Special Delivery For Me

Author: Goblin

I work for one of the major overnight delivery services. It doesn’t take a lot of brain work, but it pays great and I get to be out and about a lot making my delivery runs without someone looking over my shoulder all the time. Probably best of all is that it’s sunny and warm all year round where I live so I get to wear those shorts that show off my ass. I’m really proud of it because I work out almost every day and it’s a hard bubble butt. I love the looks I get sometimes from guys on my route and it’s a great way to find someone for a quick fuck when I’m horny and want to take the edge off during the work day. There are some hot guys working at some of my stops and more of them are looking for some hot, sweaty action then yu would imagine.

A month ago I was about finished for the day. It had been a scorcher and I wasn’t finding this place. It was back in one of those industrial parks where every building looks the same. Anyway, I finally found it way in the back of the complex and took my electronic pad and the package up to the service door and rang the bell. No answer, so I rang it again. The door finally opened and this gorgeous guy in a muscle tee and jeans appeared in the doorway. Blonde, blue-eyed and not too muscular, just great definition with hot pecs that stood out in his tight shirt and he had these great-looking arms just the way I liked them.. His body tapered to a V at his waist that unconsciously drew my eyes to his crotch, where he had a thick log pointing to the right and looking like it was at least six inches soft. It stretched the fabric of his tight pants to the point where it looked like it would burst.

I could feel my asshole pucker at the thought of the big tool spreading me open and impaling me like some great, fleshy spear. I tried not to show my excitement and get on with my job. It turned out he was new and they’d left him there waiting for me while everyone else had gone to lunch. When he turned around to set the package down, I got a look at his butt. It was round and firm in his jeans. I could feel my cock starting to stir and the hairs on my balls were tingling. I had to have this guy. Unfortunately, the other workers started to return from their lunch, so I didn’t get to put him to the test and had to leave. He had been making some eye contact with me, but I wasn’t sure. Time for the test. As I walked round the front of my truck, I glanced back. Yes! There he was, watching as I walked away. It never fails. If they’re interested, the ass always catches their eye. Next time, I’d be ready.

I ended up having to wait a couple of weeks before I could put my plan into motion. Then, one day, a package came through for the hottie’s company. I’d mapped out exactly how things were going to work out. I made sure I showed up about the same time that day to make my delivery. I was playing the odds that they’d leave him there again, all alone, and made sure I got there a little earlier than on my last visit, just so we’d have enough time for what I had in mind. The closer I got to the object of my desire, the more I could feel my fuck tool stirring in my shorts. I swear, I even had some precum. And my ass was itching. That itch you get when you’re so horny you want to be fucked and fucked right now!

When I got to the door, it was as I had hoped. The stud had been left alone waiting for me to make my delivery. He was even hotter than he had been the first time. He was wearing these cut-off shorts that showed off his muscular, hairy legs and another muscle tee, drenched in sweat. As he signed for the package, I started engaging in some small talk. He told me his name was Gary and that he’d just moved to the area a couple of months before. I asked him if he worked out and he told me he’d played a lot of football in high school, but that he hadn’t found a place here in town yet. I mentioned my club and told him he should check it out. My cock was pushing hard against the front of my uniform shorts the whole time and I could see him glancing down at it from time to time as we talked. It just convinced me more and more that I was right. It was time to put my plan into action.

I looked down at my order pad and lied and told him I had another package in the truck. A rather large package and could he help me with it. It would only take a minute. He smiled this big, toothy smile, baring some beautiful straight, white teeth and said he’d be glad to since there really wasn’t anything for him to do at the moment. I led him out to the back of my van and opened the rear cargo doors. As I climbed in, I made like I had lost my balance and began to fall backwards. I felt his powerful hands on my butt, gripping the cheeks and bracing me so I wouldn’t fall. I was in heaven as I felt them give a little squeeze as he pushed me forward to help me regain my balance. I was now more sure than ever that this would work. He climbed in after me and followed me toward the front of the truck, when I told him the package was up on a high rack.

He stood up close behind me. There wasn’t much room here, as there were long package shelves along both sides of the cargo compartment. It was so hot and his man scent from his sweat was intoxicating me. I had a full-on boner now and my cock was in pain from the constriction in my shorts. I needed to be fucked bad! I made like the package was on the top shelf and stepped back as if to get a better look. As I did, I pushed my hard, muscular butt into his crotch. I could feel his cock up against it. He gave out a low grunt, but didn’t say a word. So I ground into his cock, hard, and felt it begin to become erect. He reciprocated and thrust his hips forward. I had to have his cock in my mouth. I quickly went to the back of the truck and shut the door.

I turned around to face him. The light from the small windows in the doors played across his body. Gary just smiled and grabbed his crotch and gave it a squeeze. Then he walked up to me and pulled me close, squeezing me tight to his body. His lips found mine and his tongue forced them apart and met mine. His hands slipped down to my ass, exploring the roundness of it, caressing it, rubbing it. Our lips parted and I pulled off his shirt. I took my tongue tip and started at his neck and ran it slowly down his chest, tasting the sweaty tang. I started to work on his nipples, but he grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me to my knees. There I was, just an inch away from what I craved. I said his dick was six inches soft? Well, hard, it must have been ten inches and the outline of it ran down his thigh. I made for his zipper, but he grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled me away. He wanted this honor for himself and he slowly pulled his pants open with his free hand and slid them and the briefs underneath down.

His rod sprung up and almost hit me in the face. It was fat, with a mushroom-shaped head and his balls dangled low below it, the size of large plums. He gave his balls a tug and thrust his hips forward so that his cock was almost close enough to my lips to taste and then he said, "You like this, bitch?" Before I even had a chance to reply, he’d pulled my head forward and forced my mouth open with his meat. Oh my god, it was so hot and tasted of his sweat. He stopped when his head was in my mouth and I ran my tongue round the rim. I could feel his body shiver as I tongued and licked that perfectly shaped cockhead and then jabbed the tip into his piss hole. He was loving it. I felt his grip loosen up on my hair and I took his shaft in one hand and slipped my other down to fondle his nuts. I began to slowly bob on his stick, sliding my hand along in time to my mouth action and he began thrusting his hips along with me.

I could feel his balls in my hand as they began to tighten up, but I didn’t want him to cum yet. I wanted to feel his redwood in my hungry man hole. I pushed him back and shook his hand from my hair. I took his hand and led him back to the package racks. Then, I turned my back to him and bent over, bracing myself on one of the shelves. He didn’t have to be told what I wanted. He grasped my cheeks and spread my ass. Sweat dripped from our bodies and he slipped first one, then a second finger in my red hot asshole. He corkscrewed in his rough fingers as he spread apart my hole, preparing it for that huge fuckstick of his. I’d never taken anything that big before and I was a little nervous, but I had to have it. I had to have him. As he manipulated me with his fingers, he took his cock in his other hand and teased me by running the tip of the head up and down my crack. Precum was dripping profusely from my cock now as I waited in delicious anticipation.

Then, I felt the head of his dick graze my hole. A buzz went through my body like I’d grabbed a live wire and I shuddered. He teased it a little more and I could feel the wet of his precum lubricating my opening. He started pressing his magic mushroom slowly into me. He’d done his best to prepare me for the beast, but I still felt exquisite pain as I was pushed to lengths to which I had never gone before. I gave out a loud moan as it passed through and more of him entered me. He was filling me like I’d never been filled before. Once he’d gotten about a third of the way in, it became easier and I enjoyed the feeling as I felt the rest of it slide into my tight ass. To be honest, I hadn’t been sure I could take it all, but then I felt his pubes brush up against my skin and knew that he was in to the hilt.

Gary began slowly sliding his monster meat in and out of me, just to give me time to adjust to the new resident in my fuck hole. As he picked up speed, he gripped my hips tighter. Then, he pulled it out almost all the way and paused. I knew he hadn’t cum yet and was about to ask him what was the matter when he shoved it home with all his weight. I yelled out as he grabbed my hair, pulling my head back. He braced himself by placing his hand on my shoulder and I could feel his thighs smashing into my butt with every stroke. Faster, rougher. He was riding me like an animal, grinding his hips into me and biting my neck and back- forcing me back down when I tried to rise up and slapping my ass as if I were some wild pony he was trying to break. I bore down and tightened up on his cock, which was no easy job, and I could feel the heat of it and the wet from his precum as it trickled from my butthole. I could feel it swell in me and knew he was going to shoot his jizz. His pace became faster and faster and sweat was splashing off him onto me with ever slap of his skin against mine. His hairy arms gripped me tight around the waist and he lifted me up off the floor and he pounded me harder and harder on his way to orgasm.

I could feel his rock-hard nipples pressed tight into my back and his chest slipping and sliding and mingling his sweat with mine and then it happened. I felt a molten hot, gooey eruption as he shot his wad. It wasn’t some tiny little spew, but like a volcano and it felt like he was injecting me with gallons of his cum. His body shook and his rapid strokes became slow, hard rams into my ass and with each push, more jizz came spurting out of his cock. Then, finally, we dropped to the floor of the van, his cock still hard inside me, his juice running from my rectum and puddling under us. It was so hot feeling him inside me like that and I’m sure he could have had another go. I mean, it just stayed hard. But then we heard voices from outside and he woke from his daze and slipped out of me with a pronounced "pop". I rolled over and watched as he rushed to dress. He wiped his tool off with his briefs, gave me a little grin, and tossed them into my face. I lay there recovering and after he was sure that everyone else had made it into the building, he opened the door and slipped out.

I still work that route, but I never saw Gary again. He’d only been a temp and it had only been by luck that he’d happened to be working there, but there’s nothing temporary about the memories that flood back every time I pull out those undies and and think about the day I recieved a special delivery at my back door.

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