Pleasure Cruise

Author: Steph

Finally the day we had been waiting for arrived and we walked up the ramp to the ship. I don’t remember the name of it since it was about five miles long and in another language. It was beautiful. We were given directions on where our room was located and Melanie and I wasted no time unpacking. This cruise was going to last a week and we didn’t want to be living out of our suitcases.

We threw our bags up on the bed and starting sorting out what would go where. As big as cruise ships are, you would think they would have more space for clothes. There was one small closet and a dresser matching in size. I watched as she started to remove her ‘delicate’ clothing. She had an amazing range of lingerie, from black leather to white lace. If it could be found at Victoria Secrets she owned it. I often thought that it was a form of addition, some people are addicted to caffeine, nicotine or stronger, and Melanie here is addicted to lingerie. To each her own I guess.

Once we got done packing we realized that there was only one bed. Now I admit I’ve often fantasized about messing around with Melanie, who hadn’t? She was hot as hell. She had the body that most women are jealous of and most men drool over. She was five foot eleven, 140 pounds soaking wet, the longest legs I’ve ever seen on anyone, wavy long red hair and a nice set of tits. We make a good pair, I’m five foot six, 135 pounds, brown haired and I’m the president of the itty-bitty titty committee! She’s picked on me since we were in grade school. Back then I honestly thought I’d grow more, but at twenty-six I’m still a nice perky 34 B. I never acted on my desires since she was my best friend and I wouldn’t want to ruin what we have already, so I keep them bottled up. I made a joke about there being only one bed; we both laughed and headed out to see the ship.

We’d been in our cabin longer than I had thought cause I could just barely make out the port we left. She grabbed my hand, which she frequently did, and we walked along the upper deck basking in the sun and fighting the wind in our hair. I couldn’t keep my thoughts off of her.

After dinner we went to the ‘club‘. Major flash back! They had disco blaring and lights flickering. The only thing missing was the ball hanging from the ceiling. We must have missed this in the things to do bit. Just about everyone there was dressed in the 70’s garb. We made the best of it and had a great time making a fool out of ourselves, considering we were four when 1980 came on the scene.

She had a lot to drink and was a bit tipsy. She leaned on me for support and I suggested she sit down. She looked up at me with a grin on her face, “Why don’t we just go back to our cabin?” she asked. I didn’t see anything wrong with that, and besides my arms were getting tired. I unlocked the door and she stumbled forward. I barely was able to catch her and maneuver her to the queen bed. We both collapsed onto the soft bed.

“You know Sally, I’m not as drunk as you think.” I just blinked. I’ve been told sometimes people need to hit me over the head with a brick. I don’t pick up on subtle hints. She giggled and brought her hand up to my face. “My dear sweet Sally, you are so thick headed!” Then she kissed me. I felt tingles cover my body from head to toe. I was on fire. I could barely smell any alcohol on her breath. She was sober and she wanted me! I didn’t know what to do. I had forgotten everything I had planned I do or say to her if this moment were ever to arise.

She quickly undressed me and made me lay still on the bed as she retrieved something out of one of her dresser drawers. I wasn’t allowed to peak. She rummaged through the drawer and headed back to the bed. I heard a light humming as soon as she got situated next to me. She had grabbed her vibrator! She traced the vibrating little cock up my leg, to my inner thigh and over my lips. I quivered all over as the sensation traveled up my body.

She watched my face as she pressed the vibrator against my pussy. I squirmed as my clit started to throb, impatiently waiting to be touched. MY moans were more like whimpers as she teased me with the plastic cock. Suddenly she pressed harder and the tip slipped in between my lips grazing my yearning clit. Electric waves of pleasure flowed all through my tingling body. As she pushed the vibrator deeper into my pussy, teasing my tight hole, her tits rested on my thighs. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles.

My moans grew louder and more intense as she let the cock plunge into my wetness. I squeezed tightly around the shaft as it entered my canal sending surges of pleasure up my spine. She pumped the cock in and out of my pussy, faster: harder. She leaned forward, stuck out her tongue, and began to stroke my aching clit, her warm breath washed over my wet pussy. I felt the familiar stirring brewing deep inside me; I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before I came. She continued to fuck me with her tongue and the fake cock.

My hips rocked on their own, forcing her tongue and the vibrator deeper into my pussy. I laced my fingers into her hair and pushed against it. My orgasm exploded and I felt my pussy spasm around the humming cock. I knew my moans could be heard from outside the room, but I didn’t care. My climax was so intense! I shuddered as her tongue continued to stroke across my clit. Once my moans faded she let the vibrator slide out of my pussy. It was completely covered in my juices. She brought it up to her face and inhaled deeply. The smirk on her face told it all. She wanted this as much as I did. Then she did something that surprised me. She licked the cock clean and tilted her body down to kiss me. I could smell and taste myself on her tongue. We both moaned into the kiss. This was definitely the pleasurable cruise the travel agent had promised me.

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