Mr Spraycan – case 4

Unidentified voice: “It’s too late to try fighting us off, Julie. You should have thought first before opening your door to a guy who happens to be wearing a courier’s uniform. Especially when you’ve heard so many stories about how smart the Geek is. That’s what you’ve been calling me, isn’t it? I’m kind of flattered.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Stay away from me, you asshole!”

Unidentified voice: “I don’t have to come any closer than I already am. You’re well within range. All I need to do is to aim and push the button — like so. Happy dreams and we’ll be waiting for you when you wake up, Sergeant.”

Sergeant Grafton: “No!”

Unidentified voice: “You can come in now, Mr nobody. But be careful what you say, I’m sure she turned her wire on as soon as she realized who I was.”

Unidentified voice (2) : “OK. Were you standing way back here when you used the can on her? The gas would have been well diluted with air by the time it hit her.”

Unidentified voice: “It doesn’t matter, she’s down and out. Anyway, I don’t want this one fully under — I want her to be switched on enough to know what’s happening to her.”

Unidentified voice (2): “Fine by me. Got the camera ready?”

Unidentified voice: Sure; let’s see how she is. Hey, Julie, how are you feeling? Nice and relaxed now?”

Sergeant Grafton: “Hmmm — I suppose so. I’m not sure.”

Unidentified voice: “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Listen, we’re going to help you up and then put you somewhere comfortable. Come on, oops-a-daisy.”

Unidentified voice (2): “I can’t believe she’s a cop. What a little honey!”

Unidentified voice: “You’re saying better things about her than she does about you. She calls you monkey face.”

Unidentified voice (2): “I don’t care what she’s been calling me, she’s going to start making up for it from here on in.”

Sergeant Grafton: “What are you doing? No, you mustn’t do that!”

Unidentified voice: “Relax, Julie, we’re just uncovering these nice plump tits of yours so we can admire them.”

Unidentified voice (2): “You’re right, she’s not as far out as the others were. She can’t really fight it but she knows enough to be ashamed of herself. That’s great!”

Unidentified voice: “Yeah, it’s been a useful experiment. OK, Julie, now I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. Last week you went and had a long talk with a mutual acquaintance of ours, a certain Ms Robin O’Monahan. You also showed a lot of interest in the pictures we took of her getting banged up. So, since we’re moving abroad, we thought we’d pay you a parting visit and take some photos of you getting fucked in the same way. Great idea, hey?”

Sergeant Grafton: “No, I’m a police officer, you mustn’t!”

Unidentified voice: “OK, Sergeant, let’s take a look at the first one off the pile here. My buddy is now going to step up close and let you give his cock a nice big kiss, just the way that Ms O’Monahan did. Are you ready for that?”

Sergeant Grafton: “You’ll go to jail, both of you.”

Unidentified voice (2): “Listen, bitch, if you don’t rub your lips against my cherry buster right now I’m going to smack you in the face with this saucepan.”

Unidentified voice: “That’s a pretty crude way of dealing with her, good buddy.”

Unidentified voice (2): “Is it working though?”

Unidentified voice: “Oh yeah, it seems to be working fine, I admit that. But the gas will soon drive her wild anyway.”

Unidentified voice (2): “OK, in the meantime I’ll keep the saucepan within reach to make sure she stays on the boil.”

Sergeant Grafton: “No pictures . . . please.”

Unidentified voice: “You sound like Julia Roberts being pestered by paparazzi in a night club, Sergeant. The problem is that you’re not famous — yet. Anyway, you’re too late, it’s already be taken. Now, are you ready for the next snap of Robin? It’s a good one.”

Sergeant Grafton: “I’m begging you, let me go.”

Unidentified voice: “Don’t be silly, sergeant, nobody is going to turn you loose when we’re just getting to know each other. Now, this is the next pose I want, OK?”

Sergeant Grafton: “I’ll do anything you want, but please don’t use the camera again.”

Unidentified voice (2): “Shall I hit her?”

Unidentified voice: “It seems like it’s your choice, sergeant. It’s either sucky-sucky in front of the clicky-clicky, or smacky-smacky. You’ve got two seconds to decide which, but I think you should bear in mind that you won’t look nearly so good with a broken nose . . .hmmm, smart move.”

Unidentified voice (2): “Aaaah, that’s good. That’s what I came here for. Looks like we finally got the law on our side.”

Unidentified voice: “Sure. That’s right. OK, Julie, lots and lots of good suction down there, let’s see those cheeks nicely puckered in, and keep rolling those eyes. We wouldn’t want you to look any less horny than the other girls in our souvenir scrap book, would we?”

Unidentified voice (2): “Look at the tits on her. Christ, I’d pay good money to screw her in her police uniform.”

Unidentified voice: “Maybe later on. Unless you want to stop now while she gets changed?”

Unidentified voice (2): “Hell, no, later on will do fine. I’m enjoying this too much to want to stop now!”

Unidentified voice: “Take your hand away from her head and we’ll see if she’s got enough sense to keep going.”

Unidentified voice (2): “No problems at all, good buddy, she’s cruising on automatic now. She’ll swallow every cock that comes her way until somebody tells her to stop.”

Unidentified voice: “Yeah, I think poor little Julie was fucked in the head before you even started in on her. I think she’s been investigating too many sex crimes lately. A woman keeps thinking about sex that way all the time, and sooner or later she’s going to need a couple of hard working guys to straighten her out again.”

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