Tablitha and Mark (Part 1)

Author: Cecilia

Tablitha kissed his cheek, her soft lips tickling his little hairs. Mark smiled cuddling tight to her, his lips puckering against her cheek softly, stroking his fingers gently through her long red hair. She smiled brightly up at him, nervous about what was about to happen.

Mark smiled into her eyes; his fingers brushing her hair back slowly, puckering softly against her soft skin. Tablitha giggled nervously. Mark smiled warmly, his arms snuggled tight around her, threading his fingers gently through her hair, comforting her. He placed tender kisses softly against her lips as he held her close. Tablitha moaned lightly into the kiss, her tongue slowly dancing with his.

Mark slid his tongue gently over hers, circling it slowly, his fingers stroking back through her hair gently. She became lost in the moment and began to slide her hands up his back as she deepened the kiss and the rest of the world disappeared. Mark ‘s body trembled, feeling her hands sliding against his bare skin, he cupped her cheek in his hand softly, rolling his tongue over hers, moaning softly against her lips. Tablitha pressed her body against his, her breasts against his chest, her hands still caressing his back. She broke off the kiss and began to slide out of his lap.

Mark moans softly, his heart beating faster, goose bumps covering his skin.. Tablitha smiled into his eyes, leaned forward and began to kiss his neck, light nibbles, slowly moving around and down to his chest, her fingertips softly trailing. Mark was about to explode and had to bite his lower lip. His eyes followed her every move as he gently caressed his fingers back through her hair. He felt his nipples harden as her lips slid down over his chest. Tablitha flicked her tongue over his hardened nipples, teasing them, then lightly sucking, slowly moving between both. Her hands slid down his sides to his hips . . . her nipples tickling the tops of his thighs. Mark trembled, his moans soft and controlled. He began to trace his fingers gently down her shoulder blades, over her back, caressing her soft skin, his eyes melting into hers. As she placed kisses across his tummy, her chin tickled his little hairs, her tongue and lips covered every inch, until she feels the tip of his cock touch her chin.

Mark let out a gasp as he felt her touch his now hard manhood. He began to tremble in anticipation. His hands rub tenderly back and forth against her upper back, the head of his cock oozing a little against her skin as it brushes over it, his eyes so lost in hers. Tablitha grinned up at him as she slipped her tongue out from her hot mouth and laid it against the tip of his cock, slowly drew it back in to taste him. She leaned forward, her breasts resting against his thighs, and wrapped her pouty lips around the head of his cock. Mark tilted his head back, letting out a moan as he bit his lower lip, his cock springing up as her lips wrapped around the tip.

Tablitha squeezed her lips around his hard shaft as it entered her hot mouth, her tongue rolled around either side, she pushed her head forward, sucking him deeper into her mouth until the head touched the back of her throat.

Mark moaned again, his fingers threading through her hair passionately as her lips slide down the length of his shaft. Tablitha began to bob her head slowly, her tongue flicking around his shaft. She moaned softly as she looked up at him, her mouth full of his cock, she slipped a hand to his balls and gently caressed them. Mark felt his balls tighten against her fingers as she caressed them. The head of his cock flaring against her tongue as her lips slid back and forth against his shaft. She squeezed her lips tighter and quickened her pace, sliding his throbbing cock in and out of her hot little mouth, the head touching the back of her throat, her breasts rubbed against the tops of his thighs with each bob.

Mark ‘s body began to jerk wildly, his hands slid down under her, cupping her full breasts in his hands, massaging them tenderly as her mouth slid back and forth against his throbbing shaft. Tablitha moaned on his cock, sending vibrations along the shaft wanting to taste him, she quickened the pace again. Mark massaged his fingers into her breasts, his thumbs rolling over her nipples, his cock pulsing wildly between her lips as she bobbed her head up and down. He felt a stream of ooze spilling from his head onto her tongue, his climax drawing closer. Tablitha hungrily sucked his cock, and began to bob from her waist. Her rapid movements caused her long dark hair to fall onto his thighs. Her tongue danced along his shaft and her lips squeezed tightly.

Mark moaned loudly as his entire body quivered. He felt his balls tighten with an impending climax an explosion caused by her lust. His breathing came in gasps as he felt the familiar release of his climax. As she felt the warm thick cum touch her tongue, Tablitha moaned and continued her long steady strokes, looking up at him with smiling eyes. Mark ‘s body trembled deeply, his thick cum spilling into her mouth, his eyes so lost in hers, his body convulsing as he ran his hands quickly up to her cheeks, cupping against them lovingly.

He guided her lips from his cock up to his face, then kissed her deeply, tasting himself in her sweet mouth. Tablitha smiled up at him, her green eyes fixed on his. Mark ‘s eyes locked into hers, his tongue circled over hers lovingly, tracing his fingers slowly down her body. He began to tease her breasts, brushing his thumbs over her nipples as his hands cupped against them. Mark moaned softly, tasting himself against her tongue. He slid one hand down her tummy so very slowly, caressing her soft skin, past her belly button.

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