Sweet Summer Boys

Author: Cecilia

It was a relatively quiet day at the pool. For Paul, life could not get any better than this. He was nineteen and getting paid to soak up rays by the pool and watch people swim. Being a lifeguard was the best summer job he could have picked. Plus, Greg worked at that pool, too. Paul had been eyeing Greg all summer, but just could not work up the nerve to make his move. He looked at himself in the reflection in the water…. not that bad looking. Paul was about six feet tall, had a good build, brown hair, and amazing bright green eyes. He knew that he was attractive, but he just did not have any confidence. He saw Greg walk by him, looking as hot as ever. Paul took in Greg’s amazing looks…He was ripped, muscles everywhere and in all the right places. Greg had this blonde hair that stood out in the sun, bright blue eyes, and a killer tan. As Greg walked by, Paul felt his swimming trunks get tighter as his hardening cock pressed up against it. Paul knew right then and there that today was the day…it was either now or never. The pool was closing and the kids were getting ready to leave. Since it was just he and Greg working the evening shift, they would be the only ones there.

Paul got up and made sure that all the kids had left the pool and went and locked the gates. He went into the locker room, knowing that Greg would be in there showering. Paul quickly undressed and went into the shower room with Greg. The showers were all open, so Paul decided to sneak a peak at what Greg was sporting between his legs. He was not at all surprised to see that Greg was pretty well endowed. He was at least seven inches while he was soft. Paul knew that he should stop looking but he could not tear his eyes away from Greg’s cock. Before he could tear his eyes away, Greg looked up and saw that Paul was checking out his package. Paul’s face turned a thousand shades of red, but Greg just stood there and grinned. Paul felt a wave of relief, not to mention excitement, rush over his entire body.

Greg crossed the room and Paul turned around so that he couldn’t see his hardening cock. Greg just smiled and said, “Hey, you saw mine, so I get to see yours. It’s only fair.”

Paul, growing harder by the second, turned around and faced Greg. A slight smile crossed Paul’s lips as Greg looked down and admired his seven-inch hard, uncut cock. Greg held out his hand, signaling an invitation for Paul to join him under his shower. Paul took his hand and let him lead him across the steamy room to the showerhead that Greg was using. Paul looked down and was pleased to see that Greg’s cock was growing with excitement. Greg reached out with both hands and began to lather Paul’s chest with soap, slowly working his way down to his belly button. Moving in closer so that their cocks were touching, Greg slowly began stroking Paul’s hard cock. Paul shut his eyes, thinking that this was just way too good to be true. He let the smallest of moans, not wanting this to ever end. Greg used the other hand to caress Paul’s balls, letting them roll around in his hand.

Paul, wanting to take advantage of the situation, immediately got down on his knees and took Greg’s massive cock into his mouth. He slowly began to massage the head of Greg’s cock with his tongue, gathering the pre-cum from the tip of his cock. He loved the taste of the salty fluids that were gathering in his mouth. Paul relaxed his throat and began to let Greg’s cock slide all the way to the back. He gagged a little at first, but then started to get the hang of taking in all of Greg’s cock. It was an amazing feeling having the guy of his dreams cock sliding down the back of his throat. He pulled Greg’s cock out of his mouth and began sucking on his balls. Greg was running his fingers through Paul’s hair, slowly bringing him back up to suck on his cock. As Paul’s lips parted to let Greg’s cock in, Greg firmly pushed the back of Paul’s head, forcing him to take in all of his man-hood. Paul was working Greg’s cock like he had never worked one before. He was sucking it and stroking it, making Greg’s hips buck back and forth.

Greg moaned really loud and let Paul know that he was about to cum. The pleasure for Greg was almost unbearable. He let out a growl as he began pumping load after load of hot cum into Paul’s mouth. Paul was trying to swallow all of it greedily, letting only the smallest of drops seep out of the corner of his mouth. Greg felt his knees buckle and he shot one last huge load down Paul’s throat. As Paul finished swallowing all of Greg’s cum, he looked up at Greg and said, “Now it’s my turn.” “Well, what do you have in mind?”, asked Greg. “I’ll show you,” said Paul, signaling for Greg to bend over.

Greg did as he was told and got down on his hands and knees and bent over in front of Paul. Paul got his fingers wet and lubricated with soap and began to run them down the crack of Greg’s ass. He slowly inserted two fingers, gently applying pressure, causing Greg to whimper in pain. Paul spread his two fingers while inside Greg, trying to get him ready to take his cock. He slowly pumped his fingers in and out of Greg’s ass. He could tell that Greg was beginning to loosen up because he was rocking his ass back and forth, trying to get Paul’s fingers deeper inside him. Paul took his fingers out and got his cock lubricated with the soapy water. He positioned his cock at the entrance of Greg’s ass, gently applied pressure, and slowly began to let Greg’s ass swallow his cock.

The feeling of Greg’s ass and the heat of being inside him were amazing. Paul slowly kept pushing until he felt his balls slap onto Greg’s ass cheeks. Greg moaned, rocking his hips back and forth, causing Paul to grip his hips. Paul pumped his ass, gripping his hips and pulling him onto his cock. Paul had never felt such pleasure before. The heat radiating from Greg’s ass and the tightness of it was enough to make Paul scream in pleasure. He pumped Greg’s ass with intensity, wanting to cum inside him and feel him up. Greg reached between his legs, took Paul’s balls into his hands, and began to squeeze them gently. It was too much…Paul’s balls tightened and he began to blow his load in Greg’s ass. Greg moaned as the hot cum was blown deep into his ass.

Paul knew that he was about emptied out, but still kept pumping Greg’s ass. It felt great and he didn’t want it to end. He waited until he went limp and popped out of Greg’s ass. Both of them covered in sweat and love juices, they got under the showerhead again and soaped each other off. Kissing each other, both content with the experience they had shared. They finished their shower and got dressed. Knowing that they would see each other again tomorrow, they parted ways and said goodnight, but not good-bye.

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