Lesbian Dreams

Author: Amanda Black

When my parents announced that we were to go on holiday to France and stay on a campsite I was not very impressed! The also told me that my cousin Tabitha and her parents were coming too. I didn’t like the sound of that either. I didn’t really know my cousin as I had only met her a few times, usually at weddings and the occasion family party.

My opinion changed rather quickly once we arrived at this brilliant lively campsite which had a swimming pool complex, waterslides, shops, bar, and loads of cool take-aways, including a creperie, pizzeria and a bakers. You could also do tennis, volleyball, archery, mini-golf, along with pony riding, cycling and scuba diving. It also had a disco, and a good beach nearby. It was situated on the South Coast in Argeles, which is near the French border with Spain. So we had two weeks of excellent hot weather.

We were staying in a luxury large mobile home and didn’t take long before my cousin
and I were off discovering the facilities. I was pleased she was on holiday with us and really got to know her. We got along just great. Neither of us had any brothers or sisters so it made a change to have someone to talk to. It was great to be able to hang around with someone of my own age on holiday rather than just my parents.

We were attractive teenagers and could have easily passed as twins. We both had blond hair and blue eyes. I was a little bit taller than Tabitha and my hair touched my shoulders whilst hers was cut in a bob and hung to her collar. We spent most of the holiday trying out all the facilities but our favourite thing was having a swim in the fantastic pool. We spent at least an hour there every day. We also enjoyed lying on the beach and giggling at the naturists! Coming from England either of us had every seen public nudity before so you have to forgive our girlish stupidity.

There was one strange thing that did occur. At the time I don’t think either of us thought about it. We were usually the last to leave the pool in the late afternoon and would go into the changing room to shower. When every we went in I noticed that the same female lifeguard always made a point of hanging around. I just thought she was doing her job and just making sure we were OK. I remember her being a tall, very athletic brunette with long hair in her mid twenties. Her colleague who was a bit younger usually remained by the pool. She had very short dark hair of athletic build but petit. In fact she wasn’t much taller than us. They would recognise us and would always give us a smile or a wave but never spoke to us.

Soon our wonderful holiday was over and we travelled back to England. A few weeks passed and I overheard some older girls talking on the school bus. They were so engaged in there noisy conversation that they were oblivious to me sitting right behind them. They were talking about two of their classmates fancying each other. Nothing strange in that I thought. Until I listened some more and found out that they were both girls! I felt myself go bright red and I hoped that they wouldn’t turn around and notice my embarrassment! Apparently the two young women telling the tale had been at a sleepover. They had been sharing a bed and in the night they had woken up and noticed that their host and another friend were not in their sleeping bags.

Being concerned they crept down stairs. Only to see them naked on the carpet in the living room ‘at it’ as they put it!
‘Who would have thought that those two would have been lesbians?’ ‘..they are so attractive.’ commented one of the group.
With that comment they got up and left the bus. I was left contemplating what they had said.

Soon it was my stop and I got off and walked the final five minutes of my journey home. All the time thinking and trying to work out what lesbians actually did. I realised that I had often found some of my friends attractive and had crushes on famous women and even a female teacher. Was I too a lesbian? I decided that I would secretly research this subject. That Saturday I visited my local library, my mother was delighted that I had chosen to go there as it usually took some persuasion. I picked up a book that might help with my geography project and then went browsing. There were some general sex education books that just told me that it was natural for young women to fancy other women, and that they usually grew out of it. Various facts about how most women fantasise about lesbian sex and some twenty five per cent actually try it!

Armed with that information I set off for home via a few trendy shops. It was that evening that I had a dream the like of which I had never had before. I had experienced romantic dreams whereby boys had kissed me but that’s as far as my fantasies had gone. This night I was back at the campsite. In fact I had dreamt about the holiday a few times since I got back home. I was swimming in the pool with Tabitha. She was wearing her shinny aqua blue swimsuit. I loved that suit and she let me borrow it a couple of times.

We splashed around and next I remember we were in the showers. I looked down and saw I was wearing my black bikini. We stood under the warm water and it felt so good and refreshing. I then noticed the lifeguard walking past and as she did she gave us a smile. She then returned and joined us in the shower! She was wearing her uniform, an orange swimsuit. We all stood close together under the three showerheads that were set in a triangle cubical. It was quite easy to accidentally touch someone as there wasn’t much room. I glanced over at her to se that she was removing her swimsuit. Soon we were both looking on as she stood naked in the shower soaping herself. I then awoke with a start. It was as though the dream was too much for me. I was perspiring and glowing with embarrassment. I had to go and get a drink of water!

The next day I tried to keep my thoughts off the subject of the holiday and lesbians. As I was walking home from school our next door neighbour Janine stopped me. She asked if I could cat sit for her over the next five days as she had been called away to an important business meeting. All I had to do was go in her home once a day and feed her cat and put the post in a neat pile. She offered me a very generous payment and I said I would ask my mum. Thankfully she agreed and I went around to tell her the good news. She was delighted and we had a chat over a drink of coke. She gave me a door key and explained that I could stay around in the evening a do my homework and watch her satellite TV – which my parents wouldn’t get! That way the house would not appear empty. I readily agreed to her request. How cool was this! It would be like having my own place for a few days.

The next evening I went around complete with my homework. My parents thought it was a good idea to do my homework around there, no doubt pleased that I would be giving them some space.

I fed the cat and put on the TV and started going through the channels. I then started on my homework. In a hour I was finished. My curiosity soon got the better of me and just had to explore around the house. It was the same design as my house but I still had to have a look around. I could always say that I was looking for the cat should I ever be asked. Having had a look in every room I returned back downstairs and the bookshelf caught my eye. She must have had at least a hundred books. They were mainly on businesses and management but she also had a lot of novels. I took a couple out and flicked through them. They didn’t really grab my imagination. As I put them back I noticed that there was a book laying down behind the others. I thought that I might have accidentally knocked it. I squeezed my hand through and retrieved it.

I looked at its cover. It had a line drawing of two women kissing and its title jumped out at me – ‘Tales of Lesbian Lust – confessions of darkest secrets.’
I felt myself gulp and blush all at the same time. I even looked all around to make sure that no one was looking! I noticed that my hand was shaking as I looked back at its cover. I then sat down and flicked through its well-thumbed pages. Could it be that my neighbour was a lesbian? Or is she just curious in the subject? I then realised that the book had not fallen down the back but rather it had been carefully placed out of site.

That evening and every evening for five days I completed my homework, fed the cat and treated myself to a couple of chapters of this erotic book. Everyday I learnt different things. It started with the many ways of kissing. It covered sensual massage and caressing of nipples. Masturbation, both solo and mutual, in loads of differing positions. The section on oral stimulation of genitals was almost too much to read. My heart raced and I noticed a damp feeling between my legs. It then moved on to the use of sex toys and on the last evening bondage and sadomasochism. In less that a week I felt I had learnt everything! I made sure that every evening before returning home I placed the book back in its secret hiding place. It was then time for Janine to return. She paid me and thanked me and I thanked her! I wondered what she would do or think if she knew I had found her dirty book.

It was after reading this book that my dreams became more explicit. They always started the same. My cousin Tabitha and I would be swimming in the pool and we would then be in the showers. The female lifeguard would join us and strip. The second dream she insisted that we strip too as the wearing of costumes was not permitted in the shower. I would rather coyly slip out of my bikini top and bottoms and Tabitha would pull down her swimsuit. We would then shower naked. Almost every night I had a similar dream and each time it was more erotic. Soon she was ‘helping’ us apply soap to our backs and then our fronts! Then we were returning the favour rubbing our hands all over her back, thighs and breasts. The next dream we were kissing her – taking it in turns as she taught us the correct way to kiss, her tongue finding its way into our inexperienced juvenile mouths.

Then her friend was also join us, she too was naked. Soon were all kissing each other. My cousin and I embarrassed in a naked and passionate kiss as our seducers looked on. Virtually everything I had read about was unfolding in my dreamy fantasy world. Soon we were being masturbated and stimulated. Our virginity gently taken by their probing fingers. The gentle seductions over, my dreams took a dark turn. The world of bondage and sadomasochism entered my corrupted mind. We were dragged screaming from the showers by our hair. Stripped by these two athletic and powerful women and subjected to sexual humiliation. Forced to lick them all over before being entered by their forceful fingers and dildos. Our final humiliation being forced to dance naked in front of them and then perform lurid sex acts on each other.

I still have these dreams to this day whenever I see a travel programme about France or if I visit a swimming pool. I never did mention to my cousin about my dreams or my theory about the lesbian lifeguard that enjoyed ogling our young nubile bodies. I did discover more about my neighbour Janine – however, that’s another story!

Rating: 4


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