The Massage – Part 1

Author: Happer

Harry was away on a business trip in Tampa. He was called out to look after a client’s expensive yacht moored in the harbour down at the beach park isles. It was a tricky job correcting faults in the electronic navigation equipment the owner had recently installed. It interfered with the wireless internet of the yacht as well as the radar. The job proved to be difficult enough for him to have to stay the best part of a week to sort out the wiring and trouble shoot one ground loop after the other. It was a tedious job, boring, but he had to go through it methodically. By the end of the warm day he was nackered and thirsty.

He stayed nearby in a motel at the cheap end of the harbour. Sitting outside drinking a cold beer he was bored, tired and was thinking about his last trip out here. He remembered vividly his last visit to a local massage parlour and was pondering whether to go back there. The parlour was hard to find and he came across it by chance a few years ago looking for some action in a seedy area close to West Kennedy Boulevard. During the day he had twisted his shoulder trying to get underneath a conduit and it was still causing him pain in the evening. Walking from his car to the parlour he had high hopes for a good massage and perhaps something extra.

Upon entering the shabby building he spoke with the woman at the desk who looked more like a madam than a receptionist. She told him to wait in the room adjacent to see who was available. Harry slumped on the soft couch and waited for a few minutes looking at faded massage posters and a long dead plant in the corner of the room before the madam came back with three girls. Two of them looked as if they were nothing like a good masseuse but certainly good for something extra, sleazy, nice breasts, one of them a bit too plump though for his liking. The third one however looked Asian, petite, sharp face and no breast to speak off. “Where are you from darling” Harry asked. “I’m from Thailand and good massage yeah? Make it good time with you”, she answered. If being Thai was anything to go by, if it were true, she might at least give him the shoulder massage he needed. He would think about the “extra” later. So he agreed with the madam, payed her for the massage upfront and was told if he wanted anything extra to agree a price with the girl. He nodded understandingly, thinking that that would probably be very pricy.

The girl took him to another room with to his surprise a massage table. Then again, they probably needed the table as a front for the real business going on in here no doubt. The room was bigger than expected with a tiled floor and a shower in the corner. An air mattress blown up was standing against the wall. The girl turned around after closing the door and said “My name is Pum, what is yours?” Harry told her his name was Richard, “Ahh she said and that is also Dick no? She smiled. Harry had to laugh and relaxed, “Yes Dick is short for Richard but I’m here for my shoulder, it hurts”. Pum looked at him and asked where it hurts, Harry pointed at his left shoulder and then moved his hand over to his back to indicate the area. “No problem, I will have a look yeah? You take off clothes and lie face down on table yeah?”

Harry did as instructed lied down with his face on the opening in the table, relaxing his shoulders as much as possible. Pum was behind him and pulled his left arm towards her shoulder and started to probe the back of his shoulder with her right hand. Soon she found the spot with Harry groaning when she drove her knuckles into the affected mussel while moving his left arm sideways. “ok, now you have to relax your arm, drop it and stay relaxed! It will hurt but then you will feel better yeah?” Harry groaned and noticed his cock shrivelled even more in anticipation. He was not looking forward to it.

Pum was a short, 5’1” woman, not more than 35 he would guess, but what a pain she could inflict… With his shoulder down on the table she lifted herself up driving the knuckles of both her small hands mercilessly into the affected muscle. Shuffling from one end to the other alternating the pressure from one knuckle to the next. If there had been any thought of something “extra” Harry was no longer thinking of it.

Suddenly she released her knuckles and walked around the table. She stood near his head now and through the hole in the table he noticed her bare legs. Recovering and while she started massaging his neck and shoulders gently now he was wondering what she was wearing when he came in. She was wearing some dress he remembered, some cotton red thing. But he didn’t see it through the hole. Had she taken it off? He tried to peek up to check, but she told him to keep lying down while she worked his arms before moving over to his back. She bent over him from where she stood, arching over his head and sliding her hands over the curve of his spine.

When she reached the end he could feel her hard nipples touching down the back of his neck. It gave him a lovely warm tingling sensation running all the way down his spine. Pum however quickly moved away from him, walked around the table and climbed on top of him. Squatting over his bum cheeks and firmly but soft at the same time she rubbed the palms of her hands over his back. Hmmmm this was good he thought, this is very good.

He was still lying face down on the table and felt very relaxed now, he turned his head sideways and spotted a mirror on the wall. “Keep head down please!” she said while she kept rubbing his back. In the mirror he saw her sitting on top of him, naked. She had small breasts, but firm and sticking out just a little bit. Her breasts were crowned with the most beautiful big dark nipples he had ever seen. Pum started sliding over his back with her breasts for a minute and then stopped. She stepped down and started working on his legs. Her hands massaged the muscles firmly and every now and then she ‘accidentally’ touched his balls. Each time when she did that his trunk stirred and he felt a hard-on coming like he had not felt for a long time.

After the 30 minutes were up she stopped and asked if he wanted more. “You happy to pay more and have nice time with me? Harry was certainly in the mood for a nice time with her. They agreed on the price and after he paid she took the air mattress down on the floor and told him to lie down on his back. When harry was in position he noticed his cock had softened a little bit due to the interruption. But when Pum sat next to him applying massage oil all over his body he felt the old monster stir again. He had a royal view on her tits and his mouth went dry just looking at those gorgeous nipples. She moved over him and told him, “no touching yeah?” and started to slide her pointy breast over him rubbing her nipples around his.

After a minute or two she sat up and grabbed his cock behind her and started stroking it. She looked at him smiling while she wiggled her bump over his tummy and then started to slide his cock between her arse cheeks. “ Hmmm nice and big you are” she said, “I like nice big fat cocks”. Harry noticed that Pum was getting excited, if possible her nipples grew even bigger and looking at the slit between her legs, it looked all puffy and warm and moist. He could clearly see her clit protruding. She closed her eyes and bent over backwards a little, showing off her perk treasures. She then lifted herself up and stepped over his now massive, hard cock, put it down gently and started to slide over its full length, just stopping short of the head ploughingin between her pussy lips. She kept sliding backwards and forwards several times. Each time when she was close to the tip of his throbbing cock her legs opened a bit and he could clearly see the wet lips and the protruding pink head of her clitoris surrounded by moist dark flesh. Her eyes were still closed and clearly she enjoyed it as much as he did looking at the simile on her face.

“Can I lick your pussy Pum?”

Harry asked, “Sure”, she said, “but that is fifty bucks more ok?”. Harry agreed and to his surprise she didn’t want the money straight away but simply turned around and squatted above his face, riding his tongue. She then bent over and pulled his cock over and started to lick the tip and occasionally sucked on the very end of it. Harry was in pussy heaven, Pum was a wet as he thought she was and it didn’t take long before she started to cramp with an orgasm. Her firm slender legs squeezed around his head, her moist wet lips pushing down and sliding over his face, mixing the massage oil, saliva and the wetness of her pussy. Soon she had another even more powerful orgasm and stared squirting in his face. Her legs went limb for a moment while she was catching her breath.

Then she moved over and took more of his cock in her mouth while quickly wanking his cock. She sucked hard on his sensitive head and it was not long before Harry squirted a heavy thick load of cum in her mouth. To his amazement she slurped it all up. Twitching under her she kept sucking on his cock until she was satisfied she had swallowed all his cum to the last drop.

She stood up and smiled, “I like your cock, it is nice, and your tongue it is very good! I like a lot. But come now have shower together yeah?”. Harry stumbled up, all sweaty, oily and with his face covered in her juices just nodded happily and moved under the shower with her. She washed him and herself with a lot of soap and teased him with her nipples running over his chest, she cleaned his cock and then turned off the shower. “You still owe me 50 bucks yeah?”, she said smilingly.

Quite the little business woman he thought but he paid her happily. After he got dressed he walked over to the door followed by Pum. At the door she stopped him, reached up and kissed him. Then she said when gently pushing him out, “You come back yeah? I’ll be good to you ok? You like Pum no? You come back and fuck me next time ok?”. Harry turned around kissed her on her cheek and whispered in her ear “Only if I can suck on your nipples and eat your pussy as well”. Pum whispered in his ear, “You just come back and if you pay you can fuck my arse as well”. She winked at him while she closed the door behind him.

Harry walked back to his car a little startled but very much satisfied and pondering, sure he would like to go back the next day but he had to get back to the company first thing tomorrow! in the car on the way back to the motel he realised the pain in his shoulder was gone. All things considered that was the icing on the cake.

Harry was miles away thinking back remembering this trip, sipping his beer and deciding if he should try and find that parlour again. Sure he should be able to find it again. Would Pum still be there after 7 months?

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