My favorite student

Author: Marcos

I thought he would earn passing grade if I ever got wide open for hard stuffing.

I figured out he was getting an impressive sight of a brown big ass, eager to get fucked, bent over as I was now. Those vagina lips were so big they hung down, like purple. I begged him to put his dick in there, had to guide myself his cock head at the entrance instead, so this inexperienced, innocent young guy only would thrust inside me.

Oh, how good it felt, until he cum into me! His hot cum made me feel a smarting sensation, a sting inside my ass. Finally, we laid down there, exhausted, and slept for a few minutes, completely fulfilled. I sucked his big cock to its full strength afterwards and rode it hard to orgasm.


Hi, I’d like to introduce myself first thing: I’m a high school teacher, teaching subject Antique Arts -Ancient Culture- currently. This story I’m about to begin happened when I was 36 yo. My features –skin texture and facial appearance- are not too fine or extraordinary; on the contrary, I’m a little bit fat, beautiful figure, wide hips and a big round bubble ass. My breasts are too showy, gaudy, nevertheless, so meaty, to the point they excite, stimulate and awake passion in guys -I’ve verified that myself.

I’m a widow, my husband died in a car accident while on a business trip after being married for three years. As a teenager I almost hated sex, and my sex background had been too poor. As I grew up and had the legal age, my experience was still traumatic, disturbing, so I kept rejecting anything related to sex.

I finally got married, and my new husband became aware of this problem, an understanding person who tried to cooperate, and assist, by showing respect -never forced me to have sex. We had decided to experiment the whole thing after honey moon, a cooperative guy who slowly and carefully made sex to me nice and easy, step by step, his firm cock down my tight pussy hole so I discovered how great and rewarding sex was in a rather conservative ways instead.

We only also practiced straight sex, on weekends, but used to fake orgasms, so my husband would think I was enjoying and keep him happy. My co-workers thought I was a happily married woman: sympathetic, filled with joy. After my husband’s death I became a sad woman -mourned him- so no sex at all, which contributed to my condition now. I frequently had to masturbate but lack of proper gratification led me to find a macho man, after a strong necessity to satisfy my desires: this was out of the question, I was a mature woman wishing blowjobs and had a real cocksucking experience for the first time ever.

My appearance always drew men’s attention; they stared at me, even if I didn’t showed off. They still admire me, no matter if I dressed up with modesty, or concealed. But I behaved differently when purchasing underwear: sexy panties, black lingerie, and provocative bras. I used to get naked watching my figure reflected in the mirror, while stroking my vagina and breasts. This was the limit, nothing more could be done about that.

There were boys and girls in my classes and noticed a 19 yo student agitated as he watched me, full of lust. Even girls would watch me lustful, but I didn’t care. Finally, this boy named Marcos, who applied a lot, came to me for a consultation on a certain problem he had on a topic in my subject. I was short of time on that day to listen to him, so asked him to come to my place, near the institute. It was not an easy task to come to this decisión, for it’s suppossed teachers can’t date student. He said 6:00 o’clock would be fine, in the evening, I replay, it’s a deal.

I spent the whole day considering, thinking about this issue: he was a handsome, a young guy while I wished to investigate why he stared at me as I walked past his classroom along the hall. Probably I liked him? Should I try and enjoy pussy-licking here? I hurriedly put on my best dress to motivate him, silk socks almost transparent and wearing a tight dress. I felt a strange sensation in my panties, only thinking what would happen, and could guess it was a wet spot in them.

The 20 yo. student arrived on time and I opened the door for him, always radiant, smiling. This guy stopped to contemplate me, only by seeing how I dressed, so attractive. I showed him inside, and got to the point to clear up his doubts about a theme hi had failed to understand during one of my instructions.

He was just an uncertain, hesitant student, not understanding some facts, so I got closer to him to clear these for more confort… until I laid a hand on his. Looking him in the eye, I said:
“Marcos, it won’t be strictly necessary to bear in mind a great knowledge on Classic Arts if you hope earn passing grade. Why don’t you choose the easy way instead?”

I gave it a second thought, took a break, laying a hand on his lap. This got him too nervous and he said: “Well, yes, I’m willing to do anything necessary to earn my grades.”

I got my lips close to his, kissing softly. We sat in the couch, my skirt was up by now, and showing my legs, until finally moved his hand above my top. We desperately kissed, stroking our bodies, too hot, the boy was horny indeed. I began to notice his bulge which rose above his pants and a penis brushing my panty while hugging, standing there. After I swiveled my pelvis like a cement mixer, he stroked my buttocks and hand run all over my body, along my tits, feeling them through the bra which held my baloons. This student had squeezed my black bra and it was about to pop open due to pressure. Marcos felt this, and continued his stroking shyly, undecided though, so I gave him a hand at this to transmit confidence: Our twirling tongues had met again. I was now a hard cock hungry bubble butt bitch, I thought.


I have to say my tits are big but never hang down by weigh, only sway, it’s reddish areola occupy a big area of my tits… nipples half centimeter when calm, composed -not aroused- big enough and attractive to men. I thought this guy‘s eyes would pop up any moment shocked by the spectacular sight.

My vagina was hairy at the moment; I hadn’t shaved it or trimmed since a month ago. I always looked at myself in the mirror, ducked, bent down and see how my pussy winked to me. Pubic hair was a mesh, a mesh of hair and my big bubble ass was white, an apple butt longing to get fucked soon. My lingerie and panty were so small that it couldn’t cover the pussy wholly, so hair could be seen around the crotch.

“Hold on here, buddy, hold the horses. It’s better in my bedroom, more comfortable there than in this sofa.”

I began to strip him off both his pants and shirt, kissing his body warmly, stroking it. I tumbled down on bed, raising my legs slowly, he spread them wide to see a vagina with a pussy slit… by the expression on his face, he surely had spotted the landing strip. His eyes looked weird by passion, his lips driveled staring at my vagina calculatingly, I was ready now for hard stuffing.

Perhaps he had stared, considering my labia which were then swelled, wet, pink. He also got the pussy scent which filled the room, and guessed it came from this cunt, so he got close to smell it. By this time my juices were already leaking my inner things, in my opening and start licking slowly.

“Oh, you’re gonna kill me, oh, yes, eat my pussy, yes, like that!” I said.

I closed my eyes and squeezed Marcos’ head pulling it towards me. I put my legs on his shoulders squeezing his head so he wouldn’t quit or get away and give me more pleasure. I could see my clit myself, on plain view, prominent, turned on, ready for battle. This 19yo subject looked in astonishment how my clit enlarged, so curiosity made him to touch it with the tip of his tongue, sucking it.

“Oh, suck, suck, yes, damn, you suck my clit like that, yesss!” -I moaned.

I was shaken by a tremendous orgasm and started screaming madly. This scared him, but sucked relentlessly, licking my slit deviously eating pussy. He ate it with relish. Out of the sudden, my enthusiast lover stood up, then got on his knees, turned me around on the bed so I got with my ass in the air. I asked him to stroke it, to do as he pleased.

I figured out he was getting an impressive sight of a brown big ass, eager to get fucked, bent over as I was now. Those vagina lips were so big they hung down, like purple. I begged him to put his dick in there, but had to guide myself his cock head at the entrance, so this inexperienced young guy only had to thrust inside. This young guy’s big meaty cock within me now!

We were like this for 10 minutes or more, while he rammed my ass in a continuous stroke in and out. Oh, how rewarding, fucking my ass! Finally, he cum in my asshole, his hot cum made me feel smarting sensation, a sting inside my ass… until we laid there, exhausted, and slept a few minutes, completely fulfilled.

I got up to go to the bath room and instructed him to cum every Tuesdays at this time. He said: “No, I won’t miss a single day.”

Well I hope he’ll keep coming, for he’s still my favorite student! A slutty mature who enjoys pussy-licking, together with blowjobs and cockriding, LOL!!

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