The Dyke bar

Author: Belle Dimond

It was 11pm on a Friday night and I needed a woman. I try to avoid the dyke bars, but my pussy sometimes rules my brain, so I walked downtown and into Jimmie’s place. It was dark & smoky, and I settled onto a stool near the front, ordering a Jack & Coke and taking a look around.

Aw man, same old faces, same old crowd. I scanned the place again, sipping my drink; wait, what have we here? A cute, shy little brunette wearing white jeans and a pink tank top, a nice set of tits on her and her wide mouth looking so inviting. She was sitting with a Group of ladies I’ve seen in here before – they look more like a coffe klatch than a group of lesbians and I usually dismissed them on site. But this lady in pink…well, I’d just have to go over and introduce myself.

I picked up my drink and approached them. “How’s it goin'”, I asked, but only received a couple of unappreciative stares. I guess they didn’t like my leather jacket & studded jeans. Or maybe it was my short, spiked black hair that put them off. I guess I did look pretty tough.

“I’ve seen you ladies in here a few times, just thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Jackie.” I extended my hand to the woman who seemed to be the most dominant and aggressive and smiled like an idiot. After what seemed like an hour, she shooked my hand and said, “Gail.” Then she pointed to the ladies in her group in turn and said, “Macy, Laura, Mellisa, Amy,” and as she pointed to the object of my desire, she said, “Rachel.”

“Nice to meet you ladies. Hi, Rachel” I said, as I pulled up a chair to their table. I sat on it backwards, straddling it, right up next to lovely Rachel. Gail gave me a look and I smiled innocently, resting my hands on the top of the back of the chair.

After a moment of small talk, I shut my mouth and listened to the women go about their conversation, ordering drinks. As the conversation wore on, I took advantage of the fact that, not only did Rachel not participate in the conversation, but no one else really seemed to pay much attention to her.

I began quietly conversing with her, asking how old she was, why I’d never seen her here before, what she did for a living, etc. While chatting her up, I began edging ever closer to her, soon my leg was resting against hers. She would answer me shyly, but charmingly, and I could see she was a little attracted to me.

I soon realized she was the type who craved approval and started saying encouraging things after she would answer my questions, and patting her on the back, giving her little hugs, etc. It wasn’t long before I had one arm around her, and my other hand half way up her thigh. I started “absent-mindedly” moving it up and down – more up than down. Until she was very aware of my hand between her legs, nearly up to her crotch.

The conversation had grown highly trivial, and our breathing had grown quick. I leaned over and kissed her, but was kicked under the table by Gail before I could part Rachels lips and slip her the tongue. I gave Gail a look as mean as the one she was giving me and turned back to Rachel. I whispered in her ear, “My place is not far from here, you want to go there and talk?” I couldn’t believe how nervous I was, I was never nervous around women, but she really took my breath away.

She nodded yes and we said our goodbyes and walked out. Another look from Gail, and I knew I was going to have trouble with her the next time I saw her. Oh well, what did I care?

We got outside and I grabbed Rachel’s arm and pushed her up against the building. I gave her the long, hard tongue-kiss that I’d wanted to give her since I first laid eyes on her. She moaned a soft, breathy moan and returned the ferver of my kiss.

I broke away from the kiss and locked my eyes on hers – we both looked like crazed, hungry animals. I grabbed her hand and we walked to my apartment in hurried silence. When we got inside, I locked the door & stood against it, peeling off my leather jacket and kicking off my boots.

I looked at her and asked, “Do you want to see the view?” She shook her head no, eyes locked on mine. “Do you want a drink?” Again, she shook her head. “Do you want to see my room?” This time she nodded her head, and while a slow grin broke out she said plaintively, “Please?”

“Come on then.” I led the way into my room and flopped onto the bed. She followed my lead and we became a tangle of arms & legs, trying to cling to one another while simultaneously trying to rid ourselves of our clothes.

Her tits were magnificent. A set of perfect 36C’s if I ever saw one. I leaned over and dove in, inhaling her scent and tonguing her lovely, pink nipples. Her skin was so smooth and fragrant and her nipples hardened so beautifully against my tongue.

I felt her squeezing my breasts with her hands while I ran my tongue over her nipples in turn, licking, flicking and carressing. I began to run my hands up the inside of her thighs. When I brushed her mound, she moaned softly and opened her legs a little wider.

“Wow,” I thought, “not so shy now, are you?”

I began kissing just below her breasts, then her flat belly, down to her belly button, then below. She moaned again and pushed my head down towards her open pussy, which was already glistening!

I began by inserting just the tip of my tongue between the soft, pink folds of her lips and moving slowly up & down. I did this for a long time, each time getting closer and closer to her clit on the “up” movement. Soon I was licking over the full length of her clit on each stroke, shortening my movements until I was simply stroking only her clit with my tongue.

I applied a little more pressure and started going faster, her hips squirming against me. I began circling her clit with my tongue, occasionaly slowing to spread my tongue around her pussy, lapping up the juices and driving her wild.

After about 10 minutes of this, I stopped and lay flat on my back. She looked into my eyes and sighed. Actually, her sigh was more like a shudder, and she closed her eyes and began running her fingers around her nipples.

“Come here,” I said, and pulled her hands away from her breasts. She kissed me, delicately tasting herself on my lips and tongue. I motioned for her to straddle my face and she did, her face pointing towards my feet.

I pulled her pussy to me and told her to eat me while I ate her. For such a randy wench, she needed an awful lot of instruction! But once she started, oh my…

She sucked and licked my clit til it drove me crazy while I did the same to her. We would both stop for a moment then start again, neither wanting this moment to end, but needing, increasingly, to climax!

Soon I was gripping her hips with my hands and her head with my thighs, as I came bucking against her tongue. She took a little longer, though not much, and came SCREAMING and grinding her hips into my face.

She came LOUD for a full minute, and then collapsed beside me. We heard a neighbor bang on the wall and we looked at each other & smiled, too worn out to laugh.

“It’s always the quiet ones,” I thought.

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