Switch, Part 1

Author: Goblin

I walked into the bar like I’d done so many times before. It was dark, the smoke burned my eyes, and it smelled of thirty years of beer and spilled cocktails. There was just one reason for my being there that night. I had the itch. My balls were swollen and filled with jizz and I wanted a fuck. Just another one-night stand. I never expected what I got.

I walked up to the bar and scoped out the talent as I ordered my beer. I always try not to be too obvious this early. I learned a long time ago that early evenings attracted a lot of couples and more than once, I’d had to back off after some hot chick I had sent a free drink turned out to have a boyfriend who’d just stepped off to hit the washroom for a piss. They got a free drink and I sometimes got the threat of a fist to my face. Luckily, it’d never gone any further than that. Now, I knew to sit and bide my time until the couples had begun to clear out, leaving myself and a few others, mostly over-the-hill lotharios and drunks, to divide up the bored housewives, fatties, skags, drunks, and just plain horny chicks who hung out in a place like this alone on a weekday night.

Anyway, I picked out a few to watch in the first fifteen minutes I was there. I occupied myself in idle conversation with the bartender about the weather, watched some sports on the bar’s big screen, and within a couple of hours, my options had closed to just one. This blonde beauty had been sitting in one of the booths downing rum and cokes since before I’d arrived and she looked ripe. She had great tits about the size of grapefruits that were barely covered by a low-cut dress that just went down to mid-thigh and her legs were covered in sheer, black hose. They were beautiful stems, slender and long and just the sort of thing I liked wrapped around my neck and squeezing me tight as I pounded away at a pussy. Her eyes were darting around the room. Obviously, she was looking for a good time. I was it.

I walked over to her booth and asked if I could sit down and her name. She looked up at me, a little glassy-eyed, and said sure, that her name was Joan. I ordered both of us another round and sat down across from her. Right away, I felt a foot run slowly up the inside of my leg to my thigh. My cock gave a little jump and when I looked across the table at her, there was this mischievous look in her eyes. I gave her a little smile and right away her foot went right for my crotch. I could feel her toes rubbing through the material of my jeans. They massaged my cock like little fingers and I could feel it beginning to swell. Bingo!

I reached down and held her foot tight into my crotch and I could feel my dick as it began to stretch and push at my briefs. I pushed it down to just where her toes could tickle the base of it and my balls. I could feel them tighten up. I didn’t want to cum just yet and I sure as hell didn’t want to have to explain that boner in my pants to the crowd in the bar as we headed for the door. I pushed away her foot and smiled across the table at her as a shifted in my seat trying to adjust my package. She dipped a finger into her drink and stirred it slowly. Her finger went to her lips, where she ran it slowly along them before sliding it into her mouth. She provocatively slipped it in and out while sucking on it until her cheeks puckered in. Oh, ya, she wasn’t going to let me off the hook that easy. I figured now was the time to get the show on the road and asked if she’d like to get outta there. She grabbed my hand and practically pulled me across the table to give me a kiss with lots of tongue. She scoured my tonsils. I took that as a yes and when she was through, I called the waitress over to settle up and we were outta there like a shot.

Almost as soon as we got into my pickup, she had her hand in my crotch, squeezing and rubbing my cock through the material where her toes had left off. Before I could even get the key into the ignition, she had my zipper down and had pulled my dick out. I leaned back and closed my eyes as I felt her hot mouth close on the head of my dick, her tongue slowly running round the rim of the head. I could feel it getting full and hard. I let out a little moan as she ran the tip of her tongue down the underside of my shaft and then back up to the tip of the head. I grabbed a handful of her hair as she began bobbing up and down on my meat.

I could feel the head as it hit the back of her throat. I remember thinking how her hair felt funny, not natural somehow, but it was flushed from my mind as she got down to business. No woman has ever given me such great head. It was as if she just knew the perfect buttons to push. Her hand stroked as her mouth slipped up and down the throbbing end of my shaft and just as I was about to cum, she would stop and give the base of it a squeeze, then start back in. It was the best head I’d had in my entire life and by the time she was done, I shot a massive hot, sticky load. She took as much of it as she could into her mouth, but I still shot all over her face and could see some trickling out the side of her mouth. It was incredible!!
Joan swallowed my load and pulled some tissues out of her purse to wipe the corners of her mouth, then she leaned in and used her tongue to clean my dick, which was all sticky and still semi-hard. My balls felt all tingly from the hairs pricking up. Like I had goosebumps down there. Anyway, she decided she didn’t want to leave her car in the bar’s lot and asked if I’d mind just following her home. After that blowjob, how could I say no? I was up for almost anything she wanted, if she were as good in bed as she was in the cab of my truck. I could feel this stupid grin come across my face as I contemplated the coming events.

She had this hot little roadster and seemed to like making a game of it, speeding up and then slowing down when it looked like I was falling too far behind. A few miles from the bar, we pulled into a couple of spaces in front of a nice condo complex. As we walked up to the door, she grabbed my ass and gave it a quick squeeze, and once we’d gotten through the door, she pushed me back against the wall and locked me into another hot, long, wet kiss. When she finally let loose of her lock on my lips, I had to take a deep breath and had another boner rising in my briefs. I wanted to fuck her so bad. She kicked off her high heels and led me up the stairs. From behind, I could watch her ass bounce up and down underneath her tight, tight short skirt. It rose up almost to the point where I could see a hint of her panties peeking out. I’d been with a lot of other women, but none that got me so hot.

Once we got into the bedroom, I took her into my arms once again and pulled her up close. Her tits felt so warm and firm up against my body and she ground one of her thighs into my crotch. She pushed me away as she began to unzip the back of her dress. Immediately, I slipped off my shoes and pulled my t-shirt off over my head. As I sat on the bed to pull off my socks, I looked up to see her skirt fall down around her ankles, revealing some sexy black lingerie. The bra was low-cut and opened from the front, barely concealing her ample breasts. They sort of flowed over the sides of the material. Her panties were hip-hugging bikinis, showing off her smooth, firm thighs. She stepped out of the skirt and walked over to me. There, just within what seemed like an inch from my face, she unhooked the front of her bra and let it fall away from those delicious-looking breasts. I reached up and took them in my hands. They were just big enough to palm, like a pair of grapefruit, and she let me rub and squeeze them for a bit before pushing my hands away.

She stepped up between my legs and took my head in her hands. She pulled my head forward and proceeded to rub my face into those warm, fleshy mounds. My hands slid lightly up and down her back, finally settling on that firm ass. I squeezed and rubbed it, trying not to be too rough. I was in heaven. I pulled my head back and licked and sucked on her nipples, running the tip of my tongue light across them and around the aureolas until they felt as hard as large pencil erasers. I bit them gently and I could hear her moan. Thus encouraged, I began kissing my way down her stomach. She pushed me back onto the bed and returned the favor. Her lips and tongue felt so wet and warm on my body as she worked her way down my chest and abs. Her fingertips playfully pinched my nipples as her tongue ran round and round my bellybutton and then darted in and out of it.

By this time, my cock was hard and throbbing again, and I wanted to fuck her pussy so badly, but she wouldn’t let me up. Joan climbed up on top of me and sat straddling my crotch. Her ass ground into my dick and balls. I tried to sit up, but she pushed me back down and lay with her breasts mashed tight into my chest as she bit and licked my neck. I closed my eyes and just let her go. I could feel the pre-cum beginning to flow in large amounts as she continued to massage my cock with that firm, tight butt of hers. She started out with a sort of round and round motion, pressing my meat tightly against my body, and then graduated to a dry hump. She started this out slowly, then began to go faster. She must have had some sort of psychic powers, because every time I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to hold back any longer, she would slow down or stop and work my chest with her tongue and kiss and suck my lips.

My hands were left to roam her body with abandon as she continually brought me to the edge of ecstasy. Her skin felt smooth as silk and as soft as velvet. It was a kind of milky peach color and was so warm to my touch. I finally just closed my eyes and let go. She wanted to be in control of things. I wasn’t going to argue. I began moaning, which I never do, and she began riding me faster and harder. I’d never had a woman do this to me before and I loved it. It was giving me such intense pleasure, so much different from just shoving my dick into a pussy and slamming away till I came, that I didn’t mind just going along for the ride. My pubes were soaked with my pre-cum and I told her I was going to blow my load. That brought my next surprise of the night. She leaned across me and pulled open the drawer on her nightstand. From it, she pulled a bottle of lube. I asked her what she was going to do with that and all she would say was that I’d see and that I’d really, really like it. In my mind I wasn’t sure, but from the way my cock began to hurt from the pressure of that pent-up jiz, I could tell it was willing to lead me anywhere.

Joan must have seen the uncertainty in my face, because she just grinned and said not to worry. I think I just sort of mumbled something. I was really in no condition to do much more at this point. She stood up and pulled my pants and briefs the rest of the way off, allowing my cock to spring to freedom. It was such a relief, as it had been pressing so tight against the material of my underwear. I’d never seen it so big. Normally it’s about seven-and-a -half inches long and maybe six inches around, but it looked like I’d gained another inch in length from all her work down there. You can imagine how all that pressure down there must have felt. It laid heavy against my abs and felt like a hot poker. The head was a dark purple color. Pre-cum just seemed to flow out of it like water from a garden hose.

She told me to slide up so that my body was entirely on the bed and then she got down in-between my legs and began running the tip of her tongue up and down the underside of my shaft. I tried to grab her hair in my fingers, but she slapped my hands away as she ran it down to my balls and licked and tickled there. They were tight up against the shaft and were beginning to hurt. I haven’t had blue balls in years. Then, she sat up and took that bottle of lube and poured a bit out onto her index finger. I felt it slide into my crack, right behind my balls and massage the spot between them and my asshole. It tingled and felt so good. I’d played with myself down there before and with just the right amount of pressure, it could bring goosebumps all over my body. I’d never had a woman who liked to do that for me before. Or even mentioned it. It just seemed kinda weird to me that playing around with my butt could be pleasurable. I mean, it’s not like I was gay or anything.

After massaging there a little more, I could feel the tip of her finger pressing on the entrance to my asshole. I involuntarily clenched my ass a bit, not used to the unfamiliar feeling of having something knocking at the door to come in, but as he ran her fingertip round the rim, I let go and gave in to the new pleasure I was enjoying. She took my meat in her hand and began bobbing up and down on it slowly and stroking the shaft with her hand. Then, I felt her finger squeeze it’s way into my ass. A shudder went through me and I emitted a loud groan. I could feel it wiggling in me and as she slid it in all the way to the knuckle, I felt it rubbing against my prostate.

Oh my god!! Suddenly, I began trembling and shaking all over. It was so intense. I couldn’t hold off any longer and as I began to cum, I looked up to see her on her knees over me- and she was stroking not MY cock, but HERS!! I didn’t have time to think. My load, when it blew, was huge, I hit myself in my face and it spurted all over my chest and abs. I was shaking and my butt was clenching and releasing. It just seemed like someone had turned on the taps and all I could focus on was the sight of her there, with her head thrown back and her back arched, stroking away furiously on this dick that seemed to pop out of nowhere as she continued to work my hole with that nasty finger of hers.

And then Joan came. She blew this load all over my chest, where it mixed with my own cum that was pooled there all over and between my pecs. The heat of it stung against my skin. My chest heaved as I tried to catch my breath. My head was swimming as she leaned in and began to lick the jiz off my body. Her tongue felt rough as she lapped it up from my head down to my crotch until I was completely clean. When she had finished, she collapsed on top of me and snuggled up against my shoulder. It just seemed natural to slip my arms round her and hug her close to my chest. I didn’t care whether she had a pussy or a cock or whatever down between her legs. I was just too worn out and intrigued my new experience. Little did I know that we weren’t finished yet. Joan had some more surprises in store.

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