Strip Poker

Author: CyberAge

Ted was walking through the mall when he spotted two girls. One was a short brunette and the other a tall blonde. Both had on cutoff tee shirts and mini dresses. The dresses were frilly and flimsy. As neither had on a slip Ted could see the outline of their legs as he walked behind them. About that time they walked through an area of sunlight and Ted almost choked as he could see the hair sticking out from each of the girls’ bikini type panties. He walked a little faster in order to catch up with them. As he approached they turned around and gave him the once over.

“What you doing big guy?” inquired the brunette.

“Well I was going shopping, but you two are making me think of other things.” replied Ted.

“What kind of other things?” asked the blonde.

“Oh, like seeing more of those gorgeous bodies you two have.” replied Ted.

“Well maybe we’d like to see more of your body too.” responded the blonde.

“Yeah, what you got hid in those jeans?” chimed in the brunette.

“Just how are we are to go about getting what we obviously all want, any ideas?” asked Ted.

“How about a game of strip poker at our place?” asked the blonde.

Ted couldn’t believe his ears. These two gorgeous gals were actually offering to play strip poker with him. Who knew what that might lead to but Ted wasn’t about to turn them down.

“Let’s go!” exclaimed Ted.

On the way to the girls’ house they told Ted more about what they had in mind. They wanted to stretch the game out a bit by adding items other than the removal of clothes. When Ted asked specifically what they meant they only would say that he would see when the time came. He did find out that the brunette was named Holly and the blonde Kami. All Ted knew for sure was that he was very horny and he had just run into more luck than he ever dared ream about.

The girls decided they would play on the king sized bed in the master bedroom which had built in Jacuzzi in it. Kami got the cards and they all laid down on the bed in a circle. Kami was facing Ted. Her loose fitting top allowed Ted to catch glimpses of her tits. Holly was laying with her legs toward Ted in such a manner that he could clearly see her pink panties.

Kami dealt the first round. The girls both bet their tops and Ted bet his pants. The girls tied so Ted had to take his pants off. Kami suggested that they all bet a free feel for the winner on the next round. They agreed. Kami dealt the cards. Ted won. He reached over and felt Kami titties with one hand and played with Holly’s pussy with the other hand. He even got time to slip a finger under her panties before she started squirming. He felt a wet spot starting to grow in her panties.

Kami dealt the cards again which produced another tie between the girls. They decided it was time to cop a feel of Ted. They put their hands inside his briefs and stroked his cock which was bone hard by now.

“Nice dick“, commented Kami.

“Yeah, can’t wait to get that inside me”, chimed in Holly.

The next deal was won by Holly so Kami had to take off her skirt. Soon they were all down to just their underwear. Ted leaned over and kissed each girls tits as they both stroked his dick. They finished removing all their clothes and Ted laid down on the bed. Kami straddled Ted and impaled herself with his dick. Holly positioned herself over his face so Ted could continue eating her cunt. Ted obliged her by sticking his tongue as far into her pussy as he could and using it like a small dick to ream her out. He continued until she exploded with an orgasm and a full flow of pussy juice which Ted greedily swallowed while continuing to lap her pussy.

All this time Kami had been slowly fucking Ted building her own body to a finish. After Holly came she got down so she could attack Kami’s pussy and Ted’s dick with her tongue. She would lick across the shaft of Ted’s dick as it slid out of Kami’s cunt finishing by taking a swipe across Kami’s pussy. By doing this she increased the tempo that was building in both Kami and Ted until they were humping wildly until they both collapsed in a simultaneous climax.

Ted laid on the bed for a while with both girls in his arms, stroking their bodies with his hands. Finally he got up and went into the shower.

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