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   We looked at dogging sites on the internet and decided to try to find one in Australia. It would be good to see what goes on live. We looked in adult shop advert boards and asked people who worked there. We were told of a few places that might be worth a look. Late Friday night we decided to visit one of the places we were told about in the Adelaide foothills at a place called Skye. I remember Skye was a parking spot many years ago. When we drove up there were several cars with people in them and some sitting outside looking around.

We got out of the car walked around and leaned up against the front of the car. I held Sharon in my arms and rested my hand on her tit gently massaging it through her dress. The dress buttoned up at the front so I undone the button at her tits and put my hand in to massage her tit better. In the dim light no-one else could see what I was doing. After waiting a while we saw some of the people move over to another car and look in the windows. I took my hand out of Sharon’s dress and said let’s have a look so we wandered across to the car, the windows were open so it was easy to see a girl masturbating her partner and herself in the front seat. There was a mixture of both men and women looking into the car so obviously it wasn’t just something for the boys. Some of the men got their cocks out and started to masturbate themselves while they watched. You could even see some of the women standing there with their arms crossed moving a finger discreetly across the nipple area of their tits. According to the rules we read on the net and there were rules, you can masturbate yourself next to the couple but you couldn’t touch them unless you were invited to. I noticed a couple of men looking at Sharon. I looked and saw why, she hadn’t buttoned her dress and from the side you could see her tit. I thought of telling her but didn’t after all as she’s always said there only tits. The girl in the car turned around knelt on her seat and began giving her partner a head job at the same time rubbing her fingers along her wet pussy. Sharon and I were at the passenger side window so we were getting a great view of her exposed pussy.

We had men standing next to us masturbating and there was one woman with her hand down the front of her pants rubbing herself. Sharon crossed her arms and noticed that her button was undone, instead of doing it up she just put her hand inside her dress and played with her tit. The girl in the car lifted her off her partners cock and sat back in her seat and started to masturbate him instead. There was a man standing next to us masturbating so she put her hand out the window and grabbed his cock and started to masturbate him as well, he put his hand in the window and massaged one of her tits. As I watched I could see out of the corner of my eye Sharon undo a button near her pussy area and her hand was inside her dress. The guy in the car climaxed so the woman masturbated the one outside the car until he stepped back and climaxed all over the side of the car. Several other cars had had the same kind of thing going on so after looking at them we decided to go back to our car intending to go home. When we got there Sharon started to rub her hand on my cock through my shorts. I already had a hard on so I got my cock out so she could play with it on the way home. She also had a play with her pussy on the journey. When we got there we could hardly wait to get inside before we started ripping our clothes off and groping each other. When we finally got to the bedroom we had the best sex we had had for a long time.

   After we had finished we lay back and discussed what we had seen that night. Sharon said she would like to be brave enough to try that herself, the thought of Sharon giving me a head job in front of people got me excited so I said why don’t we, it could be fun. We decided to go back tomorrow night.

   We waited until about 11 pm before we headed towards Skye being Saturday night I could be busier than last night. Sharon wore another dress that buttoned up the front and I wore shorts and T-shirt. I called Sharon’s dress the easy access dress because the buttons kept coming undone. When we arrived there were more cars than last night so we parked close by and got out to look around. There were several cars with people around them so we walked over to have a look. There was a girl with her head in her partners lap sucking his cock and she had her ass pointed up at the open window. We spotted a gap so we moved in next to the window and watched the show. Sharon’s dress true to form had popped open at her tit level making it easy for anyone standing on side of her to see her tit. She surprised me when she put her hand in her dress and started to massage her tits in front of everyone so you can imagine my surprise when she put her hand on the young girls ass and left it there. The girl took her hand and put it on her pussy and moved it up and down over her wet lips. As she massaged her tits another button popped open and exposed her tits to all, instead of putting it away she just kept rubbing the girls pussy before putting a couple of fingers inside.

The crowd around the car was getting bigger as Sharon was fingering the girls pussy as she was giving her partner a head job. I put my hand on one of Sharon’s tits and massaged it and got my cock out and masturbated at both of them. The girls partner climax and gave her a mouth full of come and she sat back in her seat Sharon had her juices on her finger so she wiped it on her nipple which made them become rock hard and stand straight out. I put my cock away and we walked back to our car a few of the people watched where we went. When we got into the car Sharon undone all the buttons on her dress and took her G-string off, so pulled my shorts and boxers down and let my erection free. Sharon started to masturbate me slowly and at the same time she massaged her exposed tits. It wasn’t long before some people noticed and came over to the car. Sharon looked out the window saw the people and stopped playing with my cock. Luckily she didn’t stop for long she wanted people to see her and they were. A small group of about a dozen people were around the windows watching so Sharon moved her hand down opened her legs and started to play with her pussy. Some of the men got their cocks out and started to masturbate next to the window near Sharon even some of the women were masturbating their partners. The man nearest to her almost had his cock in the window she could see the pre-cum on the end of it, she took her hand from her pussy and wiped the pre-cum from his cock and put her fingers inside her pussy.

He pushed his hips forward to try to get his cock as close to her as possible, his cock was now inside the window. Sharon was still masturbating me and herself, she got a smile on her face and leaned over and sucked the pre-cum from the cock at the window then turned around got up on her knees leaned over and started to give me a head job. She had her head down and her ass almost hanging out the window because the car was a bit cramped. I could see over the top of her at the people outside the car, they were looking at her ass which was covered by the dress so as she was giving me a great head job I pulled her dress towards her head exposing her ass and her wet pussy to everyone. Sharon didn’t care that they saw her ass she was more worried about how cramped it was. She moved her foot next to the door handle and the door opened up. Someone outside pulled the door fully open and some men moved closer as Sharon moved her bottom half back to make herself more comfortable. She moved her hand back and put her fingers into her pussy and moved them in and out getting the men more excited. Some of them couldn’t last they came watching Sharon finger her pussy and giving me a head job. She could feel a cock hit the back of her hand, someone was so close his cock was right next to her leg so she took her wet fingers out of her pussy and rubbed them on his cock.

She put her hand around his cock and masturbated him. He obviously took this as an invitation and rubbed his finger along her wet pussy I could see what was going on and I was wondering how far Sharon wanted to go. She moved her hand grabbing his cock between her legs masturbating him while he put his fingers in her pussy. She seemed to be getting carried away. As she pulled his cock he moved a bit closer so his cock was just touching her pussy so she rubbed the head of his cock on her pussy. That was enough for him he stepped back and came all over the side of the car. Sharon sat back in her seat and started to masturbate me again she also masturbated another man at the car door until he came spraying her tits with cum. Just a few seconds later I came as well. Sharon decided that was enough for the night so she pulled the door shut and buttoned up her dress. I pulled up my shorts so everyone moved away to find more action. On the way home Sharon asked if I wanted to go back again next week. I said yes but we would have to talk about what we want to happen and how far we want it to go.

To be continued.

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