Photo Shoot

Author: Cecilia

It started out just like any other photo shoot. Kara was standing there in just her bra and a flimsy thong. I was so wrapped up in her lovely curves; I did not notice there was a knock on the door. Mikki my next photo shoot had just walked in and was standing just inside the door. I looked up and told her we were almost done. She shrugged and said it was all right and to take our time.

Just then I noticed that Mikki had her hand down her pants and was rubbing her pussy. It was at that moment that I realized just how horny I was. About this time Kara had walked up behind me, grabbed my cock through my jeans, and said “WOW! Looks like someone wants to come out and play.” Kara motioned for Mikki to come over to us. She smiled and with big bouncing strides she joined us. As I was distracted with watching Mikki, Kara had begun to unbutton my trousers. As Mikki made it over to us she began to unbutton Kara’s bra revealing her firm breasts and light pink nipples. Then Mikki started to suck on her nipples while Kara was stroking and licking my already hard cock. I could still do nothing because I was still in shock that I had two gorgeous women doing this to me.

Mikki had already taken Kara’s thong off to reveal her nicely shaved mound. Mikki wasted no time in plunging her finger into Kara’s wetness. With the contact of her finger, Kara let out a gentle moan that I could feel throughout my cock. I then leaned over and begun to undress Mikki as Kara slipped my trousers off. Both females began licking and sucking at my cock. I slipped off my T-shirt and lay there consumed with the ecstasy of the situation. Kara helped Mikki out of the rest of her clothing showing off the semi muscular body that lay beneath them.

I rolled onto my side and stuck my tongue into Kara’s sweetness pausing for only a second to fully taste her juices. As I ran my tongue along Kara’s swollen clit, Mikki was gently caressing me, from my inner thighs to the head of my cock. I rolled Kara over onto her knees and teasingly spread her pussy lips making room for my huge shaft. I felt shivers run down my back as I penetrated her tight hole. I started stroking in and out very slowly. Mikki crawled to lie in front of Kara, positioning herself so she could feel Kara’s wanton tongue.

I could barley make out that Kara was taking several tastes Mikki’s juices. Every time Kara let her tongue plunge into her hot hole, Mikki let out a long moan. I was still ramming my huge cock in long slow strokes when Mikki sat up to give me a long passionate kiss. I urged her up, wanting to taste her for myself. She quickly got the hint, and with my cock still filling Kara’s wetness, I pulled her up, my arms wrapping behind her ass as I brought her thighs over my shoulders. Her sweet pussy rested against my mouth. Her scent was heaven. I began to lap up her wondrous juice as I maintained my slow and steady rhythm with Kara. Their moans filled the studio. After several moments I had to stop to catch my breath but they were having none of that.

Mikki pushed me on my back and began to slowly lower herself onto my cock; Kara had quickly taken Mikki’s place and pressed her pussy against my face. Both of them were rubbing each other’s breast and nipples. I started forcefully ramming my tongue up into Mikki’s wetness keeping in perfect rhythm with the strokes of my cock into Kara’s pussy. Both women were moaning louder and more regularly with each movement. Mikki began to grind on my face almost smothering me in her juices. At the same time Kara started to grind on my cock harder and harder. With every stroke it seemed as though Kara was shaking more and more. I could tell she was getting close to climaxing.

I kept slamming my cock in an out trying so hard to give her exactly what she wanted. Several minutes later her pussy spasmed around my shaft as she released her juices, coating my cock. She shivered as she slumped onto the floor. I quickly rolled over and made sure to taste her juices before turning my attention to Mikki.

I laid Mikki on her back, put her legs on my shoulders, and stuck my cock into her hot and moist pussy pumping it in and out with almost forceful strokes. Meanwhile Kara had regained her composer and had moved so that she could stick her tongue out and lick my cock with every stroke. A short time later I felt Mikki tremble and collapse as her sweetness encompassed my now throbbing cock.

Almost immediately they both hovered over my cock taking turns sucking on it. I could feel my load slowly working its way up to the tip. They both continued for several moments taking turns sucking on my cock. By this time I was shaking and jerking as my load traveled up my shaft. Within seconds I exploded all over Mikki’s breasts. Kara made sure that none of my cum was wasted and lapped it off. Mikki had the same idea; only she was sucking my cock clean.

I trembled uncontrollably at this time and collapsed to the floor. They both lay on either side of me and wrapped their arms around my heaving chest. After a short time we all got dressed and discussed about how we should do this again. They both returned to their lives and I was left alone thinking how a simple photo shoot turned into one I’ll never forget.

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