They Call It Paradise

Author: Steph

John was in Hawaii and he was bored. He hadn’t wanted to come in the first place but his parents insisted on a family trip. The real reason they’d dragged him along, he suspected, was a fear that he’d have a few parties at the house while they were gone and his college buddies would bust the place up. OK, maybe they were right about his party plans, John thought, but he probably could have kept things under control, maybe.

Instead of rocking out with some fine wine, weed and women he was stuck here in freaking hula world having to go on stupid tours, all day every day. Their tour guide, Lani, was a cute little piece, to be sure. She had a pretty brown face with kind of slanted brown eyes, long straight black hair and a nice set of tits on her rounded body. She was probably only two or three years older than he was. He loved the way her cute butt seemed to wink at him as she walked. Oh yeah, she was fine to look at, but boring as hell to listen to and she explained how the islands were built from volcanoes and gave them all this crap about gods and goddesses, blah, blah, blah. Who really gave a shit about all this stuff, really? He needed some of those babes he saw on the beach but he was stuck with a collection of blue haired old ladies. Not fair, man, not fair at all!

The only good thing in the whole stupid trip, from John’s point of view, was that he had his own room. One little place to recover his sanity after the torch lit luau and hula dancing. He just wished he could score a little weed and an island babe. Yeah, fat chance with all this stupid touring. When he heard the knock on his door, John figured it was probably one of his folks dropping by to chew his ass out about all the muttering he’d been doing the past few days. When he looked through the peephole, he was shocked to see Lani’s pretty face staring back.

He opened the door and let her in. She was dressed in a pair of white shorts that really accented her cute butt. The low cut bikini top also seemed to indicate she was off duty. Her first words, though, set him back a step.

“John, we have to talk.”

She sat down on the couch and began explaining that a good portion of her income was from tips people gave her on their final day. If they had a good time and were in a pleasant mood, they tipped well. If they were ill at ease during the trip, they tipped poorly. John’s muttering was making her good tippers, the blue haired old ladies, ill at ease.

“And the worst part,” she concluded, “is I think you’re a nice guy and kind of cute but you’re killing me.”

John fidgeted as he sat on the bed listening. He tried to explain that he didn’t want to hurt her, it was just that all this touring stuff was boring him to tears.

She got up and sat next to him on the bed. Her hand tangled itself in his curly blonde hair and looked into his eyes. John was getting a rush just from her body heat and light floral smell.

“Maybe you need a little excitement,” she said in a seductive voice.

John’s cock began to harden as her soft hand touched his cheek. Her soft lips were on his mouth, her probing tongue found his and sent sensual sparks through his young body. His hand reached down to her bikini top and cupped one of her bouncy brown breasts. They sank deeper into the kiss, Lani’s sleek young native Hawaiian female body pressing forward into John’s lean, blonde young male form. Passion flared deep and red within them. Wrapped in each other’s arms they fell to the bed, rolling back and forth, exploring each other with roving hands and gentle touches.
John had unhooked Lani’s bikini top and she had removed his shirt. Their naked upper bodies met flesh to flesh, Lani’s erect mahogany colored nipples pressed against John’s chest. His hands grabbed on to her saucy little butt. They dry humped each other with a manic urgency, their shorts covered crotches grinding together. Fiery waves of lust rushed through their rubbing groins, their bodies began to sweat from the exertion and desire. They were flushed and breathing hard while they continued their half-naked, thrusting wrestling match on the bed.

Finally they rolled apart. John was tugging off his shorts and underpants. He watched Lani on her back removing her shorts and blue panties. Her sleek brown body rolled towards him. Her straight line of silky black pubic hair had obviously been trimmed, her pussy lips, puffy and pinkish-brown poked through the hairs. The hairs were damp with her juices. John’s hard cock was throbbing with anticipation as Lani wrapped it with a condom. They shared their first totally nude embrace, their mouths locked together in a hungry kiss, their bare young bodies straining together for the connection they both craved, they both needed. John rolled Lani on to her back. She spread her shapely brown legs wide, her hot wet cunt open wide, she spread the lips apart to show her glistening pink interior.

“Fuck me, Johnny,” she whispered, “Fuck me, good.”

His hard red cock slid deliciously into her warm, tight moistness. Lani groaned and wrapped her strong legs around him, driving her swollen pussy lips up against his sparse blonde pubes. John’s white hands each grabbed a soft warm squirming brown buttock and began fucking this horny, Hawaiian delicacy as she began moaning loudly. Lani fucked him back with equal fervor, feeling his young, hard white cock sliding in and out of her pretty brown vagina was sending bursts of hot lust through her sweet round hips, causing them to pump even harder and faster against the fantastically hot, hard intruder and driving him to even greater heights of intense fucking. She could feel his pink balls slapping between her legs, sending her spiraling passion even higher.

Their ragged breathing was punctuated with groans and grunts, their hard fucking firm young bodies slapped together, light brown sweaty female flesh pounding against flushed white sweat drenched flesh, the sounds echoed through the room while their young bodies thrusted their way towards sweet release. John was trying to hold off until Lani began to cum but when her gentle fingers lightly grabbed his ball sac, it was just too much. A molten flow of hot sperm rushed into his dick and spewed as John’s hips twitched and jerked. Lani rubbed her own clit as John was cumming. Just as he was catching his breath, he heard her long ecstatic moan and watched the powerful flush of female orgasm distort her beautiful Polynesian features and felt her cunt muscles flutter against his spent cock.

They lay breathing hard against each other, waiting for their heartbeats to slow down and their ability to talk to return. Finally Lani looked into John’s eyes.

“You know, John,” she grinned, “If you behave yourself, I could find this habit forming.”

Smiling down into her beautiful brown eyes, John knew, for sure, that he was going to be on his best behavior.

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