Fucked at the truck stop

Author: Christopher Pierce

I had lots of adventures on my cross-country move from Los Angeles to
Sparkling Springs, Florida. This is one of them…

With one hand on my crotch and the other on the steering wheel I drove
through the night. A breeze blew in through my car’s open windows,
whispering through my hair and soothing my skin, which was hot from a long
sweaty day on the road.

But no breeze could cool the heat between my legs, a heat that was
growing stronger with every passing moment. I felt myself through the
thin fabric of my shorts, loving the sensation of my cock growing stiff
beneath my fingers. It stretched to its full length until it strained
against my shorts.

I glanced down and saw a small wet spot at the tip of my dick where a
drop of pre-cum had oozed out through the fabric. I rubbed my erect penis
from its base to its full bulbous head, savoring the extra friction
achieved by the layer of cloth between it and my hand. It felt great, but
fondling myself while I drove was not going to tame the fire in my crotch.
The road stretched out ahead of me, the broken lines that cut it in half
down the middle streaking together into a glowing smear of yellow. My
car’s headlights illuminated the terrain ahead, despite the fact that
there was nothing to see.

Barren, featureless land surrounded me. Every fifty miles or so there
might be a town, so small I was through it and out the other side in five
minutes. They all looked the same.

I needed to rest.
And get my rocks off.

A sign appeared on the horizon. When it was close enough I read its
message: “TRUCK STOP – NEXT EXIT”. That sounded good. I could park in a
dark corner, jerk myself off, then sleep for a few hours.

I pulled my car off at the next off-ramp and followed the signs to the
truck stop. It was in a wooded area, a large flat parking lot with a big
restroom building and a small 24-hour convenient store at one end. In
front of the store were parked a few semi-trucks, the kind whose drivers
drove all night and slept in their cabs. Other than the trucks there were
no other cars.

I pulled my car up in front of the restroom, realizing that it had been
several hours since I’d pissed. My bladder was full and needed to be
emptied, now.

But how was I going to piss with this massive hard-on?
I stopped my car and got out. I walked awkwardly up to the building and
through its door. The restroom was big, with lots of stalls. I headed
for the long piss-trough against the wall. I pulled my shorts down and my
cock popped out, hard as a board.

I closed my eyes and willed it to go down.

Relax, I said to myself, I gotta piss. After a few minutes my dick was
soft enough to pee, and with a happy sigh I released my bladder and let my
urine flow freely.

When I was done I realized my eyes were still closed. I stuffed my cock
back in my shorts, opened my eyes and turned around.

I wasn’t alone.

Against the back wall, leaning casually with his arms folded, was a man.
He was older than me, probably in his mid-thirties, and dressed like a
working man – flannel shirt, dirty jeans and hiking boots. His jaw was
darkened with several days’ growth of beard. An old baseball cap was
perched on his head.

He was grinning at me.
“Hey,” I said, trying to cover my surprise.
“Hey yourself,” he said.
“I didn’t know anyone was watching,” I said.
“Yeah,” the man nodded, “I didn’t expect to find anyone in here this late
either. I just came in here to piss.”

I couldn’t stop my eyes from dropping from his face to his crotch. The
denim there was well-worn, rubbed white and nearly threadbare. The
outline and shape of his cock were clearly visible. My tongue slipped out
of my mouth and wet my lip.

“Can I…watch?” I asked suddenly.
“Watch me piss?” he repeated. “Sure, I guess so.”

I stepped to the side and the sexy man walked over to the trough. He
undid his belt and pulled his meat out of his pants. It was hot – big and
full even soft as it was, with a big dark big head and a veiny shaft. He
took his dick in one hand and aimed it into the trough. A stream of piss
shot out, and the sound of it hitting the porcelain and flowing down into
the drain was very loud in the big empty restroom.

The man closed his eyes and tilted his head back a little as he pissed.
“Aaahhh…” he murmured in relief and pleasure. “Do you want to touch
it?” he asked. He must have realized I wanted more than just to watch

“Yes,” I said simply.
“Then go ahead,” was his response.
Before he’d even finished the sentence I’d reached out and grasped that
succulent piece of meat in my hand.

“You like that?” the trucker asked.
“Yeah…” I whispered.
“You like holding my big fat cock.”

He turned to face me, letting me continue to hold his dick in my hand. I
could feel it start to get hard. It was such a great feeling, so hot.
“But you want to do more than hold it, don’t you?” the man asked. I
couldn’t hide how I felt.

“Yes,” I said.
“Then do it.” he told me. “Get down on your knees and suck it like you
want to.”

I obeyed him and dropped down to my knees in front of him. Opening my
mouth and closing my eyes, I felt the sexy man shove his cock between my
lips. I closed my mouth around it, thrilling to the feeling of it
lengthening inside me, filling me up with its strength and power.

He started face-fucking me, pushing his dick deep into my mouth, then
pulling it back until it was almost all the way out, then shoving it back
in again. I didn’t care if someone walked in – I didn’t care about the
hard floor digging into my knees – I didn’t even care that my own stiff
cock was staining my underwear with new pre-cum and begging to be stroked
– all that mattered right then and there was sucking this man’s dick and
doing it as well as I could.

“MMM…that’s great,” he growled above me. His voice moved through me,
and it was as if my blood responded to his pleasure, heating up and
rushing faster through my veins. I wanted to push him over the edge, to
make him feel better than he ever had before!

“I’m gonna come, man,” he said, “you ready for me to shoot?”
I took my mouth off his cock to answer him.

“Yes, please!” I said. “I want to see you come!”

I put my face back down between his legs and started licking his balls.
They smelled fantastic – sweaty and musky from their owner’s day of
driving. They tasted just as good, and I massaged them with my tongue,
even gently taking one ball into my mouth to roll it lovingly inside. As
I did this the trucker jerked himself off, pumping his cock in his fist.
Suddenly he shifted a little, and aimed his dick into the piss-trough.
“This is it!” he said. “I’m coming, man!”

“Go for it!” I said, and as I licked his ball-sack again I felt the
churning liquid inside heat up and shoot down his shaft on its way out of
his cock. The trucker grunted gutturally as he came, and I turned my head
enough to watch his bursts of spunk jet into the trough. His body
shuddered for a few seconds, then he was done. He stuffed his cock back
in his pants and zipped them up.

“That was fuckin’ awesome,” he said. I stood up, rubbing my own dick
through my shorts.

“You’re a stud,” I said, “you’re fucking awesome!”
“You getting’ back on the road tonight?” he asked me.
“I was going to jerk off then catch a few hours of sleep first,” I said.

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