Women’s World

Author: FK

Having a female domination fetish, nothing excited Karl more than the thought of being dominated and humiliated by a strong willed woman. Needing a woman to tell what to do, he searched away for a controlling wife. Wishing to be married to a tall and beautiful mistress with a successful career, Karl wanted this lady of his dreams to make more money than himself so she could dominate him all the more.

His problem was finding such a woman. Thinking about it, he decided the most logical method had to be advertisement. Venturing to a porno shop, he bought himself a fetish magazine about dominant women. Arriving back at home, Karl opened the subscription and went directly to the classified section. Here, he found an add placement form. Tearing it from the magazine, he filled it out, stating the type of woman he was searching for. Finished with the form, he placed it into an envelope and wrote the address of the fetish periodical upon it. Going outside, he mailed it away.

A few weeks later, Karl bought next month’s issue of the magazine. Upon opening it, he saw his add. Pleased to observe his post office box number in the middle of the add page for all the mean and nasty bitches in the world to see, he became slightly stimulated in a sexual manner at the thought of a dominant woman presently reading and then responding to his add.

At the end of the week, Karl went to the post office, checking his box. To his great delight, he found a single envelope lying there. Written in cursive, the handwriting was definitely of the superior female form.

Driving home, he was excited. At home, he went inside and opened the letter. It was only a single piece of paper, saying, “ If you want to know more about me, call this number.” Further, there was also written, “ My name’s Katherine.”

Excited by the information, he immediately got up and went over to the phone, dialing the number, and letting it ring a few times. A moment later, a lady’s voice answered, “ Hello.”

Karl ask, “ Can I please speak with Katherine?”

“Who wants to know?”

“ I’m sorry, my name’s Karl and I’m calling in response to the letter that you wrote me because of the add I placed in a magazine.”

“Ok”, she said, “ Let me ask you some things.”

She began asking him all kinds of questions, what he did for a living, if he had any friends, etc. The questions went on for about twenty minutes. However, after the interrogation was over, she seemed satisfied, for the woman said, “ All right, let’s meet.”

“Where?”, he ask.

“You know that cafe near your place?”

“ Yes.”, he replied.

“ Well, let’s meet there tomorrow at four.”

“Ok, but how did you know about the details of my neighborhood?”

“ I used to live in that area years back.”, she said.

“Oh.”, he replied.

“ Then I’ll see you tomorrow at four.”

“ You can be sure I’ll be there.” , he said happily.

“Good, see you then.”

After hanging up, he said to himself, “ Great, she sounds very assertive, I hope she’s really bossy.”

The next day they met. He got out of his car and went inside to a table, sitting himself down. While waiting for the lady, he ordered himself something to drink. A few minutes later, she arrived. By the demeanor alone, he knew it was her, carrying herself with great confidence, and walking tall and beautiful. Also she seemed quite sophisticated. Nevertheless, with that sophistication, she had the word bitch written all over her.

Karl motioned to get her attention. Seeing him, she went over, saying, “ You’re Karl, right?”


“ In that case, you can go and get me something to drink, I want it now!”, she said assertively.

Loving the way she immediately began ordering him about, he returned with the drink, gave it to her, and then sat back down.

Starting to talk, she told him of all the things he’d do as her slave. Listening on, he found her to be quite demanding in every respect. After listening for a while, Karl ask, “ With all do respect, what do you do for a living?”

“ I’m a bioelectronics engineer.”, answered the lady.

She told him everything about her job. Katherine even said, “ We’re trying to design ways to make cells grow faster and larger.”

He listened on attentively as she explained it all to him.

After talking about her work, she ask, “ How’d you like to start dating?”

“Yes.” , replied the man.

Both started to see each other often. With a few more months, Karl was quite content with his new partner. She, on the other hand, enjoyed the submissive side to his character. A short while later, she ask him to marry her. He agreed.

After they got married, Katherine told him to move in with her, for her house was large and spacious. Selling his home, Karl gave her all the money. Being out in the country, her dwelling was located in an area where no one else could see it. Much of her home was covered by large trees. Behind the immediate area, there were large fields, stretching on for many square miles. When he arrived at her place, he couldn’t help but feel there was a purpose for the seclusion, something more than just her desire for peace and quiet.

Karl settled into his new home quite well. Working only partime in a retail store, his job didn’t take much out of the day, giving him all the time in the world to be her slave. She made him do everything around the house, the dishes, vacuum, cook, wash clothes, and whatever else had to be done. His fetish desires were satisfied.

On the other hand, she did nothing to help him, having her own work in the basement. Down in the cellar, the lady had her own experimentation lab full of expensive equipment. In here, she’d perform many experiments upon plants and animals. Sometimes the poor creatures would be in pain, screaming out loud into the night. However, there wasn’t anyone around to here them. Karl now knew why she lived in this secluded space, no one could hear or see everything she did. As Karl lived longer with her, he learned the true nature of her sadistic character. Katherine actually enjoyed causing the animals to experience pain, sometimes hurting them for the pure pleasure of it.

However, the torturing of animals was only the smallest thing that Karl would encounter. In fact, the next evening would give him something to remember for the rest of his life. As he finished cleaning up around the house, Karl ventured down into the cellar where his dominant and wicked mistress was at work in her laboratory. When he entered the cellar room, Katherine turned toward him, exclaiming, “ I’ve got it!”

“ What do you have Mistress?”

“ I’ve discovered a way to enlarge the size of an organism.” She went on, “ However, as far as I can tell, it only works on the female members of our species.”

Being somewhat awestruck by everything she said, fear started to grow within him, for he was sure she was telling the truth.

Giving Karl an evil and diabolical look, she said, “ This’ll give women absolute power over men.” The woman spoke further, “ I think I’ll try it on myself and see what happens.”

Feeling helpless, Karl did nothing save stand there and watch his wife place a bunch of wires on her body. Next, she injected herself with a red substance. Finally, Katherine flicked an electric switch upon one of her instruments.

Before Karl’s eyes, the evil lady began growing, becoming larger and larger. Outgrowing her clothes, the attire burst forth before her belittled husband. Still growing, her head touched the ceiling of the cellar. Lifting upward with her hands, she pushed through the ceiling, sticking her head into the opening while she continued to increase in size. When she reached the first floor ceiling, she did the same, pushing upward until the lady made it to the second floor. Finally, she burst through the roof, moving upward as her sexy naked body got taller and taller.

Eventually, she stopped growing and now stood at the amazing height of one hundred feet! Stepping out of the remains of the house, she stood in the front clearing, yelling downward, “ Come on out and look at the future of womanhood!” Quietly, Karl came up from under the wreckage and went into the same clearing. Looking straight up to her naked magnificence, he was awed by the perfect grandeur towering above him.

Squatting down, Katherine grabbed Karl. Screaming, he begged, “ Please Kathy, you’re hurting me!”

Standing up, she tore off all his clothes as he wiggled about and struggled within her giant, yet beautiful, hands. Looking into his frightened eyes, she exclaimed, “ Now you’re truly all mine, there’s no way you’ll escape me!”

Squatting down again, she placed Karl back on the ground. Raising herself straight and standing upright, she stretched her arms up into the sky, saying, “ Oh, what a feeling power is, I feel so great, so alive, there’s nothing I can’t do. The whole world’s at my feet!”

Staring down at Karl, Katharine said, “ Kiss my feet you little slave, or I’ll crush you to death!”

Shaking all over, Karl pleaded upward, “ Kathy, please have mercy on me!”

“ You’re my property, now get busy!”

Terrified by her large and sexy stature, he immediately obeyed and kissed her feet, kissing away for over fifteen minutes.

Tired of the foot worship, she looked down at him, saying, “ Prepare yourself for a shower, I’ve gotta take a piss!”

“ Kathy, why, what’s the purpose?” , he ask

“ It pleases me to see you humiliated.”, she responded.

With these words, she pissed down on Karl, engulfing him in her golden nectar. He was now completely reduced to nothing save a small extension of her superior being.

After ten seconds, she stopped. Having released a large amount of fluid, huge pools of piss settled in front of the damaged house. Just standing there like a complete and helpless fool, he could do nothing; he was truly alone in any effort to control her desires. In fact, he now began enjoying the knowledge that a giant beautiful female had just pissed on him, causing his cock to harden. Before she grew to her present one hundred feet, he enjoyed his servitude. Now he resigned himself to total submission.

While standing there with her weight resting to one leg, the giantess said down to Karl, “ Go to my car and get the cellular phone; I want you to call a woman that I work with at the research facility.” Karl immediately obeyed, returning with the phone, standing almost directly beneath Katherine.

“ What’s the number?”, he yelled up to her.

She told him the number, and he dialed it. A lady’s voice answered, “ Hello, who is it?”

“ Can you please hold on for a moment.”, Karl said into the phone. Looking up to his giant wife, Karl ask, “ What should I say to her?”

“ Tell her I want her to come here right away.”

Speaking into the phone, Karl said. “ This is Katherine’s husband, can you please come over right away, it’s an emergency.”

“ Ok, I’ll be there.”, said the lady.

About twenty minutes later, a car drove up to the damaged home via a long private drive. Getting out, the lady was awed by the sight before her. Standing there, Katherine ask, “ Hello Mary, look at me.”

Staring upward, Mary exclaimed, “ How did you get so large?”

Katherine told Mary all about the work she was doing in the lab. Mary was quite intrigued, for she knew beforehand that Katherine was working on something unique.

Yelling down at Karl, Katherine said, “ Go back down into the cellar and get the equipment I was using before.” Karl obeyed and ventured down into the remains of the damaged home. Coming back up, he brought forth the equipment. Squatting down, Katherine took the stuff from him. She told Mary to come over. Katherine said to Mary, “ Here, inject yourself with this needle.” Mary did this. Then, Katherine flicked the electric switch. After a few seconds, Mary began growing. Once again, Karl was looking up to a member of the opposite gender. Being just as attractive as Katherine, Mary continued to grow until her clothes popped off. Finally, she also stood at one hundred feet in height.

Standing up next to Mary, Katherine ask, “ Doesn’t it feel good to be a giantess?”

“Yes it does.”, answered Mary as both women smiled down at helpless little Karl.

Next, Katherine said, “ And don’t worry, the devise only works on women.” She spoke further while looking down at Karl, “ Soon men’ll really be looking up to women everywhere.”

Excited, Mary said, “ This stuff’s great, let’s walk to town and administer it to all of the women!”

Both ladies agreed. Before they left, Katherine bent down and picked up Karl, saying to the little creature, “ Come on, you’ll now see the complete victory of women!”

Arriving in the town, they found the population in a state of panic, for both ladies struck terror into everyone’s heart. Nevertheless, Katherine administered the growth solution, causing all the female citizens to grow. Eventually, all the women in town were one hundred feet tall! As they grew, the females experienced a personality change, becoming aggressive and demanding. Loving what happened to them, the women grabbed all the males, ripping their clothes off. Being helpless beneath these beautiful women, the males were abused and dominated. In their female glory, the giant cunts would take the males and shove them up their giant slits, using the helpless jerks as dildoes. Having no way to resist, the men simply became the slaves and property of the women!

With the initial party and orgy of power over, the dominant females got together and began making plans on how to cause all the women in the world to grow. Leading the group, Katharine explained that there was indeed a simple way to hook the electronic growth devise into the satellite system, beaming a signal into all the electric appliances of the world, causing every female to be enlarged.

Applying all her knowledge, Katherine made the idea work, using whatever she could find in the town together with equipment back at her house.

As all the giant women stared forth at a TV set they took from one of the buildings, Katherine turned on the beam. Watching the set, they saw a woman giving the news. Then suddenly, right before her male colloquies, the lady began growing. Switching to other channels, they saw reports of giant women everywhere. In fact, after changing to one particular channel, they observed another female reporter already a hundred feet tall exclaim to the camera, “ All right, yea, now I can get even with that crummy boyfriend of mine!”

At one hundred feet, the planet’s women became more and more obnoxious with the men. With the males having nothing more to say, the entire social structure changed, moving the world back toward an agrarian order. The cities became useless, for the females simply destroyed most of what man had created, taking the helpless males as slaves, forcing them to toil away in large fields to grow enough food for the women to consume. Since the giant women could eat hundreds of cows, pigs, and chickens per day, the grazing of livestock also became important.

In the end, the whole world moved to a new socioeconomic equilibrium. Experiencing the utmost in glory, the giant women roamed the earth naked and free, while the helpless little men looked up in awe at a greatness they could never equal!

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