The Trap (Part 1)

Author: LOVELY

I am an employee, of 35 years of age working for a firm of reasonable size and is currently growing every year in blistering pace. I am fair, attractive and good looking for my age with height 5 ft 7” and structure 36C 30 38 enough to make heads spin. I have recently been moved to a new section within the vast company as a result of some re-organization. I was all set for the new job.
In the new section I had to work with Mr. Raj. Raj is the distant cousin of M.D and has a bad reputation among the female employees of the company. Rumor has it, that the only reason he was not sent off due to his behavior was that he was related to M.D. Well… anyways, I didn’t have time or patience to delve deeper into these worthless gossips. As I was preparing myself for another busy day, there was a knock on the door. I looked up to find an aging man of mid forties standing there.

“I am Raj and I will be sharing the cabin with you madam”. The office structure is such that 2 to 3 employees share a room, a closed cubicle. I was nodding at him and I found that he was taking his time to evaluate me from head to toe inch by inch with a crooked smile on his face. This irritated me first and sensing his penetrating looks at the right (or the wrong) places, I quickly adjusted my salwar, more so in self defense as it was a pretty low necked one.

He offered me his hand and I shook it formally and as briefly as possible. His palm was wet and greasy. I was walking back to my seat, very conscious of his riveting gaze on my undulating ass so openly. I realized for the first time why he had such a reputation among women. With a sigh, I decided to give the man the benefit of doubt.

I busied myself with my new project work. Ten minutes later, I had to pick up one of my confidential files from the common cupboard for the cabin by the side of his seat. As I was facing the cupboard, I realized that suddenly, his fingers were sliding along my deep butt crevice. I was thoroughly shocked beyond words. I dropped whatever I was holding and turned fast and slapped him hard on his face… and shouted at the highest possible pitch “You pervert!”
Out he went without a word and my face was still beet red with rage for a long time. He was back after some time. I felt sorry for slapping him so hard. So, I quickly apologized before leaving for home and told him to behave in the future. He nodded with a seemingly troubled face. I felt my heart lighten many notches.

There was a marked change in his behavior from the next day. He was minding his business and not giving ‘those’ lusty looks anymore. A week and half passed without any events and I started to get a good impression on him. I really felt that he has changed. He would offer a polite smile at me in the morning and would mind his business. I was partly relieved and partly confused since the stories I heard of him were so dirty. He always referred to me as madam with respect and didn’t chat unnecessarily. He would bring me coffee sometimes as a good will gesture. I started like him as a friend.

Few days passed by. One afternoon, I was preparing for an important presentation to M.D and few important heads in the company regarding my next project while Raj stepped in with a tray and cup of coffee. I had dressed up myself in a light green chiffon saree. It was a semi-transparent. I wanted to impress people that day. Raj was aware that I have this meeting in an hour. The coffee was a welcome break. I was so stressed out. I took the coffee readily with a smile and thanked him. He placed the tray containing the coffee poured on the cup and placed the pot for refill separately on the table with due care. When he was turning he knocked the tray by mistake (?) and the coffee from the cup spilled all over my lap on the saree. I screamed as it was hot coffee and jumped from my chair. He was shaking and muttering “sorry madam sorry madam over and over”. I ran to the wash room in a hurry as I was in pain. I poured the cold water from the tap on my skin at my belly and the area and on the saree which was freshly stained with coffee.

The pain subsided mostly after a few minutes but I had to lower the saree a lot as the skin was still itching and burning a bit because of the hot coffee burns and the cool air on the skin was giving me relief. So, I lowered the wet saree a good couple of inches below my deep navel to air the skin in the lower abdomen region as much as possible. I inspected myself in front of the mirror in the washroom. When the pallu is moved a bit, I was looking positively obscene. That pallu was my only protection and I was cursing my decision to wear a transparent saree that day. The itching sensation will subside in a few minutes. The good thing was the burns were very light and wouldn’t cause any scars. I was saying to myself, “It is only a few more hours and it will be over in the evening”. I coffee stain that I washed was still wet now… but I am sure that it would dry soon.

I covered myself with the pallu as securely as I could and walked back to my office. I didn’t tuck the pallu back in since it was giving me irritating sensation. So I let it flow behind my shoulder in my usual way. Without much difficulty, one of the newly joined employees was getting an eyeful of my naked deep navel from his cabin as I walked by and was openly ogling at me. I was ashamed at my predicament, but besides myself I was thrilled a bit. Similar behavior was exhibited with some variation by other male colleagues on the way to my room. When I nodded to my colleague Sekar formally, instead of nodding back at me he nodded back absently at my partially exposed midrib. His room is right opposite to mine. My wet saree might have added to the effect or whatever.

I was back to senses when I came back to my room. I was looking for my confidential file for the presentation. It was simply missing!! Raj was not in the room too. The mess that was created due to the coffee spilling was cleaned already. So I thought that the cleaning boy might have misplaced the file while cleaning. “How irresponsible?!” … I was uttering to myself while I started searching for it under and around the table. I was looking on the top of the shelves (just in case) while standing on my tip toes when I heard footsteps. I continued to look for the file over the shelf by moving things around with my hands for a few more seconds while all the time giving an almost uninhibited view of my belly and up to the beginning of my pubic region to Raj who was standing at the door.

When I saw what was happening, I realized that I have left only a few bits and pieces for his imagination and quickly covered myself up. My face turned to deep crimson on seeing Raj’s popped out eyes. “All because of you …” I told him not really complaining. Then, getting back to more important stuff, I asked him if he had seen the file on the table. He asked me “what file?” with an innocent tone. This tensed me up for good and for a few moments I started thinking about the implications of loosing the most important file for the company meeting which s bound to shape up my career. There was simply no time left to recreate the whole thing. My head was beginning to spin.

From the distance I heard a mild voice calling “madam…Do you really want the file??” That jolted me and brought me fully back to reality. I opened my eyes wide and there he was Raj was still standing there. I nodded to him slowly unable to speak. “I could find it for you, but just like many other things… IT COSTS”, he said. ”I don’t understand, please explain” I said “It costs me what??” I was confused and smelled something brewing up which is definitely not for good. My senses were up to the point of exploding anticipating the next few words from Raj in anxiety. “Yes madam .it costs. If I find the file for you, it costs you your inner wears” he said with a tone of innocence. “What do you mean??” I asked still confused but now obvious of the fact that Raj has something to do with the file. “Madam, I know that it is a very important file and it could shape up your career either way. So, I need something in return to find a file that important. So, the price I ask is simple. I need the brassiere and panties you’re wearing, that’s all”.

It took a while for me to grasp the whole thing. I was shaking from various emotions and was clearly confused to such an extent that I wasn’t sure how to react when I heard the so called ‘offer’. I heard Raj say soothingly in the background “you have nothing to loose ok. You can still make it to the meeting with the file. I shall go out and come back after 5 minutes. When I come in, I expect to see the articles I just mentioned on your table if you need the file back in time. “I have nothing to loose, think about it. If you plan to go to the M.D, I assure you, you can’t prove anything”. with that he left the room locking the door. I sat there dumb stuck for a couple of minutes. Then realizing that the 5 minutes will soon be over and I have no choice left, I stood up slowly and went to the window. I pulled the curtain fully on both the windows. I went to the corner of the room to make sure that no one can see me and dropped the pallu to the floor started to unhook my blouse
I was soon down to hook number 4 and unconsciously checked the clock to make sure that I have sufficient time before the 5 minutes were up. I quickly took my hands to the back as my fingers were searching for the bra-hook and it was unclasped with in seconds and I peeled the bra off me in one quick pull. I threw the bra on the table hastily and hooked my blouse back quickly. I then, quickly adjusted the pallu back in position. Looking at the clock I quickly lifted the saree up to my waist and inserted my fingers on the wait band and pulled my panty off me in one swift motion. Next moment I lowered the saree and stepped out of my panties. I bent down, picked it up and laid it on the table by the side of my brassiere. I went back to my chair and slumped in it mentally exhausted.

Soon, there was that ‘expected’ knock on the door. I answered ‘come in’ unenthusiastically. To my horror it was not Raj, but it was Sekar from the opposite room. He came to ask if everything is ok since we normally don’t shut the doors unless there is an important meeting! His eyes were bobbing out with surprise to fine me slumped in the chair and my used bra and panties in the middle of the room, on the table. I was thoroughly mortified and managed to say”could you perhaps comeback later please?” almost pleadingly, He nodded understandingly, but stepped out suppressing a giggle. I walked to the door to shut it. Few seconds later there was a knock again and this time I heard ‘Raj here madam’. I said ‘come in’ again. Raj opened the door. He was not alone. He was accompanied by the young janitor boy who cleaned the spilled coffee earlier the day. I was not really in good terms with him as I had caught him stealing the office stationary from my desk many months back. He was the last one I had expected to see now.

He was grinning wide while he entered the room with Raj. He must be in his early twenties. He carried a bag with him. I enquired Raj what the janitor is doing? Raj, said “Oh nothing, he is my good friend and he does little errands for me”. I was very embarrassed to see them staring at my panties on the table. Raj had the file on his hand. One last thing madam “I don’t know how to believe that this is the panty you were actually wearing” pointing to the one on the table he went on “so if this is the one you were wearing from the morning then you shouldn’t be wearing anything now. Please prove that to us madam and I shall give you the file back. If you are too shy, just turn back and lift your saree up to confirm ok?”

I was thunder struck upon hearing this. “What on earth is Ravi (the janitor) doing here?” I meekly managed to ask him with tears already welling up my eyes. “Oh it is just a left over bet between Ravi & I madam, I had bet him a good amount of money that I will show him your bare butt within a month after you moved here and he is about to loose. That is all madam Now if you don’t waste time and proceed” he left the sentence trailing. Fighting up my tears, I remembered one of the rumors about Raj’s ardent betting addiction. “Stand up madam and show us please. We have no time left “. He lurched forward and picked up my brassiere and panties right in front of my eyes with a triumphant smile. My eyes looked at them longingly as he sniffed at my panties to make sure I wasn’t cheating and proceeded to stuff them into his pockets. I tried one last time, “Do I have to go through this Raj? You have smelled though… wasn’t that enough? Can I please have the file?”

Raj smiled genially “madam, it could be from someone else for what I know. (!) Please hurry”. He seemed annoyed. Feeling totally helpless and out of choice I stood up from the chair and walked to the centre of the room. Ravi closed the room door and I caught a glimpse of my colleague sekar staring at the scene in disbelief from the opposite room. I looked up at the clock with my tear clogged eyes. Only a few minutes left for the meeting to go. I didn’t have the courage to face them and stood facing away from them. From the noises at the background, I gathered that they were getting into better position. I heard the sound of Ravi placing his bag on the floor. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as tears were running down my cheeks. I never imagined even in my wildest of dreams that things will get this far. I wiped the tears off my cheeks, and didn’t want to cry before these unscrupulous rascals. Facing away from the morons, I bent down and lifted my saree inch by inch as I heard a dull ‘pop’ sound from behind.

I stopped and asked them ‘what was that?’ Raj answered ‘nothing madam’ urgently and urged me to go on. With my saree lifted up to my knees in that position for a few seconds I could hear only the deep labored breathing of Raj and short gasps of ravi and troubled breathing from me. I wanted the trauma to get over as soon as possible and lifted my saree further more slowly to my thigh and briefly paused. The breathing of the guys from behind was the only sound I heard. Raj exclaimed ‘higher up madam, lift it up soon’. In my helplessness, I felt like choking him to death. I went ahead and lifted the saree further up. I finally lifted the saree over my bare butt cheeks completely and held it in a bunch. Raj remarked ‘Wow madam, you have nice round big buttocks…the best butt cheeks I’ve seen so far! ’. Despite the situation I was thrilled a bit by those downright dirty comments. I didn’t have the nerve to turn around and look at their leering faces. Finally, after s few seconds, loosing patience I asked ‘Is that enough?’ Suddenly, Ravi shouted ‘Madam… look here!’ I turned my head around a bit confused.

There you go. Thanks madam, your face was missing’ with that he lowered his pocket size cam coder. I was thoroughly shocked and completely mortified. He was still filming me. I realized it all of a sudden and driven by reflex I first tried to cover my back with my hands and then felt more stupid as the morons started giggling at my reaction and lowered my saree in a hurry. Raj gave a villainy smile and chuckled, ‘I think you will listen to me madam. I have your dirty little act on film anyway; you are late for the meeting. I am a man of words. Here is your most coveted file. See you soon after the meeting.’ He left the room with the door open wide. I was standing there frozen.

The itching sensation stopped completely and I adjusted the saree properly before heading for the meeting room to salvage whatever modesty that is left. The meeting started on schedule. I took my mind off the nightmarish events that happened a few minutes back. I was preparing the slides and getting ready to do the presentation as Ravi stepped in with a tray filled with refreshments for the 10 or so members attending the meeting. Sekar was there too still eyeing at me curiously. I am almost presentable except that it could be clearly seen that I wasn’t wearing a blouse inside my light green blouse. The cool air only stiffened my nipples outlines of which were clearly seen over my pallu. Ravi came close to me to serve my place before leaving and quickly whispered, “Raj sir has instructed you to lower the saree below your hip madam”. I shook my head in disbelief and stared at him. “He said quietly, sekar sir is now in the game too” and went away. I looked at sekar and he was staring at me in curiosity and amusement. I went to the far end of the room in the pretext of adjusting the focus of the sliding machine and quickly lowered my saree as instructed. Only sekar was watching me.

The presentation started. At first all eyes were at the screen and concentration was fully on the subject. Later, as time went by most of the 10 pairs of eyes were assessing my light brown nipples showing up underneath the transparent blouse and exposed navel as the pallu moved a bit here and a bit there. I felt a tinge of excitement though all the while. Not to mention the presentation was a roaring success and my kickoff meeting for my new project had a roaring approval from all! But this was not how I intended to get the approval. I was excited anyways on the prospects and I returned to my seat.

Raj was waiting for me there. With all authority he came close to my place and told me to stand. I did. He moved my pallu to check if I had obeyed him and eyed at my slightly sagged heavy breasts and deep navel with the ‘cluck’ and ‘mmm’. I brushed his hand quickly as sekar was entering his room just then to see me in the compromising position again! Raj smiled and nodded at him. I was hoping that sekar will put an end to my nightmare. I was sitting in my seat for an hour trying to work but just busted in my wildly flaying thoughts. Raj was in and out of the room a few times.

Raj said, “Okay Chithra, I am leaving for the day. Have a nice evening”. I was taken aback by the sudden change from ‘madam’ to ‘Chithra’, but I sort of expected this. I called him urgently. “Raj, Could I please have the film back?” He stopped. “Oh, do you want the film?” and then he proceeded loudly “Here is the deal. You will come to work just like you are dressed now – no inner wears and very low hip for the next week; we will make impromptu checks when we feel”. I realized that I was doomed “We?” I asked him? “Oh we are forming a little club you know? Sekar just joined today”. With that he laughed loud and left. At the door he stopped, “depending on your co-operation the club size will stay at three or could grow” and left for the day whistling happily
I was sitting there at my desk dumb stuck and it was well past 5 pm in the evening. I decided to leave and I stood up. Sekar was at the door. I meekly managed a smile. “Hi Chithra, I was told by Raj that I can verify a few things when I feel like for a week from now, so I shall head for an early start” with that he came to my desk laughing.
“Show me your navel please; I need to see that closer. Didn’t catch a good look at it closely during the day” With that he pulled up a chair. “Sekar you pervert. I had hopes on you.” I started sobbing. “Sorry Chithra, I don’t want to loose a gem of an opportunity. Don’t waste my time. I got a train to catch soon c’mon show me”. I said “but the door is open”. He said ‘ok I let you close the door and in turn you let me touch your navel’ that must have been well rehearsed and today everyone was in mood to strike deals with me and I am at the loosing end. I sighed and went to the door, locked it and came back to his char and stood in front of him resigned. “Go ahead sekar”. He couldn’t believe his luck when I pushed my pallu to the side. “Wow chithra, I love your deep sexy navel” and slowly he took his trembling finger towards my navel. I closed my eyes as he rested his index finger on my navel while his other fingers and palm rested around my navel. He let his hand lay in that position for a good few seconds mesmerized

Sekar said “Chithra this is my dream come true, you know”. Wide eyed he started at my navel and started fingering it slowly. His cold fingers touching the area around my navel creating tingling sensation. I had trouble holding my pallu aside in position with my hand. Noticing my hand trembling as well, he took the portion of my pallu I was holding from my hand and let my hand by the side. “Relax chithra, let me hold it.” His hot breath was pounding on my tummy. Seeing my eyes closed he let his hand holding my pallu to travel inside to hold my fleshy bare hip and his other hand dug deeper in my navel. One third of his index finger must have been in my navel as his other fingers were pressing the skin around. I buckled my belly inwards as his hand was now tickling my belly button. He seemed to love my reaction and continued to tickle me for a few more seconds taking turns to tickle my hip and belly with both his hands. I let out a slight moan. He took his finger out of my navel and took the hand to hold my hip from the other side and wasted no time in bringing his tongue. He held my hip on both sides with his firm hands his fingers poking the flesh and his warm tongue started making circles around my tummy. I was almost dancing in his grip due to the tickling and the tongue lapping. I let out a soft moan with eyes still tightly shut. I suddenly came to my senses and grabbed his head with my hands and pushed him off me. “Sekar, stop please. I think you have checked enough”. He seemed to be disappointed and then mildly nodded. “Yes I am late for the train and yes there is a week to go”. He swiftly left my office.

I reached home hastily. I stripped my clothes and had a shower. I masturbated myself to a streaming orgasm as I was so excited by the events during the day. That night I was so wet and had the best sex in a long time. My husband was a bit puzzled and asked me if there was anything new. I just winked at him naughtily. That was the best I could manage and I didn’t have the courage to tell him.

The next day I started to work in a normal way wearing my bra and panties as I didn’t want my husband to get suspicious. I reached the work place earlier than usual thinking of beating Raj. I met Ravi on the way and nodded at him. (Thinking oh my god)
I rushed to my room closed the door and removed my bra and panties hastily and adjusted my dress and lowered my saree as I am expected to and put my bra and panties in my top draw in a hurry as I heard foot steps.

There was a knock on the door. I went to the door and opened quickly. It was Raj with Ravi by his side. He was looking somewhat angry. He went to his seat and sat on it ignoring my good morning. I was hurt and I was not used to being treated that way. “I heard from Ravi that you didn’t follow your instructions.” I said “what do you mean? I am dressed up the way you told me.” Ravi came to my place and without waiting for my permission opened the drawers in my desk. I shrieked at him to stop it, but he paid no attention. He pulled out my brassiere and panties from there triumphantly. “I thought so madam” he said. I looked at Raj defeated and muttered a meek ‘sorry’.

“You need to be punished bitch” he shouted at me angrily. “I still don’t believe you. Come closer and turn and lift your saree”. I looked at him pleadingly. “Please don’t do this”. He shouted. ‘I said now’. I was petrified and walked to his chair and turned to face away and bent down to gather my saree. He put a hand on my back and said ‘Stay that way. I shall check it myself.’ With his strong hand on my blouse preventing me from getting up he began lifting my saree up. My head was resting on his table and I was holding the edges of the table for balance. He raised my saree all the way over my hip. My bare butt inches from his face and he was enjoying every bit of it. This was probably working better than he expected.I shut my eyes tight in shame. He slapped my butt cheek hard and enjoyed the way the flesh wobbled a bit. I shrieked in pain. Nevertheless I was excited by the whole thing.

‘Its ok now, but I need to punish you for your misconduct. So if you really want the film and if you want to go ahead doing this for the rest of the week, do as I say now’. I nodded out of fear. While talking to me he ran his finger along my smooth & moist butt crack making me shiver. He moved his finger inwards and I spread my thigh wider a bit involuntarily. “You like that bitch huh??” He laughed. Your punishment will be, that in this same position you will make our friend Ravi happy by doing some service to his tool.
I shook my head crying “No, please don’t do this to me” and sobbed softly. “I will do as you said from now. Please don’t make me do this”. I felt like dying right there as his fingers inserted my pussy lips. My body betrayed me and I was soaking wet there. His finger went in easily as if it was the most coveted guest there. He laughed louder. “What more do I need as confirmation huh? He took his wet finger out and showed it in front of my face. I could smell the strong scent of my own secretion in the air.

“Now you will do as I say” He released his hand gripping my back and asked Ravi to sit on the table. As I lifted my head Ravi promptly sat there grinning. He already had unzipped his fly and his pant was down to his thigh. I could see his throbbing tool yearning to be released from his tight jocks. I felt a rush of expectation and shame at the same time. I tried again “please don’t do this to me Raj. Let me go please”. Trapped between two men I felt a strange feeling. “Do it bitch, don’t waste time” he sounded annoyed and slapped me hard on my right butt cheek again. As I was sobbing I took my hands to the elastic of the cheap stinking jocks of Ravi and began pulling it. Ravi lifted his back to help me. I pulled it off with some force and it came down to his thigh in one swift motion leaving his erect member dangling back and forth. I was a bit amazed by the thickness of it and felt overwhelmed. I have done this before to my husband’s, but never ever have I thought before that I would be doing it to someone else and worst of all, to Ravi! My tears rolled down my cheeks and fell on his bare thigh. I came close to his tool and rested my hands on his thighs now getting in position. Ravi moved back to give me room.

Raj was supervising from behind. I opened my mouth with eyes tightly shut took his tool in. I can’t believe that I am actually doing this. Ravi let out a groan as my saliva made his tool wet and I closed my lips around his cock and moved forward to the base. I felt his cock touching the base of my throat and started moving my mouth back and forth in and out. Raj was fingering my pussy all the while. Having seen me getting started he brought his other hand to my stomach and gently removed the pin that I had used to pin up the frills of my saree. He stood up and fingered my navel for a while and brought his hand below to untie the frills of my saree. I took my mouth off Ravi and urgently inquired “What are you doing Raj?” I was answered by a swift slap on my already red right butt cheek. I got the cue. I have no way back now. I moved my hands off Ravi’s thigh and cupped his balls. It was tight and let out a groan while I pressed it a bit. I pushed the skin at the tip below and licked the tip of his cock with my tongue and circled the tip for sometime. His freshly exposed inner skin would almost qualify for pink color. Almost instantaneously I saw the pre cum dribbling out of his erecter than ever cock now.
Raj said “you are good at what you do bitch, work or otherwise” and he pulled the frills of my saree loose and pulled it off completely from my petticoat. My saree ended its relationship with me temporarily (I hope) and was made to rest in peace on my table with all due respect. I could see it lying on the table over the files enjoying its freedom, free of its folds. Raj deftly untied my petticoat knot too and in a fraction of a second it was circling my feet. Soon I saw that my petticoat was giving company to my saree so it doesn’t feel lonely. I was standing naked but for my blouse sucking Ravi’s cock with all diligence that I could muster.

Raj stood behind me and started fingering my wet pussy. He took his thoroughly soaked finger from my pussy and slowly inserted it in my butt hole. In spite of my protesting he pushed his finger deeper with force. It was very painful and I was on my tip toes with Ravi’s cock hitting the base of my throat. Ravi knelt forward and brought his hand in front and unhooked my blouse hooks one by one while Raj was fingering my ass properly. I was feeling horny as hell despite the situation. Raj spread my thigh wider and moments later I felt his huge member enter my slimy wet pussy. He gripped my belly for balance fingering my navel while he was still fingering my asshole. He started his rocking motion back and forth. Ravi started kneading and pinching my now erect nipple as I continued to suck his cock. I took my mouth out of his cock briefly to lick his balls. While I licked his balls I held his cock in my hand and ran my fingers along the shaft from the base to the tip slowly. He seemed to be in ecstasy as he rolled and pinched my stiff large brown nipples with both his hands. I was moaning loud now.

Raj was tickling my tummy while fucking me from behind making me jerk at his will. He was not aware till then that ticking excites me instantaneously and now that he found that out he started doing it more. I was almost completely at his mercy. He has inserted his finger completely up my ass and wiggled it inside me. I jerked and moaned aloud taking turns. He now started fucking me harder while simultaneously doing all the other mischief’s as well. I felt that I was having the moment of my life because this level of pleasure belonged to a completely different realm of which I am still a newbie.

The only sound heard in the room was a combination of “hmmm hhaaa hmm haa … and aaaah … aaaahh… and a mmmm .. mmmmm…”.After a few more minutes of constant pounding of Raj’s huge dick inside me, combined with his fingering of my butt hole and tummy tickling and all the time Ravi’s treatment of my erect nipples I reached my first massive orgasm. My whole body went stiff in the hands of these men for several seconds while I violently grabbed Ravi’s thigh for support. It lasted for a many seconds which I felt like endless.

After this brief interruption I received encouraging slaps on my butt, this time on both cheeks. I continued to suck Ravi’s while he gently cupped my large breasts hanging in the air and started rotating my nipple in a slow motion. I felt immediately one more building up inside me. I licked his cock with my tongue in slow motion to reciprocate his rolling my nipple. I took his cock in my mouth again and cupped his balls. I increased the pace slowly taking his tool in and out faster now. There was a noticeable change in his pose too. He cupped my tits tighter and his hands went rigid as I continue to suck him, faster now. He stiffened and held me tight and let out a low groan while I continued to suck him in and out. He groaned a loud ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’ and I took my mouth out almost in time, a little late to see him squirt all over his belly and thigh and a bit on me face while I held him by his balls. I squeezed his balls a bit tighter and he squirted some more. I felt strangely excited seeing him do so. I pressed them to my heart’s content a few more times till he was completely spent. He collapsed on the table with his limp penis lying by the side. Few seconds passed by while Raj was still pounding me from behind.

Ravi dropped to the floor and made me lean on the table where he was sitting. He cleaned himself up quickly and got dressed and came close to me. He pulled my hands from the table and pulled them behind me and started peeling the sweat soaked blouse off me. He felt a sense of elation doing so. My blouse was off my shoulders and reached my hands and off it parted away from me. I saw it join my other clothes pile. I am now properly reduced to my birthday suit. He spread my hands again over my head on the table. He took his position under the table where I was leaning. The second climax was building up slowly inside me now. My nice large smooth tits were inches away from Ravi now and he had the first glimpse of them directly. He was admiring them for a few seconds while Raj was busy. Also, he got the first chance see the frontal view of my pussy now being fucked and my armpits as well. He shouted ‘Raj sir, madam has shaved everywhere’ making my face go red with the yet another dirty comment. He absently ran his finger on the smooth shaved pubic mound.

Ravi started suckling my breasts and he caressed the hollows of my arm pits. He had long nails and it tickled like hell. I guffawed. I pleaded him to stop that. He was happy to torture me and continued to tickle my armpits mercilessly while sucking my breasts. He seemed to have found the best combination. He sucked my right breast, cupped and caressed the left with one side and exclusively treated my armpit with the other hand.

Being treated on all imaginable sensuous places in a human body simultaneously I was writhing again. Shaken, torn between the feelings of lust and shame I was excited and my second rocking climax was fast approaching. In the distance I could hear the frequency of the sounds Raj made increase and his seemingly endless pounding fasten. He seemed to be hitting me harder and faster now. I was sweating all over in spite of the air conditioner. I sensed the fast approaching climax and felt hard to control it. While Raj was fucking me hard and slapping me time and again and fingering my asshole all the time, Ravi licked my breasts and sucked my nipples and caressed my smooth sweaty armpits with his crude nails. This was all too much for me to take and I erupted once again. I moaned loud at the base of my voice. ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’ and with that my whole body stiffened again. While I was Cumming Raj and Ravi continued to tickle me and caress me everywhere. This made me go berserk and cum over and over again for what seemed like an eternity. Finally when I was through I could hear Raj still thumping me over. I was thoroughly exhausted. A few seconds later Raj took his penis out of me and held it in his hand and started ejaculating all over my ass. I felt his hot semen squirted all over me at the back. He was done finally.

When he was done, he dipped his finger on his semen and playfully inserted it in my ass. It was so slimy and I jumped up. I tried to move forward and get his finger off me by pushing his hand with my hands. He was too strong. I tried to move forward and he walked along with me. It felt too weird walking with a finger up there. “Please stop it Raj you punished me enough”. He laughed at me and took his finger out. He went back and got dressed. Both men were completely dressed now and threw a hand kerchief to me to wipe myself clean before I got dressed. I didn’t want to stand naked since I saw Ravi’s semi erect things again. So I turned to face away from them and quickly started cleaning Raj’s mess from my butt while both men were watching me.

Raj said “Ok we shall offer you some privacy” and walked to the door and unlocked it and opened it wide. To my horror Sekar was seated in the chair ready to take in all his eyes could from his office. Without waiting Raj and Ravi left the room with the door open. Sekar caught me red handed; rather kerchief handed and butt naked wiping myself. I ran to the door to shut it before which he saw everything. I must have made his day too! I came back to the middle of the room got dressed and sat in my char wondering what would come in the rest of the week.

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