
After another minute Todd stopped thrusting into her. Then as he panted and gasped for breath he took his hands and rested them on my wife’s ass as he stood against her, his cock still buried in her pussy.
April made another cooing noise and wiggled her ass against him.
“God, that was good,” Todd panted.
“Real fucking good,” April agreed.
I watched them as they stayed locked together over the arm of the couch for a couple of more minutes. Then April glanced and looked toward the clock in the kitchen and reminded Todd that there was not much time left before I was due back. Within a minute he had taken himself out of my wife’s pussy and had gotten dressed back in his clothes.
“I better run I guess,” he told her as he headed toward the door. “But I’ll be back next year to see you.”
“Mmmm, I sure hope so, darling”, April purred back. She had stopped bending over the arm of the couch, but she had not made any move to get dressed as he had.
They said a couple of more quick goodbyes, and then he was out the door, getting gone so I would not suddenly appear and catch him. The joke was on him though, and it was a really good April Fool’s joke, even though it had not been planned.
As soon as the front door closed April finally peeled her tank top the rest of the way off and threw it on the floor, the last bit of action I would watch from the closet. I opened the door and shucked my gym shorts the rest of the way off as she sat down on the couch. I walked over to her and she looked up to me with a broad smile on her face.
“You were really fucking hot, babe,” I told her.
“Hummm, it must have been for you,” she agreed as she pointed to the globs of cum that were smeared above the knee of my right leg. She rotated her shoulders and eased herself back to rest her back against the couch. As she did she opened her legs widely and revealed Todd’s cum slowly oozing out her hot hole.
That was enough to make my cock begin to stir again. “Let me get the camera,” I told her.
April stuck her tongue out playfully as I ran up to our bedroom and got the digital camera she had gotten us for Christmas a couple of years before. Digital cameras are the greatest. You just take pictures of things and plug it into the computer and you can go ahead and do almost everything you want to do right then. So much for the old instant camera, or sending rolls of film off to the adult film lab.
When I got back she had leaned back a little more, opening her legs wider and pushing her cute belly up some. I took a couple of close pictures of his cum oozing out of her pussy. Then, just to drive me crazy she took a finger and rubbed her clit, rubbing it close enough that when she raised it back up she had a thin and clear sting of cum attached to it. April took the little string of her young lover’s cum and stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it off, looking at me with sly bedroom eyes. I took a picture of her and her smile only got wider. Then she dipped her finger back in as I clicked off a couple of more pictures. This time she dug a little deeper, then took her finger out and raised it to my face.
Todd’s cum tasted yummy off April’s finger. I couldn’t wait to have more, so I sat the camera between her leg and the arm of the couch and got down on my knees. It wasn’t but a second before April was moaning again, running her fingers through my hair as I probed every inch of her pussy with a hungry tongue. I didn’t miss a single fold or cranny, lapping up as much of Todd’s rich and tasty sperm as I could. The aroma it made mixed with April’s sweaty musk was nothing more than heavenly, and I felt her thighs give me a squeeze and felt her getting a little rougher with my hair as I helped her to another orgasm.
When I was finished I took my face out of her crotch and rested it on a meaty thigh. April purred and cooed, mussing the exposed side of my head. “You going to be ready to get that cock up soon, hot thing?”
“Oh yeah,” I said, grinning against her warm leg. It didn’t take too long until I was ready to personally give it to my wife, although I was still running over the events I had watched from the closet that morning over in my head as I did. It made the fucking just about as hot, remembering the thrill of being hidden and watching.
It’s been a couple of years, as I said in the beginning, and despite his promise Todd had never returned for a repeat visit. Maybe he found a girl, or got married, who knows. How many promises like that do you make in your life knowing you’re not, for whatever reason, going to be able to keep them to someone who knows full well you probably won’t be able to keep them? The main thing that matters is he was there that day to be a part of a first that was exciting and memorable.
I’m pretty sure that April Fool’s will never pass without the two of us talking about and thinking about that particular April Fool’s Day. April and I have had a lot of those special days where we’ve had all sorts of fun times. It doesn’t have to be a holiday, or even a kind of holiday for us to have that kind of fun, but watching her with Todd as her fool will always be an especially memorable day.
Of course there are a lot of other stories I could tell you. But I guess I will save them for some other time.


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