Free Fare

Author: Steph

Tessa and I had been at the bar all night and had way too much to drink so they called us a taxi. After about thirty minutes and another drink later the taxi arrived and she and I piled into the back seat. “Where you two ladies headed?” “Home.” “Uhhh where exactly is that?” I laughed, “142nd and Broad Street.” “Gotcha.” As we sat in the back seat, Tessa had slid her hand over my thigh and winked at me. I had no idea what she was up to, but she was definitely up to something. We had a long drive ahead of us so I was sure I’d find out. Our driver pulled out into traffic and we were off.

Tessa loved to mess with people, well, more shock them really. And when she’s drunk, you can imagine that she gets a little wild. She leaned forward and asked the guy if he’d ever watched two women go at it. He told her no but would love to watch. “Now what man on earth wouldn’t?” I thought to myself. I knew exactly where she was taking this. I watched as he adjusted the review mirror done to see her and I sitting in the back seat. “So, uhhh, you going to show me?” “What do we get out of the deal?” She asked coyly. He went deep in thought, trying to figure out what he possibly had that we could want, and then the light bulb went off. “I’ll give ya yer fare for free.” Tessa looked at him, then turned back and winked at me. “You’re on man.” Tessa directed him to a little parking lot tucked away from the heavy traffic.

As he turned his head Tessa quickly snapped at him, “Keep your face the other way, watch us through that big mirror of yours.” He quickly turned around, not wanting to possibly lose his chance to watch two chics fuck. Tessa leaned towards me; I could feel her breath on my neck as she moved to kiss me. Her tongue slipped from between her full lips and licked mine. I could see the driver in the corner of my eye, he was already salivating. She continued to tease my mouth, leaning closer for a kiss, but just barely touching my lips. Tessa ran her hand up my thigh and underneath my dress. Her fingers wiggling against my skin as she worked her way up, pulling my dress up with her movements. She kissed me deeply and lifted my dress up revealing my thighs and pussy. I didn’t wear panties and she knew it, our driver however, was shocked. I could hear him moaning lightly as he watched Tessa’s hands.

She pulled my right thigh closer to her, spreading my legs further apart and moved her hands to the buttons of my dress. Her nimble fingers quickly had all the buttons undone and spread apart the sides of the dress. My tits were ready to pop out of my tight bra and with a flick of her wrist the front clasp came apart and out spilled my breasts. She immediately turned her attention to them and began to lick around my nipples, making sure to cover ever inch of my pink areolas. My nipples grew harder with every one of her passes, wanting to be touched, poking out further in hopes to feel her warm tongue against them.

She slowly sucked one into her mouth and I couldn’t help but moan. It felt so good! I tilted my head back and caught site of the driver. I could see his shoulder moving. He was stroking his cock! The thought of him enjoying watching us further excited me. I felt myself grow completely wet, my juices covered my pussy and moved down lubricating my ass. Tessa ran her fingertips down my body stopping at my blonde mound. She pressed her body to mine and slipped her fingers in between my wet lips. Another moan filled the taxi.

She let her fingers dance around my clit, again, never actually touching it. She was teasing me just as much as she was teasing him. I couldn’t stand any longer and wiggled my hips from side to side. That got a smile from her and she took the hint. She began long steady strokes along the full length of my clit. My body shuddered. I could feel my orgasm build behind my blonde curls, an intense heat. I never got off this quickly, and I remembered our friend in the front seat. My heart beat harder as I thought about it and my blood surged through my body. She plunged her middle finger deep inside my pussy. I gasped and jerked, but instantly enjoyed it. She continued to play with my engorged clit with her thumb, rolling over and around it causing shocks of pleasure to shoot like lightning bolts throughout my body.

I tried to rock my hips against her hands, but I couldn’t, between her body and the seat, I was pinned in place. I felt the beginning waves wash over me as my climax continued to build and I slipped my hand further up her thigh, gripping her soft flesh in my little hand as she brought me closer to cumming. Her finger plunged in and out of my tight hole, harder and harder I squeezed with each thrust. The windows were completely fogged over by now. My moans grew louder and louder, filling the taxi. I couldn’t hear the driver grunting over my own moaning. Then my orgasm over took me. My body shuddered, forcing the car to rock. I arched my back and squeezed my thighs tightly against her hand and arm as my climax intensified in strength.

I felt my slick fluids flow freely, coating her fingers and caused my ass to slip on the back seat. My chest heaved as I struggled to catch my breath, her fingers still working along my throbbing clit making ripple after ripple of pleasure shudder up my spine. She slowed down her finger dance once she was sure I was satisfied, turned to face the driver. She waved her fingers, still covered in my juices, under his nose. He whimpered as she brought them to her mouth and sucked them clean.

“Ok, now for your part of the bargain.” I started to get dressed again. “Uhhh where were you headed again?” We both laughed.

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