My Falasha Love

Author: Steph

My name is Etan. My mother used to say that it meant “firm and strong”. Now she tells me that it must mean “stubborn”. She was very upset when I married Chara but I believe she would have attended the wedding had my father not been so opposed. I sometimes do not understand my own family. My grandfather survived The Holocaust. We, of all people, should know the dangers of blind hatred of a people. Be that as it may, my father was bitterly opposed to Operation Solomon. He did not wish “impure, black blood contaminating the gene pool of the chosen people”. This massive airlift from Ethiopia saved Chara’s people. The Falasha are as Jewish as we are. Their traditions may even go back to the time of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. My father can see no further than Chara’s beautiful brown skin. He has not let her wonderful warmth penetrate his hard heart. Given the chance, she would soften his heart just as she has melted mine. I still pray that someday he will give her that chance. Until then, I refuse to speak to him.

Like many Israeli reserves, I have spent some time in the occupied territories. It is hard and dangerous work. The burning hatred one sometimes feels makes my father’s foolish bigotry seem like a mere candle of stupidity. Returning from such duty, I often feel dirty and exhausted. It is such a joy to return to Chara’s loving arms.

It was night when I finally returned from this past deployment. When I enter our home all is sweet, cool and quiet. Chara comes out of the bedroom in a flowing, diaphanous white nightgown that contrasts nicely against her smooth, dark brown skin. I take her in my arms and feel her full breasts warm against my chest. Her smell excites me.

“I have just completed my mikvah in preparation for your arrival. My body has been made pure for my husband,” Chara says with a smile. I am glad I showered before leaving Hebron.

She takes me by the hand and leads me to our bed. With a gentle shove she pushes me down on to my back, her beautiful ebony body is above me, her sweet round breasts dangling in her nightgown. I reach for them but she diverts my hand by grabbing my wrist. She sucks on my fingers one by one. Sliding each one past her gleaming white teeth and welcoming it into her sweet mouth. The tingling sensation flows down my arm, through my chest and belly to form a pool of lust in my groin.

“My husband is overdressed,” she murmurs seductively.

Her dark, delicate fingers undress me until I lay naked on the bed with my pale phallus standing tall and hard. She lifts her white nightgown over her head and I gaze upon her beautiful young body. Her lovely round breasts have little dark brown circles around the erect nipples, her belly is flat, inches below her navel there is a thin line of black, downy hair that leads to the bushy black triangle around her dark lipped vagina. Though I have seen her naked many times, the sight still takes my breath away.

She comes into my arms and we begin a soul-sharing kiss, her pink tongue sends flickers of electricity through me. Our flesh presses together as we share the warmth of our love. I roll her over on to her back and stare into her large brown eyes. Her smile glows in the dimly lit room. My hand looks ghostly against her firm, dark breast. She sighs when I caress the nipple. We kiss again and I can feel her silky leg pressed against my male hardness, rubbing it lightly as her pelvis squirms. We are both hungry with lust, I have been away a long time.

I reach down, sliding my fingers tantalizingly across her silken brownness to touch her dark pubic hairs. My fingers play just above her portal of womanhood, touching the hair but not the delicious flesh that lies beneath. She groans and pushes herself toward the teasing fingers. I pull them back a few times and then slide them between her dark nether lips, causing her to groan longer and louder. Her fingers close around my stiff rod. Her hand begins to slowly pump it and soon I, too, am groaning deep in my throat as I continue rubbing her wonderfully wet pink opening. Our bodies strain towards each other, seeking to be joined.

Looking down between our bodies, I watch her brown hand guide my hard whiteness into her moist depths. My hips push forward to drive myself deeper inside her welcoming warmth, she wraps her strong, dark legs around my pale muscular back. We begin slowly, savoring the sensations deep within our merged groins, gently rocking together as one but we have been apart for too many weeks. Our passion is strong, it takes control of our mated bodies causing us to begin thrusting against each other harder and faster. Sweat makes our bodies slippery, she meets every down stroke with her own upward push. Our breathing is heavy and harsh, our lovemaking is hot and fast. My white balls are banging against her shapely brown posterior, little slurping sounds can be heard coming from our excited genitals.

Chara’s cries of passion become louder, her legs wrap tighter around my back as she urges me on, telling me to fuck her harder, deeper and faster. Though the sexual tension is wound tight inside me, eager to explode, I comply with her wishes. Our pelvises pound together, my hard penis slamming into her grasping vagina again and again. I feel her strong inner walls rippling against the skin of my circumcised organ, her hands have grabbed my tush. She pushes me in and out of her in a frenzied pace. Her loud moans bounce off our bedroom walls and her strong leg lock threatens to break my ribs as she cries out.

“Ohhh…Etan…. I come…come with me…shoot your load deep inside me…. ohhhh!!!”

The vibrations within her body and within my ears are too strong to resist. I spill my seed into her hot, moist, pulsating womanhood in powerful jerks and grunts of lust. Her vagina muscles suck me dry. Our spent bodies collapse against each other, her brown flesh plastered against my white flesh and, no matter what my family says, nothing in my life has ever felt so good and so right.

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