I Have a Hobby


I have a hobby. I am a 33 year old woman with a figure 38DD – 24 – 36 with long auburn hair and long legs with a height of 5′ 10″. I get a lot of looks shall we say.

My hobby?  I am slowly reducing my husband to a slave while I constantly and secretly screw around behind his back. My chief amusement right now is to flirt with his boss, my most frequent lover, and I mean flirt outrageously when the three of us are together then get mad at my husband when he complains.  I enjoy how Jim, his boss, comes on to me when Howard, my hubby, is right there.

Another amusement is making out with Jim in a restaurant or bar while Howard is in the Men’s room. Everyone knows what’s going on but no one tells him. They just look at him and smile – you know the kind of smile.

Jim has been fucking me since, literally, the day of Howard’s interview. Jim wasn’t going to give Howard the job until he laid his eyes on me. When he did, it was obvious he wanted me and he sent Howard to do some tests down the hall. As soon as Howard was out of sight he brought me into his office and closed the door. Without a word he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. His hands drifted over my body to my ass, kissing me hard, holding my completely against him with my breasts almost crushed against his chest.

“I’m hiring your husband because I want to fuck you. And I mean fuck you a LOT! Open your blouse I want to see those tits!”

I did as he said, suddenly wet and ready. His hands rubbed my augmented breasts then his lips came to them, roughly stimulating the nipples to full erection. “Oh!” I moaned “Won’t your secretary know!”

“Of course she’ll know, that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?”

His left hand came under my skirt as he sucked my nipples, his fingers pushing aside the little G string and entering me immediately and deeply.

“I love the idea of fucking you while your husband is jumping through hoops down the hall! In fact I’m going to buy us some time.”

He picked up his desk phone and his secretary answered. “Call down to personnel and tell them to give Howard the full battery of tests and then take him on a long tour of the plant. I want some quality time with his hot wife, got it? And, by the way, let them in personnel know what’s really going on here. They’ll enjoy knowing that while they interview and test him.!”

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