Author: Cecilia

I couldn’t wait to get home. My day had been an absolute waste of time. Not to mention the entire last month had been undone. I’d been working so damned hard to get this merger all set up to basically run itself and some dick head decided he had a better idea. Needless to say, it wasn’t a better one and now I’m left to try and salvage what I can. That’s the one thing that sucks about being as good as I am at my job, when times are really black, my boss seems to think I can pull light outta my ass and shine. Ah well, its always happened like that before… problem, I’m called, no problems anymore. I just hate the stress involved and I certainly hate it when some wet behind the ears intern comes behind me and throws that corkscrew in the works.

Anyways, I headed home, mulled over the day’s events and cursed that little rat faced kid. I thought about what I’d do to him if I ever caught him out in public. Then my mind went to our sizes… I’m five foot even. I weight about one hundred and five pounds and I probably couldn’t fight my way out of a wet paper bag. Don’t get me wrong, I will get up in your face and tell you where to shove your crap, but as far as doing any real damage, I, unlike the stereo types of Asian people, do not know karate, taikwando, or any of the other various fighting styles.

I got out of my stuffy suit and hopped into the shower. I couldn’t believe how tense I still was. The warm water cascading down my body was helping, but nearly enough. I needed something else. I decided to hit the club. It was Friday night after all, so there would more than likely be someone looking for someone like me. I smiled a cruel grin and quickly toweled off and got ready.

white leather. That was to be my choice that night. I hardly ever wear white and certainly don’t wear it at the office. I read somewhere that wearing white to work tends to bring on more doubt in your abilities. Don’t ask me why. It certainly carries that power over when I wear my white leather outfit to the clubs. I get hit on by all kinds of men and almost they always think that they can control me in some way. They soon learn I’m not as easy as they once thought.

I spun around in front of my mirror carefully inspecting every detail. I didn’t want a single thing out of place. I marveled at the contrast between the white crispness of the leather against my jet-black long hair. My hourglass figure was greatly enhanced by the tight fitting leather one piece. I turned around and bent over, the shortness of the skirt revealed the bottom of my tight globes. After pushing my hair back behind my shoulders I laced up the sides of my boots and headed out the door.

As soon as I walked in the door of the club, I knew all available eyes were on me. I felt powerful wearing my white thigh high boots, not to mention taller! The heels had to be at least four inches, causing my calves to flex and my ass to lift up and that was just standing still. I could feel my muscles rippling through the boots with every step I took. The boots were almost like second skin since they were so tight. They followed my every move with only the lightest of creaks of protest.

I moved to the bar and ordered my usual, a white russian on the rocks. That’s when I noticed him, the little kid that had me so worked up that I needed this place to relax. Nathaniel was sitting right next to me! At first I was so completely pissed. Wasn’t it bad enough he haunted me at work, but now my place of relaxation too? I was gonna show him who was boss. I spun his bar stool around and made him face me.

I didn’t, however plan on his reaction or his not recognizing me. He looked me over and a sly grin slowly appeared on his face. He was undressing me! I quickly lifted up one of my booted legs and pressed the sharp heel against his crotch. He jerked and his face went pale. I asked him to give me a really good reason why I shouldn’t continue to push and put him outta his misery. He winced again. I applied steady pressure, my muscles rippling throughout the shiny leather. He reached up and ran his fingertips along the side of my boots, making the leather squeak with delight.

This is when I noticed that what I was pressing against was no longer a soft spot, but a rather hard one. My eyes left his and went to his hands as they lifted my boot to his mouth. I felt myself grow wet as his lips met the point of my boot. He looked up at me, his tongue lightly running across the side, working his way to the heel. This is NOT the way I had envisioned this meeting happening. I was gonna tell this little twerp off! I could feel the pressure from his tongue and wandering hands through the tight gripping leather and finally I couldn’t stand it any longer. I yanked my boot from his hands, stood up and walked out of the club.

When I returned to work on Monday, my boss praised me for fixing the merger problem as soon as I walked in the door. What the hell was going on? I got to my desk and there was a note from Nathaniel.

“I couldn’t stop thinking of your boots and what happened Friday. I wanted to make it up to you. Can we meet again?”

I couldn’t wait for Friday. I knew exactly what to wear.

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