The Filipino Maid

Author: Steph

Curt drove the 36″ wide mower up the ramp on onto the trailer attached to the back of his pickup truck. He cut the engine and wiped the sweat from his face with a clean rag. He couldn’t remember when it was so damned hot. He tipped his hat back on his head and took the pruning sheers and weed wacker out of the back. He still had at least another hour of work before he was done here, and he was out of water. Fifteen minutes later, he’d had it. He went to the back door of the main house and rang the bell. He’d seen servants around the house before and only hoped that someone was home today.

The door opened; he felt the cool rush of air conditioning blast his face, chest, and legs. The breeze was soothing and he hoped that he would be invited in while someone got him a glass of water. It was the young Filipino woman with mocha skin who answered the door that made him hot again. She was slender, but filled out her fitted uniform in all the right places. She had deep brown almond-shaped eyes and wore the slighted bit of makeup. Her shoes were sensible and black; her skirt was much shorter than was practical. Her smile was bright and wide and inviting.

“May I help you?” she asked.

“I’m Curt, the lawn guy, and I was hoping that you might be able to get me a glass of water. It’s hot out here.” He could barely control his cock; his dirty mind raced. Curt imagined him getting her alone in the cabana, bending her over the back of a chaise lounge and fucking her sweet, dark pussy from behind.
“Come in,” she said as she opened the door.

Despite the frosty inside of the house, his cock was pushing hard against his cutoffs. All of a sudden, going commando didn’t seem like such a great idea; his cock threatened to pop out the shortened leg when he reached into his pocket and grabbed his stiff shaft.

“Please wait here. I’ll get you a glass of ice water. Would you like a slice of lemon?”

The maid smiled, turned and walked away. Each step she took, each wiggle of her ass, made the blood pound in his head. He looked down and saw the grass clippings and dust stuck to his sweaty skin and hair. Damned, he thought. If only I wasn’t so grimy, but maybe I can get her number before I leave.

The dry, air-conditioned air made his nipples small and hard, but his cock was hot and raging in his shorts. Alone, his dirty little fantasies hijacked his mind and made him hard. Curt wondered what it would be like to take her bent over the pool table that he was sure they had downstairs. Even better, he thought, what would it be like if she sucked him then rode him on top of the pool table.

She came back, walking down the hallway with a glass of ice water with a slice of lemon. As she got close, she dropped the napkin that was under the glass on the floor, but didn’t seem to notice.

Curt took the tall glass with a smile and a thank you. He drank; she watched. When he was about half done he told her, “You dropped a napkin on the floor,” and pointed behind her. She turned around, took two steps and bent over at the waist to retrieve the napkin. Curt couldn’t believe his luck or his eyes. He saw garter straps attached to the top of her stockings and flash of her ass. What he didn’t see was underwear. He swallowed hard and his cock sprung to life, peeking out from the bottom of his shorts.

She turned around with the napkin in her hand; there was nothing he could do about his cock without being obvious, so he drank some water.
“Thank you,” she said holding up the napkin but looking at his crotch.

“No, thank you,” Curt replied holding up the water but thinking about her taut, sweet ass.

The maid looked at him. She batted her eyes and asked, “Do you really have so much more to do?” She took a step forward and slowly reached for his crotch. She took his cockhead in the palm of her hand then ran her nails up the underside of his hardened shaft until she reached his balls.

He inhaled sharply. Oh it felt good. “No, about an hour’s worth.”
“Care to wash up a little and take a break?”

Curt placed the glass on the table, put his hands on her hips, and kissed her. She tasted sweet like honey; her straight silky hair smelled faintly of lilacs. The maid returned his kiss gently and passionately.

“What kind of break?”
“I was thinking perhaps a blowjob break; I could really use one of those, plus your dick looks so ready. Maybe later we can have a fuck break too. What do you think? Interested?”
“Ain’t no doubt about that, Darlin’. Where’s the washroom?”

He followed the maid’s twitching ass from the back door, through the house to a luxurious bathroom with a large shower enclosed by frosted glass.
“Why don’t you just put your dirty things in this towel and take a shower?”

Curt stripped and did as he was told. He watched her as she watched him peel of his shorts and have his dick spring free already erect. The maid left the bathroom and he took a refreshing shower, watching the dirt and grass clippings wash off his body. As he was rinsing off, the shower door opened and in stepped the naked maid. Her body could only be described as succulent. Her waist was narrow, but she had big tits and wide hips with a flat belly. Her mocha skin was evenly colored all over but for her large chocolate nipples. Her pussy was unshaven but when he touched it, it was soft and silky like the hair on her head.

As he touched her pussy, she let out a soft moan. Curt stroked her pussy again, but this time more firmly; her moan was louder. Curt cupped her pussy in his hand and began massaging her wetness. She grabbed on to his shoulder and rocked her hips while he rubbed her. Suddenly, she trembled from head to toe, let out a short sharp yell, then dropped into a squat. She put one hand on his ass and the other on his balls then began sucking and licking his cockhead.

Water ran down the back of her head and he eased her face closer so she could get more of his cock in her sweet mouth. Her tongue was warm magic velvet and she knew how to use it. She licked hard and soft the flesh under the rim of his bulging cockhead. She ran her hands over his thighs and ass as she enthusiastically sucked. She hit all the right spots to get him hard and ready to cum.

Curt’s knees wobbled; she was relentless, and he loved it. She sucked and licked and stroked him harder and faster once she sensed that he was getting ready to shoot his wad. His whole body stopped and shivered as he delivered his hot cum load into the back of her throat. She couldn’t get enough; she moaned as she sucked harder, pulling every drop of semen from his shaft.

When she was done sucking, she stood up, turned around, and soaped her ass crack with thick liquid soap. Reaching between her legs she grabbed his cock and nestled it between her muscular butt cheeks. With her hand trapping his dick in the groove, she moved her ass up and down as she flexed her butt. “Oh, yeah that makes me hot,” she said.

Curt grunted and didn’t argue. After the blowjob she just gave him, he would let her do about anything. If she wanted her butt cheeks fucked, then that’s what he’d do.

“You’re so nice baby, such a big, thick cock. It makes it all that much more fun to fuck.” She slid her ass up and down his dick a few more times then looked over her shoulder. “I need you in my ass baby, it that okay? Would you mind fucking my ass? I haven’t had a good ass fucking in a long time.”

Curt went from mahogany hard to diamond hard in a heartbeat. Did he want to fuck her ass? Does an Englishman like tea? Holy crap! He could hardly believe his ears!

“What’s the matter,” she asked. “You don’t want to fuck my ass?”
“Oh, yeah, baby, I want to fuck your hot tight ass.”

The maid smiled. “Good.” She washed the soap off and spread hair conditioner all over his cock and her asshole. “Warm me up with your fingers, huh baby?”
Curt complied. He took his middle finger, coated it with conditioner, and massaged her asshole. The maid moaned the whole time, so he slipped it inside. At first he only went as far as his first knuckle, but then she pushed her ass into his hand so that he was in up to his middle knuckle. Slowly, he wiggled his finger and withdrew almost all the way before going back in again. The maid moaned and groaned with every stroke.

“Stop teasing me. I want your cock in my ass now,” she said looking over he shoulder.
Not wanting to disappoint her, Curt spread the conditioner on his cockhead and gently pressed against her dark brown, puckered asshole. He felt her relax and practically suck his cock into her ass.

“Oh baby! You’re sooooo big inside of me. Be gentle, go slow.”
Curt grabbed her by the hips and slowly pushed his cock into her ass. He pushed an inch or so, came back a little then pushed more until he was buried to his balls in her ass. She was tighter than any pussy he had ever fucked. It was hot and slick and tight around the base of his cock, as if her ass was trying to milk him of his cum.

Curt started pumping; he couldn’t help it. As he pumped his cock in and out of her ass, the maid moaned louder and louder. Her moans were like cheers, egging him on, pleading for more. The more she moaned, the harder he fucked. The harder he fucked her tight ass, the more he moaned. He reached around with one hand and began massaging her clit and she went wild.

Her little moans came fast and hard; his grunts came fast and hard as he picked up the speed of his fucking. Suddenly he felt her body stiffen with orgasm. Three strokes later, he joined her, shooting hot cum into her ass. Slowly, he withdrew his fading hard-on until he pulled out with a little pop.

Quickly, she turned around and washed his cock.

“When’s the next time the lawn has to be cut?” she asked.

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