SchoolDayz – Part 1

Author: picturepainter

These are the fantasy misadventures of myself and my very busty blonde cyber wife, Robyn

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School Dayz (Am I Bovvered?!) – Part 1

The house was quiet as she stood alone in front of the mirror in her bedroom. Just turned 18 but still a virgin, she looked at herself, dressed in the uniform short grey skirt, white socks and black shoes, all ready to start her final 6th year. Glancing up to her chest she knew that she would need to buy a new bra soon, the white lacy one she was wearing was barely holding her breasts which seemed to be developing a life of their own and the soft pale flesh was now overflowing the cups. Looking dissatisfied Robyn tried to adjust it for better cover and quite unexpectedly there was a ripping sound as one of the shoulder straps snapped.

“Oh balls!” She scowled at herself in the mirror. “Now what am I going to do!” It was more a statement than a question since she was alone in her parents’ house. She frowned and unbuttoned her tight white blouse and looked at herself again. Glancing quickly at her watch she suddenly realised that her bus to school would be due to leave soon and she had to do something.

Without thinking she pulled off the blouse, unclipped the broken bra and her large developing breasts bounced free, the flesh wobbling as it did. Without noticing she quickly pulled her blouse back around herself and buttoned it around the now naked plump breasts. That would have to do for today! She thought to herself as she placed her school tie loosely around her collar leaving it open down to the neckline where her blouse was open showing just a glimpse of her pale cleavage. Grabbing her school bag and blazer she walked quickly out of the door pulling it closed behind her.

The sun was breaking through the skies as she walked from the bus stop to the school with her friends before hearing the bell and going into her registration class. Debbie, her girl-friend leaned over to whisper as the elderly overweight teacher sitting at the desk at the front of the class called out the names to check attendance.
“You not got a bra on?” Debbie hissed in Robyn’s ear.
Without turning she simply shook her head.
“I can see that!” Debbie continued, “I……… can see your nipples!” She quickly glanced around the room. “And so can all the boys in the class!”
Robyn giggled and her cheeks flushed slightly as you glanced shyly around the room noticing all the teen boys eyes were now locked on her over developed chest. They quickly averted their eyes as she looked over to them. The bell rang once again and everyone gathered their things for the first lesson.

“Robyn!” The teacher’s voice called out as she was leaving the classroom.
She turned to look at him as he readjusted his glasses on his nose and looked over the top of them squinting at her.
“Yes, Sir?” She smiled brightly.
“Stay behind a moment will you…………. Please!” He ordered!
Obediently Robyn returned to her seat and waited for the classroom to empty.

Mr Smith, the teacher, in his forties and dressed in a scruffy tweed jacket and grey trousers, with a stomach that hung over his belt, closed the door behind the last child and stood before Robyn’s desk looking down at her. Leaning back he perched his fat bottom on the desk in front of hers and leaned back on his hands before peering once again over the top of his glasses at the girl in front of him. He smiled!
“Robyn………………..!” He started slightly hesitantly, “Do you think that is a suitable way to dress to come to school?”
“What Sir?” She queried innocently.
“Ummm………………well……………….. Braless young lady!” His tone changed suddenly as his eyes squinted at her and his lips curled down in a frown.
Robyn looked innocently up at Mr Smith, cautiously noting that his eyes were now flicking between her eyes and the deep cleavage that the tight blouse had created.

Robyn suddenly realised, with some amount of shock and bemusement, that her teacher was looking at her breasts! A smirk crossed her face and she pouted innocently but mischievously as she leaned slightly forwards, exposing more of her creamy fleshy cleavage.
“I am sorry Sir!” She smiled demurely up at him flashing her emerald green eyes in his direction and ensuring that she gave him maximum viewing of her fleshy breasts. “But I only have one bra that fitted and it is, umm, now too small for me!” Robyn now looked directly at the teacher and his eyes were now glued to the pupil’s young developing fleshy chest mounds. Still smiling innocently she reached up and ran her painted finger nails over another button.
“If my blouse is too tight, Sir……………………. then I can loosen it!” She grinned, her eyes sparkling, and seconds later the button was undone and her breasts pushed further out of the blouse.
“NO!……………… No, Robyn! Um……….. no, not here……………… not now!” Mr Smith’s cheeks were starting to flush as he spoke and he stood to turn back to his own desk. “Please don’t come to school like that again, please!”

Robyn grinned as his back faced her. “Okay Sir!” She rebuttoned your blouse and stood to leave. “Is that all? Or is there anything else you need me for, Sir?” As she spoke she leaned down to lift up her bag facing in the direction of the teacher who was now sitting back behind his desk and gave him a direct view of her hanging breasts held tightly in her school blouse.
He glanced up and then quickly back down again at his work.
“No, Robyn, that is all for now, thank you!” His voice was slightly strained as he spoke. “Wait! Yes, wait a second, umm Robyn!”

She paused in the classroom door and glanced back at him. Without looking up he continued to speak. “You have homework to pick up from me. Please collect it at the end of the day!”
“Yes Sir!” Robyn acknowledged and exited the class closing the door behind her.

Immediately that the classroom was empty Mr Smith’s hand closed over his throbbing cock through his trousers, which was now rock hard and hidden by his desk. He quickly checked that his door was shut properly and opened a drawer. A copy of ‘big tits International’ came into view and he quickly flicked through the big tit magazine’s sticky pages until he stopped at a page featuring a blonde haired young girl in a school uniform with massive breasts. Ignoring the name on the page he smiled.
“Hello Robyn!” He whispered as he looked down at the model and moved his hand up and down quickly on the lump before his cock suddenly exploded with cum shooting deep into his Y fronts.

But the moment of classroom madness was interrupted by a young girl opening the door.
“Yes, yes!” He looked over feeling his cheeks reddening as he tried to recover his composure. “Yes, oh Charlotte, yes! Come in and tell the others to come in too!” He commanded and his next class came into the room and took their seats.
“Page 43, of the Human Anatomy text book!” Mr Smith said loudly. “Complete the problem and I will be back in a few moments!” He paused as he stood. “And keep the noise down while I am away!” He left the classroom holding a folder in front of the damp sticky patch on his trousers.


Lunchtime was due but first was a PE lesson and Robyn quickly changed into her green PE top, short skirt and training shoes before following the other girls out onto the netball court. The school bell for early lunch sounded as she took to the court and started to play the game under the supervision of Jenny, a young blonde trainee teacher. Jenny appearance in the classrooms had definitely seemed to have raised the pulses of all the teen boys on her arrival into the school. She blew her whistle and the action started.

“Robyn!” She called out and Robyn ran obediently over to the Teacher. “You need a support bra on! Do you have one with you?” Robyn looked at the blue eyed, blonde with the tanned skin and perfectly shaped legs.
“No Miss!” She frowned back. “Don’t have one Miss! And my bra broke this morning Miss!”
“Okay,” Jenny smiled. “You go in goal then and that will be less running and less discomfort for you!”
“K Miss! Thanks Miss!” Robyn grinned before taking up her new position.

Some pupils came out into the playground that was adjacent to the pitch and some of the boys loitered glancing occasionally at the 15 and 16 year old girls in their short skirts and bouncing titties! One boy in particular sat alone and glanced up occasionally to catch a glimpse of his ‘favourite’ girl although she never seemed to look at him. And today his mind was buzzing as he noted that she wasn’t wearing a bra. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of an aggressive voice behind him.

“What the fuck you looking at?” Dazza sneered. “Dem is white bitches! And not for fucking Asians!” His hand swiped down in a hard thud against Parkash’s head and the boys eyes watered as he felt the painful smack. He moved and started to run into the school.
“Tha’s it Parkash, fuck off and stick to your own kind! Easy to tell, cos they smell like shit!” Dazza laughed at his last remark and his laughter was accompanied by that of Wingnut and Dento who were with him.
Wingnut suddenly spoke. “But…………hang on…………. look at the fucking tits on that!”
“Which one? Fuck! Who is that?” Dazza squinted in the sunlight to see Robyn as she moved around the court.
“I fink she’s called Robyn……………… or somefink like that Daz!” Dento piped up. “In Smiff’s class. Me and Plug are in Maffs wiv er.” He looked back at Robyn. “Never really noticed her before!”
Dazza turned to his new found fountain-of-school-pupil-knowledge.
“Well, prick, you’ve noticed her now and so ave I!” He grinned. “And I wanna notice more of er!” He turned quickly to Wingnut. “You get er to meet me, right?”
“Sure Daz!” Wingnut smiled. “Leave it to me!”

Jenny blew her whistle and shouted ‘well done girls!’ before Robyn and the other players moved back into the school to get changed.

Parkash wiped the tears from his wet cheeks and looked up as his favourite girl walked past him in the corridor on her way to get changed. She didn’t see or notice him, but he could stop looking at her. He saw her gorgeous legs rising right up to her short skirt, he saw the way her bum wiggled as she walked and he saw her breasts and the way they danced in her top as the fleshy mounds bounced around!


“Oy…………. Robyn!” Came the voice from the darkened corner as Robyn walked down the corridor. She stopped and looked at the tall ugly 16 year old.
“Oh, hi Glenn.” She smiled before going to move on as she made her way to Mr Smith’s class to pick up her homework.
“Wait…………………Robyn!” Wingnut looked at her noticing that chest was barely held in by the tight blouse. “Dazza……………Darren!” He quickly corrected himself, “he wants to meet wiv you and thinks he might have something that you will wanna see!” He grinned.
Robyn glanced at her watch. “I have to pick up homework in half an hour.” She replied. “Where is he now, this Darren?”
“In the boys’ bogs!” Wingnut quickly replied. “We have time if you skip art now and you can be back in time for Smiffy!”
“And what has he got that is so important?” Robyn queried innocently.
Wingnut was losing patience now and grabbed her arm roughly frog-marching her down the corridor before bursting into the boys’ toilet.
“God it stinks in here!” Robyn scowled as the smell of urine went up her nose.

Darren was waiting and smiling as she came into view. “Nice one Wingnut!” He grinned. “Just what the doctor ordered. Now fuck off and leave us alone!”
A dejected looking Wingnut left the room and Robyn looked at Dazza, the school’s most feared student. With his teenage spots, lanky limbs and greasy black hair he wasn’t really her type but in all honesty, she didn’t really know what her type was as she had had very few relationships with boys. She was intrigued to know what was so important that he needed to show her.
“Hey Darren!” She smiled pleasantly.
“It’s Dazza, not Darren, only my fucking Ma calls me that!”
“Oh sorry!” You felt anger rising in your body. “I’ll just go then shall I? Dazza?”
“ Stay where you is, Robyn!” He grinned licking his parched lips lightly. You stood still and noticed a little hair growth above his top lip in a vain attempt for him to look more mature.

Robyn now suddenly felt uneasy in his company and looked back to check her escape route in case she needed it. Dazza had a reputation as being a bad boy in every way and so Robyn were unsure of her own safety in his presence, especially being alone with him in the boys’ toilets.
“So…………….?” She said.
“So………..Robyn!” He grinned.
“So what do you want to show me Dazza?”
“I don’t want to show you nuffink bitch!” He snarled suddenly and she felt the hair rise on the back of her neck. “But I want see somefink that you have!”
“What………………. What do you wanna see?” She enquired innocently.
Dazza started to walk towards her until he was only a few feet from her, his eyes were flicking between her face and her breasts.
“Your tits of course!” He spat the words out and Robyn felt his saliva hit her face as he spoke viciously towards her.
“You’re just a bully!” You said as you felt both angry and intimidated at the same time but attempted to put up a brave front. You saw his lips curl in anger and started to tremble.

As she thought of what he might do next she came to realise that others had seen her tits, at least through the blouse. In fact everyone had been staring at them all day in school which, in a slightly odd and perverse way, she had quite enjoyed, having the attention of the lecherous schoolboys and some Teachers. Although she didn’t want to encourage him, the more she thought about it, her nipples suddenly started to harden all on their own, as she looked back at the spotty teenager.
“Well?” He grinned through yellow teeth noticing the difference through the thin white blouse. “You gonna show me them or am I going to kick your fucking face in?” He grinned cocking his head slightly to one side. “Your choice Robyn!”

The hairs rose on the back of her neck again and she looked back at him. Finally accepting defeat she reached up pulled off her tie. The school bully watched intently as her fingers flicked the buttons of her white blouse open and the cleavage of her big fleshy breasts came into view until the blouse was fully opened down the front but still cover them partially.
“Show me!” He demanded.
Robyn finally pulled the blouse wide open to give him a full view of her young fat fleshy mounds and hardening pink nipples.
“Holy fucking hell!” He murmured as he gazed at her amazing chest and she felt the cool breeze in the room around her heavy breasts.

“You like them?” She asked innocently.
“Fuck………………………………………. Oh fuck, yes………………yes!!” Dazza exclaimed and she felt his hands suddenly reaching out and grabbing them, squeezing the nipples hard. Robyn’s initial reaction to the pain was quickly replaced with pleasure as her throbbing nipples sent tingling electronic pulses all over her body and her young pussy started to tingle. She couldn’t help herself and let out a low moan as Dazza’s face lowered before his mouth sucked a nipple in between his lips.

He looked up at his new conquest with a grin. “Fuck…………..bitch! You like it don’t you?” He smiled. “Fucking whore!” He eased back and started to undo his trousers before letting them drop to his ankles. “Well you gonna like this then!” He smiled as he fished into his tatty off-white Y fronts and produced a thick hard cock. Pulling back the foreskin he smiled at Robyn. “Ever seen one this big?” He grinned as he wanked it slowly up and down.
“No…………………………….no, I haven’t!” She replied honestly but her eyes were transfixed by the length and bulbous head of the teenager’s cock.

“Can I touch it?” She asked innocently grinning with slight embarrassment.
“Touch it? Fucking touch it?” He snarled back at her. “You is going to touch it! And you is going to lick and suck it too!” He was smiling now and she watched as his cock was throbbing even harder as he gazed intently at her chest.
“And if you are Dazza’s good little girl then you might even get to fuck it too?” He looked directly at her now. “You ever fucked?”
Robyn’s cheeks immediately reddened and she looked down at the floor without answering.
“Oh goody!” He smiled. “Then I can fuck your tits and get your fucking cherry too then?” He looked back and kicked open a cubicle before going and sitting down on the toilet seat and looking back up at you. “Come in here!” He ordered, “And get on your fucking knees then, bitch!”

Robyn smiled and obeyed the school bullies instructions!

Dazza’s shaft felt hot in her hand as she wrapped her fingers around it squeezing it as she did so with both hands, feeling the softness of the skin but the fullness of the girth. She giggled as she watched clear sticky liquid appear in the slit and run down the shaft and over her fingers tickling her skin as it did. Dazza groaned as he gazed down at her.
“Yeah tha’s it!” His eyes were almost closed now and his breathing had increased.
“Is that Piss?” Robyn enquired innocently and he laughed out loud.
“Don’t be such a dumb fuck!” He snarled. “Tha’s called pre-cum!”
“Oh!” Robyn replied softly.
“Taste it!” Dazza’s eyes were open again looking down at her expectantly.
She looked…………… slightly reluctantly back at him.
“I said fucking taste it!” He repeated.
She lifted one hand from his throbbing shaft and raised it to her mouth. Extending her tongue out, she ran it over the liquid on her fingers tasting the salty sweetness of the pre-cum.
“Nice?” Dazza asked.
She licked again at her fingers and smiled up at him in reply.
“Lick the head!” He now ordered.
Tentatively she leant forward and extending her tongue as she softly licked the cock head and immediately more pre-cum appeared oozing out of the shaft and onto her tongue. She licked it in as her tongue became more daring and she ran it around the bulbous head of the teenage cock. Dazza moaned again and she felt his fingers run through her blonde hair as he tried to push her face down further onto his cock.
“Suck it bitch! Yes, suck it now!” He moaned.
Instinctively Robyn opened her mouth and allowed the thick head of the cock to slide in between her lips. She started to gag slightly and pulled it back out before repeating the motion, much to the enjoyment of the school bully. Thoughts were streaming through her mind as she pushed the cock deeper into her mouth whilst wanking it up and down with her hands at the base of the thick shaft.

He might have been the hardest boy in school but now he was the softest, totally under her control and pleading for her to do what he wanted. Well he was also still the hardest, but in a very different way. Robyn would have giggled at that thought had she not had a mouthful of man meat. But then, suddenly, he let out a loud groaning noise. Almost instinctively Robyn pulled the cock from her mouth literally seconds before she watched in amazement as the head exploded with stream after stream of hot white sticky cum hitting her mouth and chin and running down onto her chest.
“Yeah, tha’s it bitch!” Dazza groaned. “Fuck I needed that!”
Robyn grabbed some toilet paper and wiped herself up before standing and doing up her blouse.

She turned to walk out of the toilet and Dazza shouted. “Tha’s you and me now Robyn, we is an item okay?”
She turned and smiled at the school bully.
“I’ll call you when I want you again and you are the girl now. No one will fuck wiv ya now you is mine!”


The final bell rang to mark the end of the school day as Robyn was walking down the corridor and students and pupils were coming the opposite way. Reaching her form class she noticed that the door was shut.
She knocked.
No reply.
But she thought she heard sounds coming from inside the classroom.
She knocked again.
“What…………………. who is it?” She heard Mr Smith’s slightly strained voice.
She tried the handle but the door was locked. “It’s me Mr Smith. Robyn! You told me to come back this afternoon?” You called.
There was a moment of silence and then Robyn heard, ‘Ssssssssshhhhhhh!’ then Mr Smith’s voice again.
“Robyn, ummmmmmmmmm, sorry…………………it’s not ready!” He paused. “I’ll see you tomorrow at the same time and I’ll give you it then!”
“Oh, okay!” Robyn replied and turned to leave the school.

Jenny, the student teacher, was holding her gorgeous tanned legs up in the air as she lay back on Mr Smith’s desk and he pumped his fat cock furiously into her blonde haired pussy lips as his hands mauled her naked pert breasts. She moaned gently while biting down on her bottom lip.
“That was close!” He grinned breathlessly as he continued to fuck the young student teacher.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” She agreed with a smile on her lips. “What did you want her for?”
“Same as you of course!” He replied with a crude grin!
Jenny suddenly stopped her movement and looked at him, wide eyed. “What? A pupil? You want a pupil?”
Mr Smith didn’t reply. He just came! Shooting load after load into the rubber condom that adorned his fat cock before he withdrew satisfied with his actions. Ripping the condom off himself he discarded it into the waste paper bin.

“Are you serious?” Jenny continued and Smith looked back at her. “Why?” “Why do you think?” He challenged and then changed his tone. “Listen Jenny and listen carefully, do you want me to give you an ‘A’ for your third year of teaching practice?” He looked at her in a serious manner.
“Yes, of course!” She replied as she started to dress again in her short skirt and PE top. “That’s what this is all about!”
“Then let’s just keep this and anything else I say to ourselves shall we?” He smiled!
Jenny looked at him. “You’re just a pervy old bastard aren’t you?” She stated not waiting for a reply but getting one anyway.
“Of course I am!” He grinned. “Now run along………….little girl, and I’ll see you tomorrow!”
Suddenly Jenny’s face broke into a broad grin and she leaned down and kissed Mr Smith on the cheek. “See you tomorrow then, Sir!”


Robyn’s Uncle positioned himself in his usual place. This particular spyhole was further along the attic directly above the bathroom and shower cubicle. He settled himself down on the soft blanket and focused his eyes on the hole. The bathroom was empty but seconds later the door opened and his favourite niece, Robyn, entered wearing a gown. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his flaccid cock as he watched her remove the gown and hang it on the door. Reaching up she turned the tap and the shower started to flow. Uncle’s Tom’s cock twitched as he watched her step in under the warm water watching is flow down over her gorgeous young body as she squirted some shower gel into her hands before running her soapy palms down over her incredible curves.

Of course Uncle Tom didn’t realise that Robyn’s thoughts were still full of sexual excitement from the events of the day with Darren as he watched from above, growing ever more excited with his rock hard cock now in his hand. Robyn soaped her breasts copiously before pinching the nipples excitedly and then slid a hand down between her thighs. Uncle Tom almost came there and then as he watched his niece masturbate herself with soapy hand, not quite bringing herself off………….. but almost! In her thoughts Robyn wanted to save herself for later that night and the possible expectation of finally losing her virginity.

Uncle Tom stifled his loud moan as he finally shot his load all over the blanket in the attic.

To be continued ……..

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