Handy Helper

Author: Steph

Well, Murph had really done it this time. His hopes for a downhill ski-racing medal in the Winter Olympics were shattered, as were both of his arms. It had happened fast, he was setting a record pace until his ski hit a mogul the wrong way and sent him sailing into the air and tumbling down the mountain. It was fortunate he hadn’t cracked his skull. That would have been a drag, the doctors would have had to shave his trademark long, blonde hair. The damn full arm casts were bad enough. He couldn’t feed himself, he couldn’t brush his teeth, he couldn’t wipe his own ass, hell, he couldn’t even hold his dick to pee or play. His roommate had been released earlier in the day. Now that visiting hours were over, he didn’t even have any one to talk to.

He was glad to see Felicia’s pretty face. Growing up in Utah, he hadn’t met many black girls but Felicia was just about the cutest he’d ever seen. Her pretty smile was complimented by large sparkling brown eyes, her hair was done up in cornrows that slid behind her delicate ears. Her short, slim mocha colored body bounced with friendly energy making her healthy sized tits and lovely round butt bounce inside her nurse assistant uniform.

“Ready for your sponge bath, Mr. Murphy?” she asked in her melodic voice.

“Come to clean the grime off your helpless captive?”

“Yeah, you getting to stink up the place pretty good,” she laughed. “You doing OK?”

“Been better,” he said with a smile, “but seeing a pretty girl does wonders for the pain.”

She was giggling as she closed the curtains around the bed. She undid his hospital gown and began rubbing warm, soapy water across his body with a gentle, sure motion. He hadn’t had a woman or even been able to masturbate for a week. Despite his best intentions, he could feel his cock getting hard. He tried to think of something else. The smell of her spicy perfume cut through the scent of the antibacterial soap. When she leaned close he could feel her body warmth on his naked skin. When the sponge slid down to his crotch it was greeted by a full erection.

She ran the sponge along the hard shaft and then down to his balls with a big smile on her face.

“Looks like somebody is happy to have a visitor,” she laughed. “That big fella ain’t had no company since you busted yourself up.”

“Sorry about that, Felicia,” he said with an embarrassed grin, “he’s never been good at separating business from pleasure.”

She lingered around his erection, wiping it down with soft strokes. Murph fought to keep from groaning.

“That pretty fella, he just lonely,” she said softly “he don’t mean no harm. It’s kind of a compliment.” She dropped the sponge into the soapy water and wrapped her warm brown hand lightly around the erect pink shaft. “He just wants a little attention.”

A soft groan slipped through Murph’s defenses.

“If you promise to be real quiet,” she said with a wink, “I might be able to solve this here problem.”

Murph winked back and nodded his assent. Felicia’s soft hand began gently stroking his hard, white uncut cock. His head fell back on the pillows while her tender hand milked his dick with a long, slow pumping motion that sent whispering echoes of lust through his balls. He looked down to see her dark hand working against his pale skin. She looked up from his crotch and gave him a small smile. Her wonderful right hand continued to lightly pump his dick as her left hand unzipped the front of her uniform. She was wearing a small light blue bra that barely contained her large, round brown breasts. The clasp was in the front. She undid it to reveal her twin mounds of glory with the dark brown circles around her little button nipples. Murph softly sighed as his eyes drank in the beautiful sight of those delicious looking flawless tits.

With her naked breasts contrasting against her white uniform, she bent back to her task with increased vigor. Her grip was firmer, her strokes were faster on his throbbing cock. Murph’s heart was pounding. He tried to restrain his heavy breathing but couldn’t hold back soft grunts and groans that the powerful sensations in his groin were provoking. Felicia’s unleashed bouncing brown globes shook with her exertions, her cute ass was moving along with her intensifying pumping motion. Murph could feel the cum building in his balls, churning inside his sac from the magical ministrations of this smooth mocha colored angel of mercy. His naked white body was writhing on the bed, his hips started to buck against her rapidly pumping hand.

Maintaining her powerful stroking of his hard pink dick, Felicia leaned towards him so that her firm breasts were dangling in his face. The smell of her spicy perfume mingled with the warm musky scent of her dark brown body. His mouth closed around a puffy chocolate aureole, he felt the nipple harden in his mouth and was rewarded with a flurry of jackhammer stroking on his straining dick. Her smell, her taste and the warmth of her silky brown body combined with her short, quick strokes to bring on his body rattling orgasm. He released the nipple and buried his head between Felicia’s breasts, his butt lifted off the bed. Powerful orgasmic bursts send hot sperm surging through his dick to splatter on his sweaty white belly. Felicia muffled his moans in her ample, fragrant chest while his body jerked on the hospital bed. She held his head tight against her rich brown warmth until he caught his breath.

“Felicia,” he panted, “thank you, so very much.”
She smiled down at him as she put her beautiful breasts back in the bra and zipped up her white uniform. She gave him a light kiss on the forehead.

“Gotta make sure you sleep right and heal them pretty bones,” she said, “Now I gotta hurry up and get you cleaned before folks start thinking something’s going on in here.”

Murph was laughing while she rapidly cleaned him up with the lukewarm water. Something had definitely happened here, a wonderful woman had lent him a hand when he was in need. He wasn’t planning on forgetting that anytime soon.

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