Over the moon

Author: Christopher Pierce

“Hey, this is a twenty-eight year old brother, 6’2″, 200 lbs of solid muscle, short buzz-cut hair, goatee and mustache, nine-inch cock. I’m looking for another Brother to be my personal bottom boy. I’m gonna send you over the moon, man. Leave me a message. Name’s Todd. Peace/out.”

I’d never answered an ad on a phone-line before, but there was something about this voice that struck me.

Right between my legs, that’s where it struck me.

My dick started to get hard at just the sound of it. I wondered what this guy was like in person…if he could do this to me with just his voice, what might it be like to actually meet him?

But I knew I’d delayed long enough — I had a secret, and I’d kept it long enough. I had to tell it to someone. I had to reveal what I’d been hiding for years, ever since I first came out. And this man sounded like just the stud I could bare my soul to.

Besides baring my bare hungry butt to, I mean.

I left the guy a message in his “mailbox”, my voice probably sounding meek and timid after his full, deep intonations, including my phone number.

To my surprise, he called me within an hour.

“Hello?” I said.

“This Randy?” that unmistakable voice said in my ear, and my cock started to get stiff. I laid down on my bed on my back, staring at the ceiling.

“Yes…Todd, is that you?”

“You got it, man.” he said.

“I…thanks for calling me so soon. I figured you must get a ton of messages.”

“I do,” Todd said, “but yours is the only one I wanted to answer tonight.”

“Wow,” I said, knowing it sounded stupid even before it was out of my mouth. Todd didn’t seem to mind, though. “Thanks for calling.”

There was a pause.

“You already said that.”

“Did I?” I said, realizing that I was lightly sweating. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. So you said in your message to me that you’ve got a secret. What’s up with that?”

“Oh, well, you’ve gotta meet me to find out.” I said, hoping he wouldn’t hang up on me. Instead, he laughed.

“All right, a little mystery. I like that.” Todd said. “How old are you again?”


“And the rest of your stats — remind me.”

My right hand, which had been resting on my chest, slid, as if by itself, down my abdomen until it was between my legs. I started to rub myself through the denim of my jeans as I obeyed his command.

“5’9”, 165 pounds, light skinned, short hair, kind of slender.”

“You sound good enough to eat.” Todd said.

“Now you’re getting me excited…” I said in what I hoped was a seductive voice.

“Randy, you’ve been excited the whole time we’ve been talking. Am I right?”

I felt sheepish. Not much slipped past this guy. I figured I might as well be honest with him from here on. It was obvious he could read me like a book, despite the fact that I was a total stranger and we couldn’t even see each other.

“Yes, you’re right.” I answered.

“And how did I know that?”

“Uh…” I said, fumbling for an answer. “…you’re real smart?”

Todd laughed again. Delicious warmth from my groin was seeping through the rest of my body, making me feel dreamy and horny at the same time.

“Wrong!” he said. “I am remarkably intelligent, but that’s not why I know you before we’ve even met.”

He paused for so long I had to ask the obvious question.

“Then why?”   

“‘Cause you’re the one, Randy.”

“The one what?”

“My bottom boy.” Todd said. “The guy I’m going to make my little bottom boy.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Reaching down between my legs, I unzipped my jeans and took hold of my cock and started jerking myself off.

“You serious, dude?” I asked.

“I’m always serious.” he answered. “You’re the one I’m going to send over the moon.”

“Cool…” I said, hoping he’d explain more. I gently stroked my tool, letting the raw hot pleasure fill me up. My breathing started to get harder.

“You know what I’d do if I was there?” he asked.


“Are you laying on your bed?”

“Yeah.” I said.

“I’d come in the room and stand at the edge of your bed.”


“And I’d just look at you, just stare, without hardly even blinking, just look at you and your body, as if I could see through your clothes.”


“And you take them off — your shirt, your shorts, everything. I don’t have to say anything to you, do anything to you…just by looking at you, I make you strip.”

I let go of myself only long enough to set the phone down on the bed and rip my shirt and jeans off. Grabbing the phone in one hand, and my dick in the other, I started jacking myself even faster than before, loving the sound of his voice in my ear, and the feel of my hard cock in my fist.   

“That’s hot, man.” I said. “I bet I’d stare back at you, waiting for your next move, wondering what was going to happen…”

“Uh huh, you got that right.” Todd purred into my ear like a jungle cat. “Then I’d slip my own clothes off and climb into bed with you. I’d take your cock in my mouth, and line mine up with your mouth and you’d know what to do.”

“Oh yeah, man, I’d suck you off nice and good.”

“So there we’d be, in a perfect sixty-nine, and we’d pleasure each other until we had to pull out…”

“And then?”

I was reaching crisis point. My balls were drawing up inside my body, preparing to release the mounting pressure within them.

“And then,” Todd said, “I’d jerk your dick and you’d jerk mine, until we both shot our hot loads all over the bed and each other. And while I listened to you groan and cry with passion, I’d know I’d accomplished my goal.”

“Which was?” I panted.

“Sending you over the moon, of course.”

And I came, squirting my spunk-juice like a fountain of milk, and it splattered onto my chest and pecs. I don’t know how long I laid there, luxuriating in the orgasm Todd had created in me.

After a while, I heard him talking, as if coming out of a dream.

“Randy?” he said. “You okay, man?”

“Yes.” I said. “Oh, yes.”

“You ready to meet me?”

“I’m there!” I said, delighted.

Todd gave me his address, and I copied it down onto a piece of paper. We didn’t live too far away from each other, we were only about fifteen minutes apart.

I trembled the whole time I drove to Todd’s place. It was so amazing what I was doing, I’d never done anything like this before. But here I was, driving to a stranger’s apartment in the middle of the night.

It was more than a little strange.


I really wanted to be his bottom boy.

And I really wanted to get sent over the moon.

After five minutes of looking, I finally found a parking space near his building. I walked up to the gate and buzzed for him.

“Randy?” his voice said from the speaker.

“It’s me, Todd.”

“Come on up. I’ll unlock my door.”

The gate clicked open and I walked in. I rode the elevator to the top floor and walked out into the hallway. It was very quiet, and I didn’t see any other guests or residents. Well, of course I didn’t. It was after midnight — most normal people had jobs to go to in the morning, and didn’t call phone-sex lines when they should be sleeping.

Come to think of it, I had a job to go to in the morning myself.

But that hadn’t stopped me from doing this.

It was the voice.

Todd’s voice…

Soon enough I found his apartment. The door was slightly open, and all I could see through it was darkness.

“Todd?” I said softly.

There was no answer.

I pushed the door open and walked into his entryway. Once inside, I quietly closed the door behind me.

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