Summer Solstice

Author: FK

Dressed in her sexy dark blue business slacks, Audrey sat behind her desk reviewing some of the printouts. With her suit jacket hanging from the back of the chair, she wore her favorite white blouse, the one with a bow attached to the collar. Looking at the material before her, she yelled across the room, “ Hey Ron, come here for a moment and take this upstairs.” The man responded and went over to her desk. After taking the manila folder, he left. Five minutes later, he returned to his work station and continued with his task.

From where she was seated, Audrey couldn’t see the other workers, and hence, they couldn’t see her. Moreover, her desk was situated such that its view was obstructed by a portable wall which divided her from the rest of the work stations in the large room. Also, if one ventured away from her desk and around the wall, he would immediately be struck by a large matrix of desks aligned in rows and columns. Furthermore, each desk had a computer terminal and a key pad on it. However, there was only one large high speed laser printer to one side of the work area. Whenever an individual employee had to print something out, he or she simply pressed the print location upon their toolbar and the printer would automatically print the desired material which was displayed upon the particular individual’s screen. Also, Audrey had a computer upon her own desk, eventhough it was presently off.

Since no one could see her, Audrey got up and went to the window. However, she had no desire to look outside, she simply used her own partial reflection to make sure her hair was right. Standing before the glass, our lady adjusted her dark mane which was raised to the top of her attractive head. When she felt all was perfect, she turned around and went back in her seat. Looking over the printouts, she had to decide how to piece each design from each employee together so as to make them compatible such that the system worked. Indeed, she was the supervisor for this entire assembly of workers toiling away in the large room. Basically, she, together with all her subordinates were all employees of an electronics company called, “ International Circuits”. This corporation designed and manufactured all kinds of sophisticated electronic gadgetry such as VCR’s, stereos, CD players, and some simple computer hardware. Obviously, she worked in the design department. She had to coordinate the activities of all the individual designers so as to present the finished draft of the complete product to higher ups in the corporation. If they liked a design, it was ordered into physical production. If they didn’t care for it, the design was either reworked or discarded all together.

Such were the doings of the particular product she had before her now. Upon further inspection, the lady realized she needed to get some information from one of the file cabinets outside against the wall of the larger work area. Hence, Audrey got up and ventured to the said location. She found the drawer, bent down, and opened it. As she bent, the lady also made a slight squat. This caused the bottom of her slacks to rise slightly. Next, her boots began to show. Indeed, the woman had on a sexy pair of knee high black leather stiletto boots. Moreover, she always wore them, for the footwear gave her psychological satisfaction or something of that nature. Nevertheless, as she bent down, she instinctively knew that others were eyeing her. In fact, she also knew that it wasn’t the boots they were looking at but her ass. Every now and then, Audrey would catch some of the male employees staring at her butt when they thought she wouldn’t notice. Sure enough, while she removed the item from the cabinet, the woman glanced over and saw one of the men quickly move his head and look in another direction. Audrey stood up with the item in her hand, closed the drawer, and went back to her desk. While she ventured back, Audrey mumbled to herself, “ You’d think they get enough at home or from their girlfriends.” Setting herself down in her seat, she looked at the material. Also, the lady glanced at a digital clock she had upon her desk and saw that it was now ten thirty five. After looking at the paper before her, she decided that it’s best to hold a brief talk with all the workers about the way the project is proceeding. Hence Audrey got up and went back to the main opening. Standing before the entire group, she said loudly, “ Can I have everyone’s attention please!” The people all looked in her direction and stopped whatever they were doing. Then, the supervisor proceeded, “ It looks as if things aren’t going as smoothly as I initially hoped; we’re having some problems keeping everyone synchronized with each other.” Further, she went on, “ If this thing is to operate if produced, then obviously the component parts have to operate in unison.” Next, the lady added, “ Some of these schematics don’t match; we need more communication among the respective work stations.” Finally, while pointing to desk number sixteen, she said, “ I want everyone to go overthere while the individual seated at that post logs on to the Internet; there’s a particular webbsite I want everyone to see, for it relates to the design problem we’re now having.” Afterward, the sexy feline remarked, “I’ll be back in a moment, I’ve got to get something from my desk.” Thus, the lady returned to her station behind the panel and rummaged through her drawer to find some chalk, for she intended to give a short lecture on the board in the front of the room opposite the portable panel. Eventually, Audrey found the chalk. Also, as she shut the drawer, she noted the calendar on her desk which stated the date; it read June 21, 2000. Thinking nothing of it, the woman was about to return to the other workers. However, just as she began to move, the power went out. Hence, the only illumination in the structure came through the windows from outside. Also, the digital clock upon her desk started to flash via the backup battery telling the precise time the blackout happened, ten forty eight. Audrey said to herself, “Shit, this is all I need; we’ll never get this crap done.” Next, leaving her desk, she went around the panel, going into the main work area. As she turned the corner, Audrey was about to say, “ Ok, it seems like another problem has come our way.” However, she cut herself short in mid sentence when she realized that she didn’t see anyone. From her perspective at the moment, it looked as if everyone had left. Nevertheless, she mumbled to herself, “ Where the fuck is everyone; they couldn’t have just walked out; the door is right here next to this stupid panel; surely, I would have heard them leave.” Confused, the dark haired supervisor just stood there and looked around.

Audrey’s eyes stopped roving about when she heard a faint cry come from the area of work station sixteen. Consequently, the sexy woman walked over and was greeted by the surprise of her life. Standing below her, right before the toe tip of her stiletto boot, were all twenty two of the people who worked under her. Indeed, they were all now three inches in height. Further, and to her additional amazement, they were all naked save for the fact that the female employees seemed not to have lost their shoes. Audrey’s heart raced on for a minute until she finally got her composer back together. Then, the woman slightly smiled while placing her hand upon her hip, asking, “ What in the world happened to you guys?”

Frightened and surprised even more than she, one of the people yelled up to her, “ Audrey, something came out of the computer terminal just before the power went out; some flash of light!”

Continuing to stare down at the little ones, she ask, “ Do you feel ok; you’re not in any pain or anything?”

One of the female employees answered with, “ We feel all right, but…”

The dark haired giantess squatted down before them and said, “ Well, I don’t know what I can do for you; I guess I’ll go outside and see what’s going on.”

Returning to her desk, Audrey got her dark blue jacket, her purse, left the room, and ventured out into the hall. Next, the lady remarked to herself as she headed for the stairs due to the obvious realization that the elevators would be out, “ Boy, I’m lucky my computer terminal was off when the power went out, or I too would be really looking up to my surroundings.” As she descended the stairs, her mind began to hypothesize as to the cause of it all. She ask herself, “ The computer terminal, the Internet, what else?” Her mind dug deeper and deeper into the problem. Eventually, she made a connection between the power outage and the shrinkage of the people. Whatever caused the size reduction was produced by some power surge in the general electrical system. This in turn affected all the communication devises. Hence, she remarked to her own ears as she finally made it to the bottom of the stairs, “ So it can’t be just computers that were affected, but every devise we use to communicate, whether it be one way or both.” Audrey also realized that any one using a phone, television, radio, computer, or whatever else, would have been shrunk when the power went dead. This realization scared her for a moment, for it meant that wherever this power failure occurred, people were shrunk. She guessed correctly at what she expected to see. Sure enough, as she opened the door of the stair well to enter the first floor, and then exit via the main entrance, she was greeted by the sight of an electric floor buffer standing alone a few feet from the door. However, as she approached, she saw a pair of stereo headphones lying on the floor next to the machine. Looking down, the lady observed a tiny little naked man looking straight up to her. It was now obvious to Audrey that he had been listening to the headset when ten forty eight struck, and consequently was reduced to three inches in height. Further, this observation now told her that the abnormality went through wireless communication devises as well.

As Audrey glanced down at him, the little man yelled up, “ Please, help me, help, what happened to me!”

She squatted down before him and said to the creature, “ All I can do is take you with me.” Next, she raised him up and walked with the male in hand out the main entrance and into the front parking lot of “ International Circuits”. The lady went straight to her car and got in. Placing the little man down next to her beautiful ass, she started the ignition. However, she was about to turn on the radio out of habit, but realized the danger it would pose. Thus, she refrained from doing so. With the car in gear, she drove away and began to observe crashed cars wherever she went. Obviously, she knew what had happened, the occupants all had their car radios going. When the moment of fate came, they all shrank, losing control. and hence the wreckage.

While moving down main avenue with her vehicle, she at first had no idea were to go. However, after a few moments of reflection, the dark haired lady decided to drive home to her condo five miles away located directly on the Atlantic sea shore.

Finally, Audrey arrived in front of the complex. After parking her car, she grabbed both her purse and the little naked janitor. Getting out, the woman went to the front entrance. Next, she pulled open the glass door and walked inside the structure. Hoping that the power was working at this location, she ventured to the elevators and pressed the button. Nothing happened. As a result, she went to the emergency stairs and began the ascent up to the sixth floor. Eventually, and slightly out of breath, the twenty seven year old made it to her condo door. Standing before the wooden panel, she began knocking in the hope that her boyfriend was still there. He spent the night with her and said he’d leave in the afternoon. Looking at her watch, she noted the time, eleven thirty two; hence, he should be inside. However, there was no response. Audrey knocked again. Again, only silence emanated from the other side. Consequently, the dark haired 5’ 11’ beauty reached into her purse and produced the keys. She opened the door and went inside. There, she closed the door behind her and yelled as a precaution, “ Luke, are you here?” Hearing nothing, she strolled over to the solfa and placed her purse upon it together with the little man.

Looking up to her, he ask, “ What are you going to do to me?”

Glancing down at him, she answered, “ I don’t know yet; we’ll have to wait and see what’s going to happen; I’m not even sure how much of the world is affected; if it’s only this city, the whole state, the country, or even the world.” However, as the lady eyed the janitor, she noticed something. Indeed, her cunt was wet. In fact, the sight of the little man seemed to be turning her on as she gazed down at his tiny frame. For some reason or another, the fact he was helpless and small stimulated something in her, for she pushed her teeth together and felt a pleasant sadistic rush in conjunction with her sex drive. Nonetheless, Audrey momentarily brushed the feeling aside and turned her gaze elsewhere. Looking away, her eyes almost immediately fell upon the stereo system. What caught her attention was the power button; it had been depressed inward, telling Audrey the system was on when the power failure occurred. As a result, our female supervisor deduced that Luke must truly be somewhere in the flat. Hence, Audrey began to search the place over. If he’d been listening to the stereo while the surge took place, then obviously he’d been reduced to three inches in height. Leaving the janitor upon the solfa, the lady went back into the bedroom. Bending down, she yelled under the bed, “ Luke, are you there?!” No response. Hence, the woman searched elsewhere. She got up and looked into the closets. Again, no evidence of her boyfriend. Going back into the livingroom, she searched from corner to corner. However, she found nothing. In addition, due to the increased anxiety accompanied with her search, Audrey felt the need to use the bathroom. Thus, the beautiful sexy feline got back on her feet and ventured to the toilet. Next, she lowered her dark trousers and her black panties. Afterward, she simply placed her gorgeous, seductive, curvaceous, and attractive ass upon the toilet seat. Four seconds later, she took a shit. With that done, she pissed away. Finally, the lady was finished with her business. Consequently, she reached for the toilet paper and wiped her ass. After dropping the soiled paper into the bowl, she reached back to the lever and was about to flush when she though she heard something. It was very feint and hardly audible. Nevertheless, the woman listen on with discrete attention. Eventually, she made it out.

It was indeed Luke, “ Audrey, help, help, please, don’t, don’t, down here!”

Then, the sexy lady realized from where the tiny voice was coming from. Upon getting up off the fixture, she turned around. Staring down into the shit and piss filled toilet water, she observed her little boyfriend crawling atop a piece of her used bathroom tissue. Looking up to her, he begged, “ Please get me out of here!”

As Audrey gazed down, she ask, “ How the hell did you get in there?”, after reaching down to her attire and pulling up her clothes.

She started to giggle as Luke explained the situation, “ A little over an hour ago, I was listening to the radio; then, I had to use the bathroom; I sat down to take a shit, but right before it came, a weird sound emerged from the stereo; then I shrank and fell in.” Audrey placed her hands upon her hips and laughed. For some reason the whole thing amused her. Nevertheless, she reached into the medicine cabinet and produced a Q-tip. With the short stick, she raised him out of the piss water and into the sink. Next, she flushed the toilet and turned on the cold water faucet. Luke cleaned himself off. Finally, discarding the Q-tip in the wastebasket, the woman grabbed Luke and ventured with him back into the livingroom.

Upon arrival, Audrey lowered Luke atop the solfa a few inches from the janitor. Next, she looked down at the men and said, “ It seems as if I now got two little pets.”

Luke yelled up, “ What’s happened, how did this happen?”

“ I don’t know yet, but it’s got something to do with the general power outage; I intend to find out more.”

After she said these words, she just stood there looking down at them and they in turn stared up at her. It went on for thirty seconds when the feeling once again started to grow within her. She couldn’t explain it, but their helpless frames excited her. Staring downward, she said, “ You know something, you guys look kind of cute.” Next, she went on, “ There’s no one else in here now, what’s the harm if we have a little fun?” Eventually, she remarked, “ Oh, what the heck, let’s go for it!”

Glancing at each other, the little men said nothing. Afterward, Audrey began removing her white blouse. With that removed, she took off her bra revealing her shapely tits. As a result, the two men now gave her their undivided attention. Indeed, their fear gave way a bit, and they both began to erect. Next, the sexy woman pulled her slacks over her boots, doing the same with her panties. Now, she stood before them naked, save for the footwear. Also, her magnificent cunt hairs presented themselves in all their dark and full glory; she really had a big forest between her legs. The males just sat there in awe as she reached upward and pulled the hair pins from her mane and let her black splendor fall to her shoulders. Next, in a very sexy manner, the lady pushed her front lock behind her right ear with her right hand and squatted before the couch. Eyeing them closely, she reached for Luke. After he stood on the palm of her hand, she stood up, turned around, and finally sat her sexy and glorious female ass right next to the little janitor.

Located atop the palm of her hand, Luke began dripping precum. Moreover, he looked straight at her magnificent tits and was irresistibly drawn to them. Hence, while remarking, “ So, I bet you’ve never seen my tits this great before,” Audrey moved Luke forward and dropped him in between her two mounds. He crawled up and over her left nipple and began playing with it. Immediately, the tissue erected from the effect of his touch. He kissed and caressed away as she smiled down at his work.

Meanwhile, as Luke toyed away with her tits, the janitor guy moved over and began kissing the side of her ass. He also opened his hands as wide as possible and embraced what he could of her butt. Truly, he was humbled by the experience. After kissing her rump for a minute, the little man ventured further back and eventually stood before her ass crack. Slowly, and with slavish devotion, he crawled up inside. Feeling this, Audrey moved forward slightly and moaned, “ Ah yea, crawl up my asshole, yea, I want you in my ass…!” Indeed, he did precisely that! He crawled in feet first and finally only his little head stuck out. In the end, he reached for his tiny cock and began to play.

She too started to play with herself. Sliding the middle finger of her left hand into her harry cunt, she began to massage. Also, while seated atop her tit, Luke commenced masturbation. After a few moments, all three individuals came in unison. With the jolly playtime over, Audrey reached behind her ass and pulled the little man forth. Setting him down next to her, she did the same with Luke.

However, as she placed Luke down, he measured off the janitor next to him and said, “ Man, you smell like shit!” Obviously he did; he was up her shithole for a good fifteen minutes.

Audrey looked down and ask, “ Is there a problem here little guys?”

Luke answered, “ Get this thing away, he stinks!”

Audrey then said, “ Don’t worry, I’ll clean him off as I did with you. She reached for the janitor, went with him into the bathroom, and returned a moment later. However, this time she placed him on the floor. Reaching for Luke, she did the same, setting him eight inches from the other guy. As they stood there, both males looked up at the black stiletto boots in awe, for the image radiated complete power, authority, and control. Truly, they were transfixed and humbled by the sight!

Looking down at her two inferiors, the giantess remarked, “ I really gotta find out what’s going on here.” Audrey turned around and walked over to the window. Being six stories up gave her a decent view of her surroundings. She looked out and observed the stillness. She remarked to both herself and the little ones behind her, “ It seems as if most every one has been reduced, there’s no one walking around down there; no cars moving or anything.” In addition, she also noted that for all the time she was in her apartment since getting there from the company, she hadn’t heard any planes fly above. Again, the feline spoke, “ It looks as if we’ve got a real big problem here.” However, the little males weren’t really paying attention to her words, their eyes were glued to her ass as she leaned against the window sill and stuck forth her posterior toward the room’s interior as she looked out toward the world. After glancing around, Audrey turned and ventured back to her companions. However, as the woman strolled over, she noticed their tiny erections. Upon arriving with the tip of her boot toe only four inches before them, she remarked sarcastically, “Men!” Then, Audrey said down to the two, “ Since you like me so much, here, kiss my boots!” Presenting the toe directly before Luke, she said, “ Kiss!” Immediately, he complied. Next, the janitor walked behind the stiletto masterpiece and began kissing the spike. Just standing there, the lady absorbed in the full adoration. Truly, she felt on top of the world!

However, as her two little subordinates kissed away, Audrey heard something at her condo door. It sounded similar to a mouse scratching away at a wooden panel. Nevertheless, Audrey knew it wasn’t a mouse. Looking in the direction of the flat’s entrance, she again listened on. A second later, the dark haired beauty ventured over to the door and squatted her attractive naked figure before the said entrance. In two seconds, she observed a tiny hand emerge from under the door. Next, a shrunken lady’s head came out. Finally, the little female crawled completely under the door and stood up. However, after the little creature straightened herself, she looked up and suddenly backed against the door in complete fear. Their eyes met and the small woman just stared forth with widened pupils. Shaking, she yelled up to Audrey, “ Please don’t hurt me!”

Audrey replied, “ Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.”

Feeling slightly relieved, the nude little lady dressed only in a pair of black pumps said up to the giantess, “ Help me, I’m shrunk along with a bunch of other people in my apartment!” She went on, “ I heard you and decided to see if I could get help.”

Audrey ask, “ Which condo do you live in?”

“ 605”.

Audrey’s place was 628, hence the lady’s abode was all the way down the hall. As a result, Audrey said down to the woman, “ You mean you walked that whole distance all by yourself in the state you’re in!?”

The tiny cunt answered, “ Yes, I crawled under my door and went all the way down the hall over here.”

Next, Audrey ask the tiny attractive blond, “ What’s your name?”

“ Irene.”

Then, while lowering the open palm of her hand down to the woman, Audrey said, “ Here, crawl on my hand and we’ll go see what’s up in your place.” Irene at first hesitated, for she was still slightly frightened; however, Audrey assured her, “ It’ll be ok, trust me, I’ll take you back to 605 and see what I can do.” Nodding in compliance, Irene stepped atop the giantess’s outstretched fingers. Finally, the tiny blond walked to the center of Audrey’s hand and sat her cute little ass down. Afterward, Audrey got up and opened the door. Next, she turned toward the men and said with humor, “ I’ll be back in a short while; don’t get lost while I’m gone.”

After shutting the door behind her, Audrey walked down the hall. While moving with Irene in her hand, she ask down to the little thing, “ So tell me all that happened.”

Looking up into Audrey’s attractive face, Irene relayed her story, “ Well, I had eleven people over for a party. We were all standing around with the stereo going; then all of a sudden, this strange sound came from the speakers; afterward, we all just shrank.”

Audrey said down to Irene, “ Something’s happened all over; the same thing happened where I was working; a bunch of people shrank; I was lucky, I stood behind a panel and wasn’t affected by whatever it was.”

Forty six seconds later, Audrey stood before door number 605. With her free hand she reached for the knob and tried to open it. However, the door was locked. Audrey remarked, “ Shit!” Nonetheless, she gently placed Irene upon the floor and said, “ Here, I’ll see if I can push it in.” The doors weren’t the strongest in the world, hence she had a good chance of busting it open. Consequently, the feline made three steps back. Next, she ran forward and threw her shoulder against the panel. It didn’t open, but she noticed that the area around the lock was weakened somewhat. Again, she stepped back and afterward threw herself against it. Again, it didn’t pop forth, but Audrey could easily tell she was making progress. Eventually, after four more times, the wooden door swung open and struck the inside wall.

Wearing nothing save her boots, the beautiful brunette stepped inside and walked forth. After five strides, she looked down toward the center of the livingroom and saw eleven tiny ones. In fact, she gazed down at four men and seven women. Also, they were all naked save again for the fact that the female Lilliputians had on only their pumps. Standing there, Audrey rested her weight to one leg and ask, “ So I assume all of you have been standing around here as little creatures since ten forty eight?” Awed by her spectacular, yet overbearing physique, they simply nodded quietly as if they were all in a state of semishock. Next, the dark haired lady squatted down before her tiny audience and said, “ Well, I’ll see what I can do in a few minutes; I happen to know something about electronics, perhaps I can figure all of this out.” However, as she spoke on, she noticed that another sexual rush was coming on. Therefore, Audrey reached forth for one of the tinny men. He tried to back off, but Audrey was too fast for him. Grabbing the little male, Audrey raised him to her pretty face, saying, “ You know, you’re cute.” The rest of the people were aghast and horrified at her remark, for it signified the fact that they were at her complete mercy.

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