Hispanic Realtor

Author: Steph

Hot and sweaty from yard work, Ralph answered the phone on the fifth ring. His realtor, Midge, said that she had a hot property for him to look at, if he could do it today. The timing was bad. She was leaving town, and then he was leaving town. Ralph was afraid he would lose out if he wasted time. Midge got another realtor, Juanita, to show him the house, but only if he could leave immediately, sweaty clothes and all. Ralph agreed.

The drive went quickly; Ralph imagined all sorts of wonderful things about the house and lost himself in Fantasy until he was almost there. When he pulled up the drive, there was a brand new Monte Carlo in the driveway and a woman leaning against the fender. The sun behind her, he saw her first in relief and her figure was striking. She wore a short, tight fitting dress, spike heeled shoes, and was well endowed both in her bosom and her butt. When he got out of the car she sauntered toward him.

“I’m Juanita,” she said offering her hand.

“Ralph,” he said as they shook. He couldn’t help but notice her bright smile and the play of her copper lipstick against her olive colored skin. Her long dark hair was streaked with blonde highlights.

“Follow me.”

Ralph was oblivious to the view that the house offered, the well kept lawn and bushes because he was watching Juanita’s plump rump wiggle and jiggle as he followed her up the walk and into the house. By the time the reached the front door, he was salivating, barely able to keep from sticking his hand under her dress and grabbing her ass. His loose shorts had a prominent tight spot in the crotch.

She turned around and it was clear by the look on her face that she saw the effect that she was having on him. Juanita smiled. “Why don’t we start with the upper floor. I’m sure that you’ll like it; it has a lot to offer.”

Ralph followed her up the stairs. His head bobbing and swaying in time with her hips. Each ass cheek was round and well defined. From behind, it seemed like she stuck her butt out so that it was only inches from his face, daring him to nibble. Temptation won; he allowed his cheek to brush her ass. Without apologizing for the contact, he waited for her to comment; Juanita said nothing. On her next left step, he pushed his face a little harder against her soft warm ass; again she said nothing. His engorged cockhead rubbed against the inside of his shorts; the rough cotton made him even harder. For each of the four left steps she made, he continued to rub his cheek against her ass. Ralph couldn’t focus on the quality of the stairs or the newness of the carpet. Ralph imagined what it would be like to have her stop and pull up the bottom of her dress so that he could run his face against her bare skin and give her cushy butt a little nibble.

At the top of the stairs, she suddenly stopped, and he bumped his face against her ass. She reached down, gently placed her hand on the side of his face, and stroked his cheek. “Why don’t we start with the master bedroom? I have a feeling that we won’t get much else done until we see it.” She led him down a short hall into a bedroom that was one-third the width of the house and ran from front to back. There was a sitting area with a chaise lounge and table and books, a work area with a desk, and a laptop computer. There was even room for a king size bed and several large traditional pieces of bedroom furniture.

“This is huge,” Ralph said.

Juanita stood next to him and ran her nails up the side of his bare thigh. “Not as huge as I’m going to make you,” she whispered.

Ralph swallowed hard and followed closely as she strutted toward the back of the bedroom and the entrance to the master bath. Inside, he was blown away. The shower was an enormous clear glass affair.

“Look,” she said, pointing to the orchards on the hill below the house. “You even have a view while you’re taking a shower.” Juanita sidled up close to him, ran her hand over his ass, and said, “You look like you might just need to try out that shower before you buy the house.”

“That’s a great idea.”

Juanita pulled his shirt from his pants and let him take it off while she undid his shorts, letting them drop around his ankles. She ran her fingertips over his cock and balls and ass making him moan with pleasure. She stood up, kissed him hard on the mouth and opened the shower door. He stepped in and turned on the water, quickly shampooing. He wasn’t sure exactly what she had in mind, but he wanted to get his flesh all over her naked brown body. He closed his eyes and rinsed the soap from his hair. Looking at the floor, he opened his eyes and saw Juanita’s bare brown feet, carefully painted toenails, and sexy gold toe ring pointed towards him. Slowly, he lifted his eyes, drinking in every inch of her sensuous flesh. Her thighs were meaty and her pussy shaven into a careful stripe. Her tan lines were prominent, showing that she wore the smallest of thong bottoms and a top that barely covered her big dark nipples.

Ralph’s cock throbbed so hard that his balls ached. He slipped his hand around her ass and then upwards into the small of her back where he easily pulled her closer. “You were right about the view from inside the shower,” he said looking into her deep brown eyes. He pressed his hard, wet cock against her thigh and hugged her so that her full body was pressed against his. He kissed her neck, just below the ear, swirling with his tongue. She squirmed in his embrace and reached for his cock. She was gentle yet firm; clearly, she was a student of handling a man’s member.

He moved his mouth from her neck to her ample bosom where he gently sucked one nipple. Juanita moaned; Ralph reached around with one hand and massaged her pussy. Her clit came alive, and she wiggled her hips under his touch. He played with her dark pussy lips then easily slipped a finger into her tight cunt. Juanita changed from rotating her hips to rocking back and forth on his finger. Not sure what to do, he continued sucking her nipple and finger fucking her. He felt her body quiver and shake as she had an orgasm, after which she slowly pulled his hand out of her cunt and disconnected his mouth from her nipple.

Juanita went down like a sinking ship. She dropped into a squatting position, and holding his leg for balance, she sucked his cock into her mouth like it was her favorite ice cream and about to melt. She sucked hard and cupped then fondled his balls. Ralph couldn’t believe that he was supposed to be looking that this house to purchase and that he was standing in the shower getting a hummer from the real estate agent! Juanita stood up and kissed him hard on the lips. She got a large dollop of liquid soap from a bottle and rubbed it into her ass crack as she turned to face the wall. Wordlessly, she grabbed his dick and pressed it into the soapy ravine between her ass cheeks.

He gave a little push, sliding his dick up. It felt good, until she clenched her ass around his cock and then it felt great. He put his forearms around her midriff, one hand reaching up for her breast, the other reaching down for her pussy. He pressed his groin and hips into her plush ass and pumped. He really wanted to fuck her, but he didn’t want to ruin what he had, so he kept his mouth shut and took whatever she was willing to give.

Juanita reached around, grabbed his shaft, and pointed the bulging head of his cock at her asshole. She arched her back and slowly guided his raging head into her ass. It was tight, but she relaxed and the soap made it slick. Once his cockhead was in her ass, he carefully fed the rest of his hot hard meat into her tight waiting ass. Juanita groaned with pleasure as she pushed back slipping him deeper and deeper inside. With his cock embedded in her ass, he pressed his belly against her back, wrapped his arms around her and played with her nipples. She reached between her legs and tickled his balls as he pumped her ass. Her asshole was tight around the base of his cock; he knew he was going to cum hard, fast, and in her ass. He quickened the pace of his pumping, urged on by Juanita’s moans. Finally he felt the singe of hot cum ripping through his shaft. He stopped, she pumped, and it felt like her ass was pulling the last bit of cum out of his cock as he carefully withdrew.

Juanita turned around and soaped his dick, cleaning him off. She kissed him on the lips and said, “Well, there’s a lot more house to see. We might even have to come back tomorrow.”

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