Her Ladyship

Author: FK

Moving slowly and cautiously, Matt drove his van up the long drive toward the structure. Impressed with all about, he continued with reverence as his vehicle finally pulled to a halt halfway around the semicircle before the house. Getting out, our man stepped atop the concrete and marveled at its precision as opposed to the weathered and beaten streets of the public roadways. Looking around, Matt took in the scenery, a picturesque description of eloquence, wealth, and an upper class touch of siminobility.

After taking a deep breath, Matt moved forward and up to the front entrance of the mansion. Walking between the two forpillars, he gazed up at a light fixture all decorated with the utmost in artistic detail. Finally, the man approached the two main doors and depressed a button next to the right post. Four seconds later, the door swung inward and Matt looked into the eyes of a middle aged man wearing a black suit. “ Hello”, said Matt, “ I’m here to fix the television.” Gesturing with his left hand, the neatly dressed butler let Matt in. Upon entering, our repairman was awed by the main livingroom. Indeed, the place was huge. In addition to size, there hung beautiful works of art upon all the walls. Studying his surroundings for a few seconds, Matt saw what he knew to be a work by Monet. Pointing at the painting, Matt inquired of the servant, “ Sir, is that the original?”

Turning his head in the work’s direction, musing for a second, the man finally replied, “ Yes, it is, madam purchased it five years ago at an auction; I was there; she made quite an impression.”

After relating to Matt the information about the impressionist masterpiece, the butler said, “ Ok sir, this way if you please.” Following the dark suit, Matt was escorted into a smaller,but just as decorated, room. Hanging from its walls were more impressionist works. However, even Matt could tell they were of lesser importance, and hence weren’t obviously as expensive. As the butler made it to the center of the room, he pointed at an entertainment center situated against the opposite wall. Consequently, Matt strolled over and examined the TV, asking, “ So, on the phone, you said the picture roles even after adjusting everything on both the front and back?”

Answering quickly, but politely, the residence employee replied, “ Yes, I couldn’t do much with it.”

Depressing the switch, and watching the tube light up, Matt next said, “ Oh yea, I know what’s wrong; It’s quite common with this model; I’ll be back, I just have to go out and get some tools and a replacement part; you see, the 18B6 integrated circuit board has one chip that likes to go every once in a while, but that’s no problem, I’ll just replace the board.”

Looking at Matt, the man ask, “ How long will it take.”

Replying cautiously, Matt said, “ Oh, shouldn’t be more than forty five minutes; I fix this problem all the time.”

“ Ok, thanks”, the butler said.

Matt left the home and went to his van. There, he rummaged through the drawers built into the side of the vehicle’s interior. Finally, he found the said circuit board. Turning around, Matt reached for his tool box and stepped out the back door. Not even bothering to close the rear of the cargo van, Matt returned to the open front entrance of the mansion and went in. Reentering the smaller chamber, he went over to the entertainment center and opened his box. Removing the required tools, he neatly placed them upon the floor. Afterward, our repairman slowly pulled the TV from out of its location and gently placed the thing on the floor. Rotating its back toward his face, Matt next began unscrewing the plastic panel. With the cover removed, he inspected the interior and finally located the defective part. However, as he was just about to reach for the damaged board and pull it loose, the sound of music blasted forth from the livingroom. Listening to the measures, Matt recognized the final movement of Berlioz’s Symphony Fantasique. Working itself to one climax after another, the composition roared away, echoing through every fiber of the estate. Being alone now in the chamber, he simply smiled to himself and continued with the job. With the passage of another twenty minutes, Matt eventually got the electronic device fixed, for he had to fine tune some of the settings to ensure maximum performance. All done, Matt put his tools away, picked up the defective part, and got up.

As he was just about to exit the den, the butler entered and ask, “ All finished sir?”

Matt nodded and said, “ Yes, that’ll be eighty seven dollars.”

The man reached into his jacket pocket and produced a check. Filling in the appropriate amount, he gave Matt the paper and said, “ Thankyou sir, you’ve been a great help.”

Looking at the check, he noticed that it was already signed by someone else. Upon closer inspection, Matt noticed the name, “ Sophia Dvorak.” However, he returned his gaze toward the butler saying, “ All right, if you need anything else in the future, just call.” Nodding, the man gestured the way out, and Matt complied, walking out and into the livingroom.

Still blasting away, a larger stereo in the main room played the masterpiece. Nevertheless, as Matt was moving toward the entrance, his eyes fell upon the back of a tall, but slender female form. Staring cautiously, our man noticed the lady dressed in a black skirt running below her knees. Further, the female wore a black jacket to go with the lower attire. What got the most of his attention, were the stiletto boots, black leather going up into the bottom skirt. The woman must have been standing about one hundred feet away, for the room was truly large.

Just before Matt was about to step outside, the mysterious figure rotated. Slowly, her stature revealed itself completely. Clearly, anyone could have confused her with Patrick Nagel’s “Carroll”. Raised to the top of her beautiful head, her dark mane spoke of nobility and elegance. However, with all of that, there went a touch of the macabre. Indeed, as her piercing blue eyes met his, the man was overcome with a faint weakness in his legs. She simply stared forth, flanked by all the art work, together with the symphony, which dug deeper and deeper into Matt’s soul. In the end, a few moments later, the lady simply turned her eyes elsewhere and seemed to loose herself in the music.

After going outside, Matt went over to his van and reloaded his equipment. Finally, he got into the driver’s seat, started the engine, and drove off. Turning into the main roadway, Matt drove along and on his way to the next assignment. Nevertheless, something was different, he couldn’t explain it, for the moment he looked into her eyes, he felt something he’d never experienced before, a strange sensation, numbing the senses, and straining the will. Unexplainably, her image just wouldn’t leave his mind. Sure, the dark haired woman was attractive, looking as if she was in her mid thirties. Nevertheless, in his lifetime, Matt had obviously seen better looking women from merely a sexual point of view. However, this lady was different, she was encaptivating in a way like no other. Driving along, he finally reached his destination. Working away at another repair job, our man found it difficult to concentrate; in fact, it took him almost twice as long as normal to finish the job. Perplexed at himself, Matt finished the day with confusion, for the gothic feline simply wouldn’t leave his brain; she was there, as if imprinted upon his pyche.

Parking his van behind the apartment building, Matt got out and went upstairs to his suite. Not doing anything, the man just threw himself atop the solfa and stared into space. However, a minute later, his body began to tremble as an adic without a fix. Perspiring, Matt slowly sat up and folded his arms. Next, he was overcome by a cold chill. Sitting there in silence, he let the darkness overcome him as he felt progressively weaker and weaker. Then, it came. From every corner of the apartment, he heard the Symphony Fantasique. Truly, the sound seemed to come from everywhere. Frightened, he got up and reached for the light. Turning on the switch, the music disappeared as the apartment was illuminated. Shaking, Matt went into the bathroom and showered off, for he put in a long day’s work and it was already nine thirty. After finishing up, he put on his pajamas and went into the bedroom. Laying down, Matt rolled over and turned off the light atop the nightstand. After covering himself, he began to slowly drift off to sleep. However, right before he fell into dream world, he again heard the music slowly rise in volume until it echoed through the chamber. Instantly, Matt sat up and placed his hands over his ears. Nothing, the notes continued to resound and force themselves deeper into his field of awareness. Quickly, he reached for the light. Again, the sound stopped. Consequently, Matt laid back and left the lamp on. Falling to sleep, he lay peacefully until three in the morning when a sensation of terror ran through his body. Waking up, he turned to look in the direction of the open room door. There, the lady stood, staring at him but not saying a word. Her eyes glared forth, digging into him as a spike upon crucifixion. Nevertheless, her figure began to fallow, and eventually disappear. Rubbing his eyes, Matt looked again at the room’s entrance. Nothing. As a result, he began to sadly wonder about his sanity. Turning off the light, he fell backwards and lay in the silence. This time, the silence continued and no music was heard.

Beeping away, the digital clock woke him up at six. Getting out of bed, the self employed individual made himself a cup of coffee and got dressed. With all done, he looked at his schedule and noted another long day. However, his constitution didn’t seem up to it. Being strangely weak, as with a flu, he had to force himself to go and begin working. His first client of the day was forty five minutes away, a big job, he’d make good money. Consequently, Matt stuck with it. Nevertheless, due to his condition, the work was hard. But that was the least of his discomforts. While he labored at his first assignment, he began to again hear the symphony come from all corners. Blocking it out as best he could, Matt tortured himself through the rest of the day. Upon completion, he looked at his watch and noticed eight twenty five.

Being already fall, the evening was dark. Driving home, the sick and depleted man was just about to pull into the rear of the apartment complex when again Berlioz’s masterpiece began to resound. Slamming upon the brakes and making a quick U turn, Matt sped toward Ms. Dvorak’s residence. Her abode was on the outskirts of town. Consequently, it took him almost an hour to reach it. Upon arrival, the frantic man stopped his van in front of the mansion and left the vehicle, racing toward the front doors. Reaching the two elegant panels, Matt began pounding and pounding. Further, he yelled at the top of his lungs, “ Where the hell are you, you bitch; what the fuck are you doing to me?!” However, despite his banging and screaming, there wasn’t an answer, not she nor the butler. Continuing to pound, he yelled away until he stopped out of sheer exhaustion. Breathing heavily, Matt finally caught his breath when again the symphony began. Concentrating upon its source, he wasn’t at first able to determine whether the music came from everywhere or strictly from behind the doors. Eventually, however, his steadfast attention paid off, for it became clear that the masterpiece emanated from within. This time, Matt didn’t go wild, he only listened for a moment and then decided to try the handle. Sure enough, it rotated, causing the door to slowly glide inward. With caution, fear, and a heightened curiosity, our repairman quietly stepped inside the dimly lit residence.

Looking in the direction of the source of the notes, his wide and curious eyes fell upon an amplifier all the way on the other side of the room. However, next to the electronic wonder, rested a solfa, about ten feet from the right speaker. Between the said couch and the stereo, stood a lamp, the only source of lighting presently turned on within the entire spacious dwelling. After his pupils sufficiently adjusted themselves, he made out the figure of a woman seated atop the couch. Indeed, it was her, the mystery unto which his life had become entangled for the last couple of days.

Dressed in the same type of attire as she wore in his first sighting of her ladyship, the female sat with her left leg crossed upon her right knee. Further, Ms. Dvorak’s left arm rested upon the top of the sofa’s back.

Slowly closing both doors behind him, Matt overcame his initial awe of her mysterious, forboding, yet seductive physique, and ask in a voice just loud enough to cross the room above the music, “ What are you doing to me?”

Staring forth into his face, a slow and diabolical smile crossed her lips as she responded, “ So, you heard my call, good, I’m glad you came.” Slowly, the lady raised her right hand and pointed her index finger at Matt. Viewing her, Matt could tell she had gloves on, black gloves made of some expensive leather. Next, her eyes took on a penetrating hue as she continued to point. As her finger held steady, the man felt his legs go soft. In fact, he could no longer stand, sinking slowly to his knees. While on the floor, he heard, “ Come here, crawl to me!” Moreover, her voice had an accent to it, eastern European, perhaps Russian. Obeying her command, Matt went toward the gothic being, crawling like a serf of old. About halfway over, he saw the lady reach for a long coiled whip laying next to her beautiful ass. Then, it snapped and struck him in the chest. Moving his face back, Matt was momentarily stunned by the impact. As a result, he made the effort to get up. Nevertheless, nothing happened; in fact, his legs continued to carry him forward toward the magical source of all the confusion. Try as he may, he couldn’t brake free. Frightened silly, Matt realized that he was now dealing with the realm of the supernatural, for surely, she wasn’t of an ordinary mold.

After another thirty seconds and three more strikes of the whip, Matt was at her feet. Wrapping the whip around his neck, the lady pulled his face up to her slightly stooped posture as she leaned forward in the couch. Stabbing his brain, he blue eyes shone forth as she said in a low seductive voice, “ I need your submission and death to live.”

Shaking all over, Matt ask, “ What do you mean; what’s this all about?”

Leaning back again, the woman in black conceitedly ask, “ How rich do you think you’d be if you were already around for over five hundred years?” Not answering her question directly, Matt already knew what she was alluding to. Furthermore, the man believed it, for what she was doing to him now was in and of itself a novelty the likes of which he had never experienced.

Letting the handle of the whip fall upon his chest, Solphia tore open his shirt and peeled it from his frame. Afterward, the being did the same with his undershirt. However, coming to his pants, Ms. Dvorak simply said, “ Take the rest of your shit off.” He didn’t want to. He tried in vain not to, but nevertheless, his arms and legs wouldn’t obey; they did as she desired; she controlled his body.

Finally, he had it all off and knelt naked before the woman. Standing up now, Solphia placed her hands on her hips and said, “ Your end will serve some higher purpose, consider yourself lucky to have known me.” Still a little confused, the repairman watched as she let her skirt fall to the floor. Next, the woman pulled off her jacket, sliding it over the exquisite gloves. Before him stood Mistress Solphia, dressed only in a two piece leather outfit, the said gloves, and her spectacular boots.

Grabbing the whip again, she pulled hard and slid it off from around his neck, leaving a red ring which burned like acid. Further, while staring at his cock, the lady snapped her fingers and watched with satisfaction as he attained an erection. Looking down at himself, Matt was amazed at her powers. Afterward, the feline said, “ Get down there and kiss those boots, you lowly creature!” Again, his body responded without his desire. He bent his face down and against her left boot. Kissing away, he found himself covering every spot of her footwear. Indeed, he couldn’t stop. Humiliated, he kissed on and on for twenty minutes until her voice said, “ Stop and look at me.” With no will of his own, the male straightened his back, slightly arched his head, and looked into her commanding and dominating eyes.

For two whole minutes, their eyes were locked. In addition, it was as if she sucked away at his soul. The longer she stared, the weaker he felt. With the passage of the said time, he noticed the feline slowly lower her leather panties to her thighs, revealing her dark and harry cunt. Without reservation or control, he felt the same mysterious force move his face toward her opening. Breathing in her cunt oder, Matt began licking away at her slit. Pushing further and further inward, his tongue explored her inner realm. Tasting her warm and wet interior, Matt slurped away and away until he heard moans of pleasure from above, “ Hmm, hmm, yes, oh…” Finally, her orgasm burst forth as her fluids filled his mouth to capacity. Sinking into the comfortable couch, Solphia said after raising her left boot, “ Here, do some more, suck the heel.” Placing his sticky lips upon the shaft, Matt took in its pointed end. Next, the humble man began as ordered. He didn’t let up until she said, “ Ok, slave, that’s enough.”

Afterward, the feline stood up again, turned around, and stuck her lovely ass into his face. He heard only one thing, “ Kiss!” As before, he complied. Matt kissed her butt for fifteen minutes until she turned toward him, saying, “ Lay strait atop your back.” Doing as ordered, the man stretched himself out upon the cold marble floor. Stepping over him with one leg, the mistress let herself down upon his cock, sliding his organ up into her dark and mysterious chamber. There, he felt a tingling sensation surround his dick as the woman began to move about. Bouncing around for a few minutes, she ordered, “ cum now!” Before he knew what happened, he felt his seamen squirt forth and into her slit.

While still seated upon his waist, their eyes again met. She smiled and eventually locked his gaze into hers. As the female stared him down, her mouth opened wide. Pulling his eyes away from her pupils, he looked toward her lips and saw her teeth, fangs like a cat, sharper than those of a shark. Slowly, Sophia bent forward and placed her mouth next to his neck. Begging loudly now, Matt tried in vain to move, nothing happened, she had him locked tight in her gothic hold. Next, the man felt two pinches below his left ear; afterward he smelled his own blood. Sucking profusely, the lady absorbed his red life liquid down her throat and into her system. Also, small drops hit the floor as she continued taking it in.

His desire to run and get away produced no results. Lying there, he only stared at the ceiling as his life was slowly pulled out of him. Finally, after sixteen minutes, the room became dimmer than it already was. Further, his hands felt like they were floating. An extreme numbness overcame him completely. With the passage of three more minutes, darkness enveloped all. Matt stared forth into nothingness. However, a moment later, our man observed a light at what appeared to be the end of a tunnel. Quickly, he seemed to be moving toward it, moving ever faster, enroute to whatever lie ahead!

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