Author: David Williams

“Oh fuck we’re stuck.” He said and looked over the edge of the sky tram car like he would see some loose wire he could fix McGiver like and everything would be OK again.

“Calm down baby.” She laughed and sipped her coke. “Not like it is so terrible to be stuck alone hanging in the air here with me now is it?”

“But we’ll miss the light parade.” He said.

“Fuck the light parade. It’s just a bunch of muppets with light bulbs stuck in em.” She laughed and pulled him back to her. “Now. . .I know it’s hard but try to be a little romantic OK?” She laughed and he stuck his tongue out at her.

“I’m sorry. Just wanted to make that…it’s sposed to be sorta cool.” He said looking around.

They were running late, the other cars were all empty. It was then he really noticed they were alone, hanging in the air, in the dark, with people walking about 40 feet under them that couldn’t see anything at all.

She watched the realization dawn on him and started to laugh. “There ya go. . .starting to get an idea aren’t you?” He looked at her and smiled.

“Ya . . . you could say a few things are cumming to mind.” He said and smiled. He leaned in and kissed her playfully.

“No baby. . .not cumming yet . . . hold off. . .I wanna play for a while first.” She winked at him and squeezed his cock through his shorts.

“I got no problems with that idea.” He said and leaned back.

She slid over onto him, straddling him as they kissed. Their tongues probed each others mouths and they pressed their bodies together in the sticky Florida heat. His hands were on her ass, squeezing it and pulling her harder into the kiss. She ground her crotch against his hard cock and resisted the urge to just strip naked and ride him for all he was worth.

His hands found their way up her body as she pulled back slightly and grabbed her sweet big tits. She leaned back slightly so he could kiss her beck as he groped her hungrily. Her nipples were rock hard and his fingers found them and pinched them through the thin fabric of her t shirt and bra. She moaned and then pushed him back against the seat and kissed him again.

As they kissed she undid her bra and pulled her shirt and bra up to release her tits. He quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching but as she grabbed his hair and pushed his face to her nipples, he stopped giving a shit who was watching. he sucked and kissed each one in turn as she purred in his ear.

“Mmmmm baby. . .I wanna taste you.” She said and he bit her nipple. She laughed and slid down him, letting her tits rub the entire way down his body until she slipped catlike between his legs.

Grabbing his zipper she pulled it down and he lifted his ass for her to pull off his shorts. She left his underwear on and began to kiss his hard cock through them. Licking and sucking, she began to work his cock until his underwear had a little wet spot from precum and then she grinned and sucked on it. He moaned, he loved watching her suck him. he could feel her hot mouth through the fabric and wanted to grab her by the hair and shove his cock into her mouth but, since it wasn’t even out yet he couldn’t.

She laughed as she watched him, knowing he wanted to face fuck her but couldn’t yet. She was such a tease when she wanted to be. Puling the fabric tight, she sucked the head through it until he began to beg her to suck his cock. She purred and pulled the underwear to the side and let just one ball out and licked that until he was grabbing the wall of the tram car so hard they shook in the air.

Finally she gave him what he wanted and pulled his cock out and took it into her mouth all the way in one long slow suck. He groaned and grabbed her hair and she let him start fucking her face, loving the feel of a nice hard cock sliding between her lips. He was whispering how great she was as she took him balls deep and sucked hard. As she sucked she pulled off her top completely and undid her own shorts, sliding them down and off, leaving only her panties on.

He was sweating and panting and making tiny little noises, she knew he was getting really close to cumming. She pulled off his cock and looked him in the eyes. “Baby.” She said but he just laughed and told her not to tease him.

“Baby.” He looked at her, glassy eyed, near frenzy. “you wanna cum.”

“Fuck yes.” He said.

“Mmmm then baby. . .I Gotta tell you something.” She purred and played with his cock, her finger tips teasing up the length.

“What baby. . .what? Ohhhhhh pleaseeeeee.” he moaned.

“Baby. . .I’m not like other girls.” She said.

“Oh no. . .baby. . .you are amazing. . .you are fuckin amazing,” he said.

She pulled her panties down and spread her legs allowing her cock to spring to life and swing forward. He stopped dead in his tracks but didn’t say a word. She kept playing with him and the glassy look started to cum back.

“Is it OK baby? Or should I stop?” She purred.

He was quiet a moment…he fought an internal struggle. . .but then she tickled his balls with her nails and he made up his mind. “Don’t stop.” He begged and closed his eyes.

She smiled and dropped down onto his cock again sucking him hard as a rock. He moaned and tentatively grabbed her hair again. As she sucked he took a firm hold of her hair and began to fuck her face again, whispering again how great she was. She sucked his cock for all she was worth, letting him face fuck her balls deep and then pulling out till just the head was between her lips.

With her free hand she stroked her cock faster and faster as he got closer and closer to cumming again. He started throbbing and pulling against the roof of her mouth and she sucked him deep and squeezed his balls. He cried out and began to spill his cum into her throat, great gobs of sticky goo shot down her throat and she swallowed and swallowed, sucking down every drop.

He was panting and shaking as she drained him fully and then stood up, stroking herself fast and hard. He watched, his cock staying rock hard. She laughed and thrust her cock out and he leaned forward and kissed it. She smiled and nodded and he took the head into his mouth and licked. She stroked the shaft as he sucked the head and started to moan.

“God baby suck me. . .suck that girl cock baby.” She gritted her teeth as she watched him, she held back the desire to face fuck him nice and hard as she got closer to cumming. “Suck it. . .suck it!” She moaned and stroked herself faster.

He reached shyly and grabbed her ass and squeezed, she laughed and grabbed his hair. He shook his head back and forth and took in about an inch of her 6 inches. She moaned and felt her balls about to explode. “Ya baby!” She urged him on.

Grabbing her ass, he pulled her into his mouth as far as he could, about three inches and he sucked her hard as she began to cum. sweet girl juice, not really cum. . .but like nectar. He was shocked, he loved feeling her cock cum in his mouth. He sucked and drank her and wanted more. She shivered as his tongue kept working her over sensitive cock and drained her dry.

She collapsed on him and they kissed, each tasting like cum. Their hands explored each others bodies and grabbed at each others still half hard cocks. The tram rocked and then a groaning noise and it started to move again. They quickly kissed and started grabbing clothing to get dressed.

“See?” She said laughing and pulling on her clothes. “Fuck the light parade. . .I am much more fun.”

He smiled sheepishly and leaned over to kiss her again and nodded. She was a special girl all right.

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