Natural Rhythm

Author: Steph

Brodie couldn’t dance worth a lick. Most people found this strange. Brodie had been playing in bands since he was sixteen and was one of the best drummers in town. The man knew how to keep a beat when he was behind his trap set but couldn’t make his body move to it when he was on a dance floor. Maybe that’s what attracted him to Jennifer.

Brodie was the only white dude in an otherwise black jazz combo. They were doing a gig in a small club in Harlem when Jennifer first caught his eye. Behind her glasses she looked like a little secretary. Her short, tight body had a nice set of little titties that showed well in her tight blue dress. The sister didn’t have much in the hips department but her little tiny butt looked solid. Her big eyes, thin lips and smooth, milk chocolate complexion made for a pretty face. Brodie picked up on all of the fine features of this slim girl but what most caught his eye was her dancing. She was shaking that little moneymaker just fine but always to the beat of the last number they’d played or maybe the number they were going to play next. The girl wasn’t even close to the beat Brodie was laying down. As the night went on he found himself grinning at her and soon noticed she was smiling back.

After the last set, Brodie bought her a drink and they got to talking, talking led to laughing and laughing led to touching. As the club shut down, Brodie and Jennifer were in a cab headed to Brodie’s hotel for a nightcap. Though they called it a nightcap, they way they were kissing in the back seat of the cab might make one suspect that they had other things on their minds.

But, sure enough, when they got up to Brodie’s room, Brodie pulled out a bottle and poured them both a drink. They sat on the couch, toasted each other and drank them down. The drink glasses joined Jennifer’s glasses on the coffee table. Jennifer’s lips joined Brodie’s lips, once again. Their tongues got involved in an intense wrestling match, their bodies locked in a mutual bear hug. Jennifer’s small, brown breasts were flattened against Brodie’s thin white chest. She had a hand tangled in his long, blonde hair and he had a hand unzipping her dress. It just seemed like the proper thing to do at the time.

Since his hand was back there anyway, Brodie unclasped Jennifer’s bra. She shrugged out of the top half of her dress, showing a fine little set of milk chocolate cone shaped tits with puffy dark chocolate aureole and erect quarter inch nipples. She got down to unbuttoning Brodie’s shirt as Brodie got down on one of those delicious looking boobies. When he got to licking and sucking those tasty tits, Jennifer felt waves of lust roll through her slender frame. A little moan escaped her thin lips. She’d never had a white boy sucking on her breasts before but this one was doing an excellent job of it. She could feel her pussy starting to get wet and that felt pretty fine indeed.

Brodie’s cock was getting pretty hard and he started thinking about that big old bed only a few steps away. Just about that time Jennifer said the magic words.

“I want you, Brodie. I want you bad.”

They headed toward the double bed, stripping off their clothing as they went. Now, I might have forgot to tell you that Brodie was kind of tall and skinny. While he was sucking on her titties, Jennifer was thinking that his dick was probably long and skinny but that sister was only half-right and the half she was wrong was a pleasant surprise. That skinny white boy had himself a long, thick erection that looked so gigantic in its pinkness that it even scared her a little bit but her excitement overwhelmed her fear. They jumped on that bed just as naked as the day they were born.

Brodie noticed that Jennifer didn’t have much pussy hair around her sweet little cunt. She’d shaved that sweet brown slit only a few months previous and her black hair was just growing back but that didn’t stop that boy from going down between her silky thighs to get himself a taste of her delicious cunt. Since that big, thick uncut white cock was in the vicinity, Jennifer decided to do some tasting herself and before you could say Jack Robinson they were caught up in a 69 just a sucking and licking on each other something furious. They rolled about a bit until Jennifer’s tiny black butt was on Brodie’s face and her kinky haired head was buried between his pale thighs sucking on his hard pink dick, both of them just moaning and groaning up a storm as the hotel bed squeaked with their rocking motions.

Jennifer could feel that sexual tension winding itself up inside her hot, wet pussy and knew she wanted to get that tasty white cock deep inside her. She rearranged herself, pulling away from Brodie’s sensational tongue and swung her butt around so she could slide that thick, white cock inside her tight black cunt. Brodie’s groans confirmed that he thought this was a pretty good idea.

The sister started bouncing up and down on that dick like there was no tomorrow. Brodie was quick to pick up on her fucking motions. Neither one of them had any natural rhythm when they were vertical on the dance floor but horizontal on a bed they were quick to catch the beat. Brodie’s big hand was able to cup all of Jennifer’s tiny little ass, even having room to slide a finger between her firm brown ass cheeks to feel his dick sliding in an out of her hot, wet pussy. He held on tight as her fucking became more intense and he fucked her back just as good as he got.

The slender black girl was pumping that skinny white boy’s thick cock hard and fast. Both of them were moaning and groaning, the hotel bed was squeaking and little squishing sounds could be heard as Brodie’s thick dick plunged into Jennifer’s warm wet pussy over and over again. They were so totally in synch that it was hard to tell which one of them started to cum first. Brodie felt Jennifer’s cunt muscles clench around his cock just as his first hot wad began spurting deep into her hot, black pussy. Both of their young, sweaty bodies were quivering from the intensity of their orgasms while they cried out in passionate groans.
Guess it just goes to show that natural rhythm for both black folk and white folk ain’t necessarily something that shows up when you’re vertical on some dance floor. Horizontal natural rhythm can sometimes be a lot more fun.

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