Bar Close

Author: mmm

1:30 am. The bar was almost closed and he still hadn’t found her. The right one.
He had been yearning for something different for so long now and he still didn’t know quite what.

He scanned the room once more and shoved his stool back with a moody sigh. He heard a muttered curse
behind him which caused him to look back.

Todd couldn’t believe it. She was perfect! He apologized and offered to buy her a drink. She gave him this sly grin and took his hand. He looked at her for a moment – she was beautiful! Six feet tall,blonde, and all legs. She had some awesome tits too. He knew they were implants but it didn’t matter a bit.

She grabbed his hand and he let her lead him out to the parking lot. Before he knew it she had shoved him up against a van and was unbuckling his pants.

She was on her knees with his dick in her throat in a matter of seconds.

Nothing like this had ever happened to him before. He looked down at her for a second and then blinked, he couldn’t believe his eyes. This blonde vixen actually had a HARD ON. His own dick must have grown a full inch at the sight. He pulled her up by her hair and turned her roughly around. He demanded to know what was making her skirt tent out like that. He pulled the hem up before she could answer.

She looked like a deer caught in headlights her eyes rounded and her pretty painted mouth formed a perfect lilttle o, totally unsure of how he would react. He saw her uncertainty and kissed her to ease her mind. His mouth trailed down the slope of her neck sloppily and his hand pushed into her shirt to fondle her. Her hands were all over him in a second flat.

He wanted her dick inside him so bad he could feel it. He whispered it to her and she pulled her skirt up and nudged him towards the van. He bent over and braced his hands on the window. She had her rod pushed against his ass and teasing him before he could blink. The head was covered in oozing precum. She slid it between his cheeks and begain making circles against his asshole. She reached around and grabbed his cock as she slid into his virgin asshole inch by slow hard inch. He groaned and pushed back to impale himself on her.

She pushed the rest of her cock into his ass in one movement and stayed very still, letting him get used to the fullness. He wanted none of it. He moved restlessly against her, writhing and wiggling his ass on her pole. It drove her crazy, she began drilling his ass while she jerked his throbbing meat. He replaced her hand with his so she could hold his hips. She pounded into him furiously for scant seconds before he blew his load all over the door of the van. His groan sent her over the edge, she pulled her cock out of his now wide open asshole and lets her ropes of cum hit his back. Between the breathing hard and the pulling up and down of clothes they heard a sound.

She looked up and saw the owner of the van. He was just squirting his jiz all over the steering wheel after having watched the whole episode.

She giggled and walked off leaving Todd to clean up his mess. He didn’t ask her for her phone number, he just watched her leave in bemusement.

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