Home Visit

Author: picturepainter

The Visit

The house was quiet now as I walked slowly up the stairs. I had never lived in this house with my wife before our divorce some years ago and it was untidy. The only reason I was here now was due to the hotel messing up my booking. I was in the city to visit my daughters Kim and Mary who were both teenagers now but the hotel had double booked my room and was now full. And being in the city which was not my home town I needed somewhere to stay for the two nights I was in town. And because I really had no other choice I had to ask my first wife if I could stay, which she had happily agreed to. Our break-up like most had not been a happy one some 10 years before and whilst we were on friendly terms I had a feeling that she still held feelings for me although I had remarried in the meantime but subsequently and recently divorced again. Not the best track record I know but all my fault.

Carol, my first wife was young and a virgin when we married, she being 18 to my 19 and our sex life was less than satisfying as was living with her. At that age she had the body of an angel with long dark hair, big brown eyes and perfect smile but most of all her 34, 23, 34 figure was incredible as were her DD cups which I suppose how been my first attraction to her. They say you should fall in love with more than one thing and in my case I did, two incredible big soft breasts. But our inexperience showed and we never really hit it off in bed and that amongst other things led to our break-up following the births of our two lovely daughters, now aged 19 and 17.

And so I had arrived at her untidy house and she had made me a coffee as we chatted and I looked at her. Unlike the beautiful creature I had married all those years ago, and although she still had gorgeous big brown eyes she had put on some weight in the years and her breasts were now even larger than I had seen. And she took great pride in telling me that whilst I was welcome to stay I would need to sleep on the couch and she was going out for the evening with a friend and wouldn’t be back until late. I watched as she disappeared upstairs before reappearing in a slinky long dress that had a slit up the side and seemed to cling to her plump body with the neckline leaving little to the imagination as to how big her breasts now were. She smiled sweetly and told me to make myself at home and told me the girls would be out until late as they were clubbing.

I had smiled and wished her a nice evening and now I was bored and creeping up the stairs to have a nose around her house. I glanced into the girl’s bedrooms to see unmade beds and the floor strewn with clothes and panties before glancing inside my ex wife’s bedroom. Hers was much the same and I entered cautiously. I didn’t want her to know I had sneaked around and so had to be careful.

It was only recently that I had started to think about her again and would wank as I remembered her fantastic body as a teenager and some of the more memorable times we had had and also some of the clothes she used to wear. I had brought her many outfits and lingerie in my time and could clearly imagine her dressed and undressed which always gave me a big hard-on resulting in my wanking over memories of her.

I glanced down at the bed and noticed a discarded bra, lifting it slowly I looked at the black lace cups seeing the tag showing 40FF. I smiled feeling my cock jerk in my trousers. It was incredible that just that size could have this effect on me but it did. I dropped the bra and lifted a pair of matching panties, still warm from her and lifted them to my nose breathing in deeply. Well my cock was now starting to get even harder but hadn’t quite reached its full capacity, not until I opened the wardrobe door and glanced down to see a shoe box on the bottom shelf. Kneeling down I opened the box and noticed a pile of letters tied with a ribbon and below it a pile of photos that I immediately recognized as ones I had taken during our marriage of my beautiful young wife.

I immediately pulled them out to look at the black and white images of my wife aged around 28 in various stages of undress and came to my favourite, one of her leaning forward with her arms under her naked breasts and dressed only in a collar and thong as she leaned towards the camera with a smile on her painted lips. My cock was rock hard now and I knew that I would need to relieve myself and there was no better way than to do it over my favourite picture of my ex wife’s fat tits in her own bedroom while she was out.

Pushing aside the clothing I laid some pictures out on the bed and stripped naked before kneeling down at the side of the bed looking at the woman I had left. My cock felt hot and very hard as I closed my fingers around my shaft and started to wank very slowly to the sight of her wonderous tits. I continued to move my hand slowly up and down my thick shaft and eased my other hand down to my full balls squeezing them gently as I enjoyed the moment.

But this wasn’t enough, I wanted more! I wanted to really enjoy this experience and to cum like a fountain when I was ready. Reaching out I took hold of the bra and removing the strap moments later I had the strap tied tightly around the base of my shaft. This increased the pressure on my cock and I watched with increasing excitement as it expand even fatter and hotter than ever before. Next I lifted the black lace panties, still warm from my ex wife and stepped into them pulling them up to cover my hard 8” cock that pushed them out in a tent at the front. It was then that I saw it, something glinting slightly under the bed and I reached under and pulled out the 6” gold coloured vibrator. naughty girl, I murmured under my breath with a smile if satisfaction on my face. Now I was definitely ready to start again.

I knelt in a comfortable position in front of the bed with the pictures spread in front of me and my rigid cock now ached to be touched and caressed by my own hands. Slowly I closed my hand over my cock feeling the heat of the organ through the thin lace material of the panties that were already becoming wet from my pre-cum. Then, with my other hand I slid the vibrator underneath myself until it was just below my arsehole. Pulling the panties aside at the back I eased the head of the toy up against myself and flicked the switch on the base. Immediately the toy started to buzz slowly and I felt the warm vibration start to tickle my rectum sending wonderful vibrations up through my body. At the same time my cock seemed to throb even harder and leak pre cum.

I gazed adoringly at the picture of my ex wife, her massive breasts squashed and pushed towards the camera under her dark hair and eyes as my hand worked first slowly then faster on my swollen shaft wanking it through the panties, up and down as I wanked. Then finally when I was ready I started to ease the vibrator against my arsehole and then as I felt it loosen up finally I slid the toy a little way in.

I now couldn’t hold out any longer and felt the waves of indescribable pleasure travel all over my body, with all of my nerve endings feeling like they were on fire. As a final act of self indulgence I started to wank harder and faster as I sat back down directly onto the vibrator and felt it slide deeper inside me. Finally I ripped the panties down at the front just in time as my cock erupted at full force and shot after shot came out of my swollen member hitting the photo on the bed and some of my hot cum landing on the bedclothes themselves. I moaned and groaned and forced myself on as my body was ravaged by the intensity of one of the best orgasms I had ever experienced as the cum kept flowing and my body continued to tremble. I was a quivering heap as I let out a loud uncontrollable moan of pleasure that slowly calmed down as my cock continued to pulse dribbling cum out and down the shaft all over the panties. Finally I felt the waves of the emotion created by the massive orgasm subside and released my cock shaft from its bondage of the bra strap and removed the panties before cleaning up.

I quickly dressed before wiping the bed with the panties and quickly sliding them into my front pocket of my jeans. I replaced the photos with the exception of the cum covered one and folded that and placed it in my back pocket before carefully sliding out of my ex wife’s private domain and returning downstairs to watch TV.

Carol returned an hour later slightly drunk with still coherent and we had a coffee and a chat before she said she was going to her bed and would get my bedding down. I smiled as she brought the pillows and duvet into the living room and laid them onto the couch.
“Thanks!” I smiled. “That’ll be fine!” But as I turned something fell out of my back pocket and Carol immediately bent down to lift it up.
“Looks like you’ve dropped something!” She said innocently and before I could turn she opened the folded photo!
I didn’t know what to say and so said nothing as she looked at the picture of herself still covered in my cum.
“Well!” She frowned at me. “I suppose you must like something about me then?”

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