Hairy Bears Computer Geek

Author: Dan

Hi guys, I like to introduce myself, I’m Jake’s favourite computer geek. Since meeting Jake, we have had a lot of hot times, many hot sessions of lust and rimming and it’s been truly amazing. Every time we both get together, we experience a wild mind-blowing experience that we will never forget. So with that in mind, I decided I’d really like to share with you my latest visit.

First of all, let me just remind you that Jake is a very large hairy guy, loves cuddles is insatiable and plays a fine tune on my cock.
I had been out on the road most of the day doing service calls and I thought I just might sneak some of the boss’ time and spend it with Jake so I called him to see if he was free. My heart skipped a beat when Jake told me that he was free for a few hours.

You see Jake is a very busy man and his work usually keeps him tied up most of the time, he is very popular and working from home all his friends in the neighbourhood love popping in knowing that he would be around. I was in luck; he was going to be home and no one else knew he was at home being as his car was being serviced for the day.

When I got to the door I suddenly realised that I was really dusty. I’d been rewiring the network system at a client’s home to cater for his online computer business and I was pretty much a mess. I wasn’t sure whether to knock or not because I thought he might turn me away because I was so dirty. Before I could make up my mind, the door opened and he stood there dressed in a thick white bathrobe that opened right down below his hairy chest. That wonderful hairy chest almost made me drop my load at the door and suddenly I found myself lost for words.

“Hello messy” he said smiling at me. “Come on in, I saw you coming up the path and I’ve got the shower running for you right now.”
And he did have the shower running. I could hear it running and could see the steam streaming from the bathroom as I turned down the hallway.

“You jump right in and have a good scrub,” he laughed. “Take your time – no one is going to “pop” in on us this time so there’s no need to rush.”

Jake is like that, he is so friendly, and he loves the attention and loves being friendly. But today was different no one knew he was at home, all they knew was that his car was being serviced and he’d be flat out all day with work. His work involved me.

I was washing the soap from my body and finishing up in the shower when I heard the bathroom door open. Stepping out of the shower, Jake was there to greet me with a fresh towel and I felt very privileged when he started drying me. It was a wonderful feeling having an awesome buddy like Jake who loves to rub me dry and of course help me out when I’m feeling extremely horny.
“Oh wow Tony,” he said reaching down and gently stroking my cock.

“Now that does look invitingly awesome!” Jake let my fluffy towel drop to the ground before wrapping his hand around my cock leading me up the hall to his king size bed in his oversized bedroom.
“Tony, get on the bed!” he ordered.

“I need you to fuck me hard… I’ve been hanging out for this, my ass has been tingling and my cock’s been twitching as I counted down the days while I waited for you to do me.”

How could I argue with a guy who knew what he wanted? I couldn’t climb onto his bed fast enough. Clambering onto the bed, I watched Jake remove his robe and I could almost feel myself drooling as I got a great of his hairy chest, very muscular and very horny at the same time. No sooner were we both of the bed together Jake was kneeling over me, kissing me from head to foot. He was teasing me as his hand slowly stroked my cock. I couldn’t help but get hard as he teased and tickled my balls rubbing me very gently, but firmly.

With our bodies close together we rubbed nipples as our fingers flittered over each other’s bodies and we breathed in each other’s masculine scent. Jake kissed me again before slowly moving his tongue down my body. I couldn’t help myself as my hands rubbed his body gently, running my fingers through the hair covering him, I gently tugged on it, as I felt Jake’s soft but firm tongue touch the head of my cock. It took me a lot not to cum right then and there.

Within seconds, Jake had turned so we were almost in the sixty-nine position. I took his cock in my hand playing with him as I gazed lovely at his massive man meat covered in hair. Watching his cock grow was fascinating; at full length it was a nine-inch cock, which matched his hefty cuddly hairy body.

With Jake going down on me and his cock deep in his mouth I slid over and took his cock in my mouth drawing him in, sucking him deep. The taste of his cock was magnificent; it was so different. To have your cock sucked by another guy was an experience that definitely had to happen, it was a wonderful and powerful session that only you could possibly know if you have tried it…

Grabbing his arse I slowly worked my fingers around his puckered hairy hole. I couldn’t help myself as I gently pushed against his tight hole easing first one finger, then two into his rectum. With him moaning loudly I thought he was about to cum right then but he didn’t… Jake was trying to last as long as I did and we both knew that the pleasure needed to last for as long as possible.

Suddenly Jake stopped sucking my cock… wondering what was up, I looked up at him our eyes meeting as he smiled down at me “Tony, I need you to fuck me”.
How could I refuse when my cuddly bear wanted me to sink my cock inside his hot ass? I nodded… as I crawled out from underneath him. Jake slid to the edge of his huge bed with his legs wide open. I stood between his legs and I couldn’t resist wrapping my hand around his cock stroking it as I worked my way closer to his balls and ass…

Lifting his legs over my shoulders I pushed the head of my cock against his puckered by opening ass hole. Thrusting my hips forward I watched as the head of my throbbing cock slipped inside his anus. It was like it was sucking me in but at the same time the feeling of being filled by my thickness made him gasp before squeezing my cock tight…

“Oh Tony” he gasped… “I want you to fuck me real hard and don’t stop!”

Jake’s moaned louder and louder every time I pushed my cock deep into his arse. He pushed back on me as I pounded hard and harder, driving my cock deep into his moist hot hole. I can’t describe the awesome feeling as Jake’s ass gripped my cock and when he began pushing back onto my cock and squeezing it tightly at the same time I could hardly control myself.

But I wasn’t about to give in and cum yet…With Jake moaning with pleasure every time my cock penetrated his arse, harder and harder, his cock grew bigger and bigger… and looked like it was about to explode…

Jake sensed that I wouldn’t be able to hold on for too long so he wrapped his fist around his cock and pumped it as I fucked him hard. This was a side of Jake I had never seen before – he demanded me to fuck him harder and harder and this session wasn’t about me feeling good, it was about making him explode in a mind-blowing ass buckling orgasm.

fuck me harder!” he cried…

With Jake stroking his cock faster and faster and with his moans of pleasure getting louder and louder he started to cum for me, I couldn’t hold back either, my cock throbbed deep inside his arse and with one last thrust, my hot juices whitewashed his ass over and over spraying my cream all over the place…

The wonderful smell of our fucking was overpowering and it managed to send us over the limit! Jake dropped his load spewing his hot sperm juice over his stomach. He pulled me to him and kissed me deeply before suggesting that it was time to have another quick shower…

Climbing off Jake and letting my limp cock slide from his ass, I managed to stagger back to the bathroom to have that shower before returning to work… Jake is one hot bear and I love him dearly and can’t wait to see him later that evening for another hefty session….

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