Just Flesh

Author: David Williams

I live to serve you. . .

His body tensed as her nails slowly passed over his flesh. Too hard to tickle, too light to scratch, the feeling was just between the two. It was a warning of excitement. She was testing him, preparing him for her pleasures. As her nails traced over his chest they dug in like claws and he shrieked in pain . . . they relaxed and he breathed again.

. . .To be as you wish…to fulfill your needs. . .
She was, by nature, a sadist. He suffered for her enjoyment. She had needs and she had cravings . . . he was flesh for those cravings, he was a body for those needs. In that purpose, he was fulfilled.

He needed to be used by her. Needed to be the flesh on which she sated her dark hungers. As her nails traced down his belly, she dug them in harder to his skin, leaving long red lines down his skin. He hissed but did not flinch, through sheer will, he held still for her. Not that he could have gone far, his hands held above his head, chained and shackled in place, a blindfold over his eyes, he would not have gone far.

. . .Please use me . . . push me. . .make me suffer for you. . .
As her nails reached the shaved area just above his penis she stopped and now he whined. So slow and deliberate was her path down his body that his cock was rock hard in anticipation of her touch. For that presumption he would pay, he knew that but he could no more help that then the beating of his heart. Any attention from her and he was immediately aroused beyond words.

Her fingers pulled away from his body and she made no sound. He stood there shaking slightly, hard cock wavering and bouncing as he did. Without warning, a crop licked across the head of his cock, the leather tongue licking fire across his sensitive head. He yelped in pain. Even still, he remained still and rock hard for her, she chuckled in amusement.

She loved the sound of his breathing after pain . . . the way he tried to settle back into a normal rhythmic pattern but there was always that slight skip. . .almost like a little boy when trying not to cry. That little skip-stutter-breath was so sweet to hear. . .she struck his balls with another lick of her crop and he yelped, she couldn’t resist, she just had to hear it again.

. . .Pain slowly becomes my reality . . . sensations. . .powerful and overwhelming. . . I am lost to your attentions and found in them as well. . .

He was trying not to move. His cock bobbed up and down from the strike and still he was still. His ass cheeks clenched tight like somehow that would anchor him in place, he could just grab the air with his ass crack. He concentrated and let the pain flow through him, the fire from the sting slowly warming his flesh, he accepted the pain and it made his blood hot, searing him.
His breath was regular again and he waited for her next attention. She was there, he could sense her there. He knew where she was, just, not what was in her hands. That was the scary part. He didn’t know what evil little toy she was going to get and his mind went wild in anticipation . . . so many possibilities. He almost giggled in excitement.

. . .I await your next pleasure. . .humbled and patient. . . I am here for you. . .

The nails running down his bare back told him things were about to heat up. She traced a T across him, letting her nails glide over his shoulders and then down his spine. She pushed his hips over slightly so they were inline with his back and then pulled his hips slightly to tell him to unclench his cheeks. He blushed realizing he was still holding his cheeks in a death grip. He mumbled an apology and she stroked him soothingly and then clawed him savagely down his back.

His breath was short and hissed as he tried to not move but she wasn’t making it that easy. As he fought with the pain of the scratches she snapped out three hard strikes across his ass with the crop. He was trying to focus but couldn’t as she laughed and snapped him across the cock again. Head spinning he tried to allow the pain to flow through him but, it filled him and then kept coming.

The crop snapped across his ass again, the very tip of the tongue flicking so fast he could not count the strokes as she rimmed his ass cheeks and down one thigh back. He yelped in pain and clenched his jaw, trying to hold off moving, he was so close to screaming, the pain was so much . . . then it stopped and he whimpered but, was able to breathe again.

. . .Define me in suffering . . . in use. . . I am your flesh. . .use me please. . .

He calmed just enough to be stable when the flogger hit him the first time. He did not wince, it was a firm thudding hit that rocked him. She was so much stronger then she appeared. The flogger lashed across his back again and again, a slow steady rhythm started. The pain was in waves that washed over him with the thud of the impact. They seemed to merge and flow through him like fire, slowly making him burn from the inside out.

She worked down his right side and across his ass cheek and then back up the left. He measured his breathing to the hits, allowing the impact to knock the wind out of him and make him dizzy as she beat him again and again. The leather was soft but still held a sting that built up in him and began to make him sweat. His breathing was ragged and halting as her strokes became harder and harder, her breathing coming in an excited growl behind him.
She worked figure eight strokes down his body, not giving him time to calm at all. The floggers falls with snapping at once on his ass and then across his shoulders. Soon it all merged and he felt it everywhere at once. He was being consumed by the flogger, it’s kisses all over him, setting him on fire. He cried out as she hit him full force, the pain sheer agony across his flesh. He loved her for it.

. . .I am without form . . . your attentions have unmade me. . .I am clay for you to sculpt. . .
His focus returned enough for him to feel a new sensation. He was trying to stay with her but his mind was so cloudy now. The pain was echoing in him, he couldn’t keep his mind focused enough to tell what the sensation was as the cane bit his ass cheeks. He cried out and grabbed the chains holding him for strength. He held them as the cane struck him again and his ass was burning with pain. he could feel the welts rising already.

The cane struck again and he slipped away from his mind. He felt it all but, he was only living in each second. He was only defined by each stroke. The pain was what moved him, it was like the beat of his heart. He felt pain again and savored it. He was slowly slipping away. She struck him again and again, his ass was simply the flame of pain now, no more flesh. She was grabbing his hair and making him stand up for the last three strokes. each one, fire added to fire. Each one, breaking his connection with his body. He slipped away and flew.

. . .I am just flesh. . .your hunger sated. . .I am fulfilled in the usage. . .I am flesh for you . . . just flesh for you. . .

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