Author: Cecilia

I woke up in the middle of the night in a puddle of sweat. I had no idea why. Only that I must have been having some kind of a nightmare. My heart was pounding in my chest almost to the point that I thought it was going to leap out of me.

For a few minutes, I sat up looking around the room to make sure I was still alone. I couldn’t escape the feelings of being chased. The room had nothing at all wrong by the looks of it. There was nothing out of the ordinary and even the little nightlight in her bathroom left a glow on the bottom of the door as it normally did.

I lay back on the bed panting as if I was out of breath from the ordeal. There was no way I could fall back to sleep like this. I was too stressed and on edge that I needed to relax somehow. I reached under my bed and took out a long black towel. It had been used only a few hours ago so it was still soaking wet with the slight musky scent still lingering heavy.

I set the dry side under my ass and reached underneath the mattress, feeling around for one of my favorite toys. A long thick purple dildo in the mimicked shape of some porn stars cock. It was a beautiful size. Ten inches long, nice, and thick enough for what I really needed it for.

I was already soaking wet from just that short anticipation of what I was to have coming to me. I pushed it slowly into myself inch by inch. The actual act of doing so brought me to a small little peak. The warm pleasures fluttering over my body like feathers floating across the room. Not nearly enough to really relax me. Oh no. It was going to take a hell of a lot more than just that little tease.

I felt the waters of my orgasmic lust starting to flow from me and onto the towel. This was one of the reasons I lived alone. Every guy that I ever had been with before had practically run off every time I ended up cumming and squirting my female cum over him. I was odd.

I thrusted that thick purple toy into me as my mind slipped back to my first boyfriend so many years ago. I gave him my virginity. His name was Eric. And he always felt so good. It wasn’t until we had been together several times that he had finally made me cum. He was the only one that didn’t run off. In fact he loved my special talent.

My sweet juices flowed freely onto my hand as I fanaticized how he played with me for the first time. I almost felt his tongue licking slowly along my sweet pussy as he massaged my silky depths with just the tips of his fingers.

Oh god! That first time was more intense than anything else I had ever felt before. The feelings of him pumping his cock inside me felt so incredible that there was nothing else like it. I wished I could have him again right then and there but I knew this rubber cock was the best I was going to get.

I felt the stress from my nightmare washing away with my sweet cream that churned out of my hot depths. As the intensity built in my little fantasy, so did the force I pumped the dildo into myself. I was completely soaked already. And I hadn’t even cum. Not even close.

My mind slipped back into my little fantasy. Eric had flipped me over onto my belly and eased his cock into me once again. It felt like he could get a little deeper inside me and the flared head of his cock hit all the right places on the inner walls of my tight and soaked depths.

I was practically pouring out now. The sticky juices getting ready to erupt from within me. I could not take my mind off the way it felt with him that first time. I wanted to cum like I did that time. I wanted to get off so hard that it would knock me out.

Eric was always gentle but with that slight dominance of control that left me feeling like I was being treated like a goddess. I could practically feel myself pumping back onto his thick length with his arms wrapped around me and flitting wildly over my aching clit.

God I wish he was here again instead of this rubber dick.

My mind snapped back to reality when I felt that intensity that had become all too familiar to me, building up fast. I impaled the fake cock into me as far as it would go, just as the rush of my orgasm overwhelmed me. The churning inside me turned to a waterfall of juices that poured from inside me and splashed over the towel I had laid down over the bed under me.

My legs shook in the sheer force of it and I couldn’t help but pump that thick dildo into my pussy with a fury that I knew would leave me trembling even when I came to in the morning.

When the sweet sensations started to subside and my erotic high had started to come back down, I leaned back onto my pillow trying as best I could to just catch my breath. My body tingled with the erotic release and the occasional shocks of pleasure rippling over me.

My legs were practically numb and unable to move but a slight bit. When my breathing had started to slow down, I still did not feel like I could fall asleep. That was okay. All that meant was another toy and a dry towel. I knew I would never fall back to sleep in truth. But it was a heck of a lot of fun trying.

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