Author: Cecilia

Ahh finally I get to go home and relax. It had been a rough day. Well, that’s putting it lightly. The day had shit stains on it. I couldn’t do a damned thing right, my co-workers were hounding me, my boss was on my back and I had a wicked hangover. I’m not one to drink normally, but I went to a bar with some friends and ended up in a contest with them to see who could drink the most. Gah, what the hell was I thinking? My head still hurt and it was already 5pm. The night wasn’t a total loss though. I met someone, although I’m ready to admit I can’t remember his name.

My girlfriends all rallied together to get me to go out. I hadn’t been out since my break up with Steven. The asshole. Anyways, Stephanie, Karen and Monica gang pounced me last night on my front door step. Basically forced me to go bar hopping with them. With all three of them there, I couldn’t say no. I mean they were ready to tie me up and put a bag over my head. So, after ‘presenting’ their case I agreed to get ready. After a nice hot shower I slipped into my bedroom to find they had already laid out an outfit I was to wear. I used to be my favorite. Steven picked it out and man did it show off what I had! The shirt was baby blue, cut very low and the material clung to my body accentuating my curves. The skirt was a simple black thing that revealed my ass to the public if I bent over in it.

I thought back to the last time I had it on. Steven had taken me out to the mall for a ‘special’ reason. About after twenty minutes he revealed his ‘special’ reason and my ass by having me bend over in the flow of traffic to pick up a receipt he had conveniently dropped. I admit it gave me a thrill to know others could see everything I had. What he didn’t know was that I hadn’t warn any underwear that day, and they got to see more than he bargained for. That of course pissed him right off and that particular instance of me getting the upper hand started our slow downward spiral. I found out just how much of a control freak he was. And not like BDSM which wouldn’t have bothered me a bit, but just completely rude and had to be in control always, regardless of the situation.

Whoa, I can really stray off the subject sometimes. So I put on the out fit and did a couple twirls in front of the mirror. Damn I looked hot, between the outfit and my fire red curls I was definitely going to get some attention again. After seeing myself in the mirror, I was actually looking forward to this!

We arrived to the first bar for the night and most definitely turned heads as we walked through to the bar. We were supposed to hit three other bars, however it didn’t end up like that. We of course were checking out the guys, seeing who wanted to have a go at. And then I spotted him, what the hell was his name? Well whatever it is, he was hot, as hell and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I watched him as he made his way through the club with his group of buds. Mean while the girls had decided to have that contest I mentioned. I was feeling all high and mighty joined in.

After about the fifth shot of something, everything went pretty hazy and for some reason I had all the courage in the world. I walked my happy ass right over to Mr. Hottie and told him he was coming home with me. He, oddly enough, agreed without any hesitation! We left the bar and my girlfriends behind and headed for my place.

Once I shut the front door, the room erupted with lust. We both ripped off each other’s clothes and fell hard onto my double bed our bodies banging together. I was sooo ready to go! I felt his cock pressing against my throbbing clit and couldn’t resist it. I pushed my hips up off the bed, forcing his cock further in between my wet lips and into my tight hole. We both moaned as the head of his cock penetrated me and immediately began a fast pumping rhythm, forcing his dick in and out deeper and harder. My moans grew louder with almost every thrust. I was completely lost in the moment and I knew it wouldn’t be long before that gorgeous stud of a man would have me cumming.

We began to roll around on the bed, panting, fucking, hands roaming over each other’s bodies. The smell of sex filled the room; its only competition was my moaning and his grunting. We ended up with him on top of me again, he was bracing himself on his knees and my ass rested on his thighs as he continued to shove his cock in and out of my sweetness, completely filling me.
That’s when I felt it. My climax began to wash over my entire body and my thighs squeezed his waist tightly as my pussy began to spasm around his dick. It was more intense than I had ever had ever felt before. I felt like I was about to explode. I could feel my orgasm all the way down to my toes! And that’s when I came. I really did explode and I covered him in my juices, his cock, his tummy and his thighs. I couldn’t believe it! He kept right on fucking me until I felt his cock let loose with stream after stream of warm jism, filling my already soaking wet pussy.

After laying still for a few moments gathering our senses, we sat up and realized just how much I did cum. My bed was completely soaked in that spot and he was still dripping wet. He smiled and lead me into the bathroom, where we did it all over again!

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