I Meet my first lesbian lover!

Author: maari

My name is Mairi, pronounced ‘Marry’ and later shortened again to ‘Mary’ and grew up in the North of Scotland. I was considered quite a handful at school, punishment was the strap on the hand which I received often enough and developed the ability to withstand the pain so as not to give the teacher‘s the satisfaction of seeing me cry. The punishment was limited by law and after I would just glare at the Teacher and got some satisfaction from seeing the frustration and anger on their face, with my nature it grew more and more with age.

I was an only child who often got her own way as mother often went out to card games and Bingo etc., and my Father would be down at the local pub drinking, so I was often farmed out to my aunt who would babysit me. Now whether being left alone so much gave me an ‘unnatural’ interest in sex at a very early age I don’t really know, I was quite confused about my sexuality growing up having crushes on women, yet society dictated that we save ourselves for a man, so had to keep my feelings to myself.

My interest in sex was also developed through reading ‘dirty books’ as we called porn in those days, and of course it was often talked about a lot at school. The porn I read seemed to go to great lengths to describe the women more than the men, going into details about their beauty. Sometimes the boys would get what we called ‘French’ or ‘Dirty Postcards’ and they were always of naked women.

My Aunt Ann was my babysitter from as long back as I can remember, but the details are a blur. She was a spinster who lived not too far away, and when mother went out or away for any reason she would get my Aunt to babysit me as my father never seemed to be interested in staying home, so any time Mother was not going to be home ’till late for any reason, she would drop me off at her house.

I loved it when I could stay over with her, she lived in a small one bedroom house and it was very cosy, and she would spoil me with cakes and jam tarts etc. As long as I can remember, she would get me ready for bed and then have me sit on her lap in her easy chair by the fire, where I would cuddle up against her as she read or told me a story ’till I’d fall asleep.

By the time I was in secondary school I was quizzing her about our bodies and Ann explained the facts of life to me, how babies were made and that ‘paps’ (what we called tits) were for milk to feed babies after they came out of our ‘quims’ (pussy) when it was ready to be born.

I started to masturbate more and more although I don’t remember when I had my first orgasm, and it know it was around the time I had moved on to Grammar School. I left home to go to Glasgow when I was 18 and found a job as a waitress, then shortly after gave in to my feelings and lost my virginity to a man. I was to find sex played a big part in getting what I wanted from them, which was usually cigarettes and drinks and I became quite manipulative.

I liked the sex with them and enjoyed playing with their cocks and balls, so became quite promiscuous as a result and I was as they say, the proverbial slut. With my high sex drive it was a release to a degree as there was some sensual pleasure to be had from a fuck, but not the deep satisfaction I was to find later with women. I seldom have had an orgasm with a man as they are always too quick to cum, then of course they would go soft and have to wait to do it again.

I started to improve my image for lack of a better way of describing it, dressing in more conservative clothes, which as I was now 19 helped find a nice job in a better class restaurant. I’m not certain when Catherine first came in for lunch, I know it was in July and she came in each day and soon we would get chatting as if we’d been friends for some time.

She would take a table in my section and would greet me with a lovely smile and a “hello, how are you” sort of greeting, that often happens with regular customers you feel you know to a degree. One day she came in later than usual when it was quiet and I waited on her table. By this time I had noticed her eyes and smile, particularly the eyes which to me looked like ‘bedroom eyes’, very much like Dame Judi Dench’s eyes, the well known british actress.

She had a foreign accent and one day when it started raining cats and dogs, and I mean pouring, she decided to wait till the rain stopped or at least eased up. My shift ended at 2 PM and for the same reason decided to just wait around as I had to be back at work for 4 for the supper crowd. I got myself a cup of tea and sat behind the counter, there was only a handful of people in the restaurant waiting for the rain to clear up as well.

Catherine, her name as I’d found out held up her tea pot as a signal for more tea and although my shift was over, the waitress on duty was in the kitchen so I went over and got the pot and refilled it, then when I returned she commented on the downpour and I mentioned I was just going to wait too, so she invited me to join her, so getting my cup I returned and joined her.

Catherine told me she had just arrived from Rhodesia where she had been brought up, the reason I’ll tell you about later, and we had a nice conversation. I guessed she was in her 40’s, and had an extremely pleasant voice and beautiful hazel like eyes that seemed to sparkle as she spoke. She was dressed a little old fashioned with a high neck print frock, a single strand necklace with matching ear rings. She also had a Morris Minor car, which in Scotland in those days not many ordinary people could afford, and also did not appear to be employed, so it told me she was of middle or upper class.

Over the next couple of weeks I would see her quite often as she would come in for lunch each day and I started to look forward to it. She seemed to make a point of coming in late and sit in my section, and as I was to learn later it was deliberate so she could chat with me. I don’t remember much about what we talked about other then she told me about Rhodesia.

One thing I do remember, is for some reason she talked about the ‘Trossacks’, which is a district in the Highlands just north of Glasgow which is considered very beautiful, much like the lake district in England. So when she went to leave asked me if I’d like to go for a drive with her the next day. I was quick to accept and we parted to go home and for once I went to my room.

I can’t describe the feelings in me at that time, after all I was just 19 and my attraction for women had been growing stronger and stronger and now here I was making friends with a woman I was attracted to, and she seemed to be interested in me too. Now I found I couldn’t say ‘no’, I could have turned chicken and ran, making some kind of excuse but I didn’t, I had been quick to accept and I think it showed, or again that might have been my imagination. Now here I was, heart pounding, butterflies in my stomach I don’t remember exactly, perhaps it was some kind of instinct I don’t know, just I was looking forward to seeing her again.

She picked me up around noon, it was a lovely summer that year and that Sunday was no exception, warm and sunny as she took me into the hills where we stopped and had a lunch at a country pub, then took a leisurely scenic route back into the city. When she went to drop me off at my Tenement building, she reached over and gave my hand a squeeze smiling at me and said something like, ” thank you you’ve made my day” or words to that effect.

Her eyes seemed to be alive and her touch was electric, my heart pounded I’m sure as I hurried away after a quick, “thank you I enjoyed it very much too” or something like that, and hurried into the building. I got to my room and looked out the window in time to see her car disappearing down the road and I had a funny feeling I would be seeing her for a long time to come.

During this period my masturbation’s were beautiful, strong and powerful as all I could think about was Catherine, she was in my thoughts constantly and by this time I knew or was at least certain that she was going to take our friendship to a more personal level, and I was more than ready. She phoned me during the week, I think on the Wednesday or Thursday evening to ask me if I’d like to go to the pictures (movies) with her, and I’m sure she sensed the excitement in my voice as I answered “yes”. I could have done cartwheels and started to think about what I would wear.

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