Fondling ‘Round The Bonfire

Author: Wave

One fall night in college, my boyfriend and I and a several of our friends went to the annual bonfire. It was a dreary night, sprinkling occasionally, but not enough to put the fire out. We all stood around in our raincoats with blankets wrapped around us, drinking beer and having a good time.

My boyfriend and I were wrapped up in a blanket when it dawned on me that nobody would really be able to tell what might be going on under the blanket. I decided to give my boyfriend a surprise and jerk him off right there in public, unbeknownst to anyone.

First, I just got in front of him and let him wrap his arms around me while I rubbed my ass up against his crotch. He likes this because it reminds him of us doing it doggy style and I knew it would get him hard.

Then I turned around and stood half behind him and to the side and unzipped his pants. His cock was definitely hard and he had a look of pure delight when he realized what I was going to do. I started stroking his hard cock very softly and slowly, just teasing it. I decided I was going to draw this out and not let him cum for awhile.

While I was stroking him, our friends were standing around laughing and joking and my boyfriend was having a little difficulty carrying on a conversation. Soon there would be a fireworks display, and that would be a perfect time for me to finish him off, while nobody was talking to us.

So I continued to stroke his cock, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. I would squeeze it hard, and then sometimes just tickle the ridge of the head with my index finger. I also massaged his balls, and slid my hand up his shirt to pinch his hard nipples.

By this time, he was very close to cumming and the fireworks were starting. Each time he would get close to cumming, I would stop stroking. He was begging me to make him cum so I decide to begin my grand finale. I could see that it was torture for him to keep quiet and by now he could close his eyes and enjoy the moment since everyone else was watching the fireworks. I pinched the head of his cock between my thumb and forefinger and then began giving his rigid cock nice steady, firm strokes. I could tell he was going to blow his load when I felt his balls harden like rocks, so I moved my stroking to the tip of his cock. That was all it took, and he gasped, shooting a huge load of cum all over my hand and the inside of the blanket.

He gave me a long kiss of appreciation, zipped up his pants and said “now it’s your turn.” I was so fucking horny from stroking his cock off that I sure wasn’t going to argue. He pulled me around in front of him while he slid a hand up my shirt to tweak my already hard nipples, and then his other hand went straight down my sweat pants and onto my hot throbbing clit. I knew I would cum quickly as he alternated between rubbing my clit and dipping his finger into my dripping wet pussy. All the while he continued squeezing one nipple, then switching to the other. Soon, all that finger fucking brought me to a soothing wave of orgasms. He licked that finger clean, and we both knew that later that night we would be doing some serious fucking… This was just foreplay.

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