Sex At Bike Week 2010

Author: Harley


I rode my Harley to Daytona Beach Florida for Bike Week 2010 much like I
have for many years in the past. I arrived late Friday afternoon of the
first weekend of the event and there was already a pretty good crowd in

I got situated at the friend’s house I stay at when in Daytona Beach and
was going over what my plans were for the week. We went out for supper
and a few beers and made it a relatively early night. I was in town to
take photos for some of the motorcycle magazines which has allowed me
to become well known and also to attend events like this around the

I decided to get a start Saturday morning and headed for one of the lots
where some of the builders set up. I was just finishing taking some
photos of one of the bikes when I felt a set of arms go around me and a
pair of tits rub my back. Next her hand reached around and caressed my
cock while she said Harley are you in the mood for a blow job? I knew
right away it was B.B. That is short for Biker Bitch but many of us
also know her as B.J. because she just loves giving blow jobs.

She has a thing about sucking cock and many say she has the best mouth
in the south. She is in her 30s, tall with a set of legs that won’t
quit and a ass to match. Her tits are a 36 C and she usually will be
wearing a pair of short shorts and small top or a shirt with buttons
undone weather permitting. The weather was warm and that is what she
had on. Just looking at her you want to fuck her.

She said follow me as we went behind one of the trailers on the property
and as soon as we were out of sight she got on her knees, unzipped my
fly and took out my cock which was already getting hard. I said it
looks like he remembers you. She answered then there shouldn’t be a
problem giving me a nice load of cum. As soon as she said that she
started to lick my cock and a little bit at a time took it into her
mouth. She does this thing with her tongue while she is going down on
it that is wild. She will work back and forth and even deep throat it.
All the time she is doing this she is looking up at you to see what
kind of affect she is having. Sometimes she will play with her pussy
and other times not. She continues until I can’t hold back any more and
fill her mouth with my cum. She swallows all of it and licks my cock
clean and puts it back in my pants and says Thanks I needed that. She
always cums herself when giving the blow job and many of the times
without playing with her pussy, she smiles as she walks away looking
for the next guy to welcome to Bike Week

In the past I have asked her if she would like to go somewhere and have
me eat her pussy and or fuck her but she has always said no. I have
found out from some of the other guys she has said the same to them.
She has a thing about giving blow jobs in semi-public places and has
even refused to do it in side to the best of my knowledge. She also has
to be the one to instigate the blow job and if you ask even if she has
done you before she will say No.

Well Bike Week was officially off to a good start and I was sure this
was not going to be the only sex I had during the coming week.

Over the years I found out where to get the kind of shots I was looking
for. Bike Shows, Wet T Shirt Contests, Bare Titties and even where some
of the local swingers were. I had been a guest more than once at some
of their events.

It was basically a good day and I had gotten a lot of the shots I needed
so I headed for one of the local bars for a few drinks. This happened
to be one that served some decent food and also kept their prices the
same all year.

The place was pretty full but there was a table open and I grabbed it. I
noticed that Becky one of the locals was shooting pool and as usual she
had on a top that showed a good part of her tits when she bent over to
take a shot and sometimes when her opponent did.

She yelled to me Harley need some titty shots? I already had quite a
few but there is never enough so I yelled back what ya got. Hell I knew
what she had as I have photographer them numerous times in the past and even sucked on them when she took me home with her a few years ago, we
have continued to be friends with benefits since then and I usually
hook up with her at least once when I am in town. She is hot and works
well in front of the camera and I got quite a few good shots. I told
her I would make her copies before I left town and she said any thing
else you need let me know. We smiled at each other knowing exactly what
she meant.

When we finished and I went back to my table, a couple walked over and
the guy asked if he and his wife could share it with me. As I said the
bar was pretty crowded and I am always interested in meeting new people
so of course I said yes.

They introduced themselves as Bill with a hand shake and Angel with a
hug and a little extra rub of her titties against my chest. They told
be they were new to motorcycling, they were from New Jersey and this
was their first trip to Bike Week and so far it had been very exciting
for them. They asked about my camera and what I did with the photos.
The camera is a professional model NIKON with changeable lenses and
easily recognized for what it is. I explained that I sent most of the
photos to magazines that were doing articles on Bike Week. I showed
them some of the shots I had taken and they both thought they were very
good and said so. Angel seemed to pay extra attention to some of the
titty shots and I wasn’t sure if she was interested in doing some or
maybe liked women as well.

I noticed a slight change of expression on Angel’s face as she asked if
she was pretty enough to get in the magazine. I told her definitely.
She was about 5 foot 10 inches tall and I would say around 120 pounds.
Her titties weren’t huge, I was to later find out they were 34s,
natural and very firm. I am one of those guys that think more than a
mouthful is not necessary.

She had quarters up on the pool table and eventually it was her turn to
play. Though she did shoot a good game I did detect some moves on her
part that seemed like posing when she saw me doing some shots of her
and showing Bill. Bill then told me she did like her picture taken and
liked showing off her body.

I shot him a questioning look and he replied she had gotten in a few wet
t shirt contests since they got into riding and it turned her on which
was fine with him because it was followed by hot sex and sometimes role
playing. He said he had taken some sexy and even some nude photos of
her but he didn’t have that good of a camera. He then asked if I ever
did any nude or adult photography for people and I answered hell yes
all the time.

Angel came back to the table and the conversation ended. I showed her
the shots I had taken of her and she liked them.

The two of them had a opportunity to talk as I got up to get us another
round of drinks and a short time after I got back to the table Bill
asked if I would be interested in going back to their hotel room with
them as they would like me to take some private photos for them.

There was not anything discussed about what might happen besides the
photos or even how far the private shots would go.

We finished our drinks and headed for the bikes. The ride to their hotel
was not that far. When we got to their room I suggested to Angel that
she make believe that I was not there and to just get sexy for her
husband. I explained that they would like the photos a whole lot more.
I also told her I would take a lot of them and we could delete the ones
we did not like later.

She started slowly undoing buttons of her shirt revealing one breast and
the eventually both they were very firm and the first thing I noticed
was how hard her nipples were. When the shirt was fully opened I had
her put her hand inside it and play with her tittie. The nipples got
even harder immediately and that is when Bill told me that she had
sensitive nipples and got real hot when they were played with. I then
suggested she look at Bill as she opened her jeans and slid them down
slightly just enough to see her thong.

She would have made a stripper proud, she had both of our attention and
knew it. I then had her slide her hand into her panties and touch her
self. She was already horny from playing with her nipples and when her
hand when to her pussy her eyes rolled back and she got into playing
with herself much to our enjoyment. She even commented both of you are
really enjoying this aren’t you. Since hardons were clearly visible in
our jeans we both answered Hell Yea!

I moved her shirt off one shoulder and took some more shots of her
exposed tittie and hard nipple. I had her take her free hand and go
back to playing with her nipple and then take her shirt off completely.
I told her how hot she looked and suggested she continue to get into it
as I was getting some shots she was going to love. She licked her lips
and her eyes showed how much she was into what she was doing.

She quickly followed my suggestion to remove her jeans and lay on the
bed. Once there I had her finger her pussy some more under her panties.
She started telling us how naughty she felt playing with herself in
front of us. She said Bill my pussy is so wet and my body is on fire.
Tell me how much you like watching me do this.

Bill said Baby I have wanted to see you do this on camera and in front
of someone else for a long time. I answered look at how hard you have
made my cock as I indicated the hard on in my jeans. I then had her lay
back against the pillows and said let me see how wet you are and when
you are ready untie your thong and let me get some good shots of your
pussy. She slowly untied it. I got to see she was shaved except for a
little landing strip on top, her pussy was open and very wet and she
never removing her finger from her other hand off her clit which was
hard and sticking out. I was snapping away as I told her how wet and
good her pussy looked.

She yelled Bill I need some hard cock, oh please baby give me some cock,
I want to cum and cum.

Bill did not waste any time in getting naked and walked to her and
placed the head of his cock against her mouth. She went right to
licking and sucking on it and soon had all of it in her mouth. She
continued to play with her clit as she sucked him.

I asked if they wanted me to continue shooting and Bill said hell ya. I
wasn’t expecting this but it looks like they had both got into the
photos and Angel playing with herself for us. Of course I was really
into it as well.

She took him out of her mouth for a second and said to me Harley since
I am responsible for that hard-on you got get out of those jeans and
give me some cock too. I looked at Bill and he nodded his head yes.

I wasted no time getting to her pussy and started to lick her, she
removed her finger from her clit and I took it into my mouth gently
sucking on it as I slid a finger into her looking for her spot. I found
the right combination and she let me know by started to buck and push
her pussy harder into my mouth, she started moaning around Bill’s cock
as she came in my mouth. That was enough to set Bruce off and he filled
her mouth with cum. He then said she is a great cock sucker and is
really proud of how good she is and then suggested I try some of it.

Angel suggested I get on the bed on my back and then she got on her
knees and took me into her mouth. Bruce was right she sure knew what
she was doing. Bill got behind her and slid his cock into her pussy
fucking her doggy style. She started to groan and took her mouth off my
cock to tell him to fuck her harder and to ram his cock into her pussy
as she was cumming she continued talking as she came multiple times. No
sooner had Bill’s cock slipped out of her pussy she got on top of me
and put my cock in her dripping pussy and began to ride me cowboy and
as she got close she said Oh Harley, Harley Oh Fuck Yes This Feels
So Good, Fill Me With Your Cock, she came a couple more times and was
telling me how good it felt and to fill her pussy with my cum which I
was happy to do.

We lay there exhausted for a little while and I then suggest we look at
the photos.

I down loaded them out of the camera on to the laptop and while that was
happening got into the shower. Everyone got showered and to save water
Bill and Angel did it together. I suspect they also wanted a chance to
talk privately.

By the time they got out of the shower the photos were down loaded and
we started to go through them. There were comments on different shots
and how good different things felt while doing them. Even a couple of
OH I would like to do that one again. While this was going on I had the
opportunity to mention not to worry about me cumming in Angel’s pussy
as I had a vasectomy and she said I’m on the pill so don’t worry do it
as much as you want. I licked my lips and smiled and said I’ll take you
up on that.

Angel reached over and started to play with my cock and said, If I suck
this for you will you eat my pussy again? I really like how you do that
and after you make me cum I want you to fuck me doggy while I suck

It was then that they informed me that this was their first three-way.
They had talked about it in the past and even used a dildo during some
sex to simulate what it might be like with having another guy. They had
not planned on it happening when they asked me to take the photos but
when Angel got as hot as she did she decided it was time to try it.

Back to the bed so we could continue enjoying each other.

I made them a CD of the photos and deleted the file from my camera and

We have stayed in touch and they mention that night and how it opened
them to other ideas. They have also watched the photos play as they had
sex and watched them. We are planning to see each other again in 2011
at Bike Week.

Angel has been saying she has a lot of ideas about photos she wants
taken and though she will not be specific has said “Oh you and Bill
will really be turned on by what I have in mind” I have a feeling we
will be.

There is always opportunities to have sex at these events But that is
another story and or stories and I will try to get to some of them as
time allows.

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