Fun On The Run

Author: Goblin

I live out in the country, sort of. The town I live in is small, built around a small, expensive private college and the area my house is in is in a rather park-like setting, with large, old houses widely-spaced and set back from the road amongst trees that are hundreds of years old. The one peculiarity of my house was that from a certain angle on the porch, I could see everything that went on in the roadway. Which for me was just fine because it afforded me the chance every fall to watch the men’s cross-country team as it went on it’s practice runs.

I loved watching them, sweat glistening on the bare skin of the ones who ran without shirts, as they went by. Their long, hairy legs were such a turn-on and I could just imagine their tight butts as they bounced under their short running kit. I had built up a lot of fantasies around having a young, muscular ass gripping tightly on my cock.

One day, I was sitting out on my porch once more as they ran by. As the back of the pack began to filter past, the men became more spread out, with sometimes just one or two together of the slowest members of the squad making their way at an even pace. It was one of these single runners who caught my eye as he stopped, right there, in front of my place. He gave his leg a shake and then began to limp along, obviously in some pain. He stopped again, and gave a look around and when another runner behind him stopped to see what was the matter, I could see them in animated conversation. They looked up toward where I sat on my porch and the one he was talking to nodded and went on his way. My intense interest changed to surprise as the one who’d pulled up lame began to limp up my drive toward the house. My heart began to pump a little faster as he came closer and I could see the sweat on his slim, firm body, as he wandered in and out of the light falling through the branches of the trees.

I met him at the bottom of the steps. He was balancing on one foot and told me he’d gotten a cramp and asked if he could sit down for a while until he’d been able to work it out. Checking out his foot allowed me to get a good look at his legs. They were covered in curly blonde hair, which was a real turn-on for me, and his muscular thighs as well. I told him there would be no problem and slipped my arm round his back and helped him up the steps. He had a musky manly scent from all the perspiration and I could feel the ripple of his muscles under my hand as I helped him walk. I suggested we go on inside and I’d get him some lemonade. He was more than happy to take my suggestion and I helped him to a chair in my kitchen. He told me his name was Roy and that he was a freshman at the college. My eyes kept glancing back at him as I went to the refrigerator for the lemonade and the cabinet for a tall glass and began to pour. He was using his t-shirt he’d had tucked into his shorts to wipe the sweat from his neck, chest, back , and underarms and I could see that his nipples had become erect in the cool, air-conditioned house.

I returned to the table with a glass for each of us and set his before him. He picked it up and took a long drink, downing half of it. I followed the smooth curve of his neck, noticing bits of stubble which told me he hadn’t shaved that morning. Rough, scruffy. I like that look. The muscles in his thighs were still twitching a bit from his run. As he set down his glass, he gave a grimace and lifted his foot from the floor. I asked him if it hurt a lot. He said yes, that he’d never had a cramp so bad. Seeing an opportunity here, I told him that maybe it would be a good idea to try and massage the cramp out.

I knelt down in front of him and slipped off his running shoe and sock. He had the most beautiful foot, nice toes and well-manicured toenails. I proceeded to knead and rub the arch with my hands as he took another drink of his lemonade. I asked him how it felt and he said it seemed to be helping. I ran my hand up the back of his leg, and feeling tightness there in his calf, I proceeded to massage it, too. Lifting his leg like this, I could glance up underneath the leg of his running shorts and see up his tasty-looking thighs and almost to his crotch.

I continued my massage, with him giving out an occasional murmur of approval, and trying to catch a glimpse of what he had there under his pants. I did it once too often and got caught. His eyes met mine and startled me so that I gave too tight a squeeze. This elicited a yelp and he grabbed my shoulder. "I’m sorry," I said. "That’s okay," he answered. "Just keep going. It feels good." And he gave me a smile and spread his legs apart just a bit, just enough that I could see a bulge growing there.

I gathered up my courage and moved my hand from his calf up to his thigh and began rubbing it. I asked him if he’d had any cramping there. "Just a little.Let me show you." Roy took my hand in his and moved it up his thigh to the inside, just below crotch. Just below the now very visible outline of his cock. He held his hand there, on mine, as I massaged the inside of his leg and when I made to "accidentally" brush up against his boner, he took it firmly and planted it on his boner and pressed it in so that I could feel how hard he was. I felt a raw tingle run down my spine and into my balls as my own meat rose to attention. This was all too good to be true.

Roy held my hand tightly and began rubbing it into his crotch. He felt so hard. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled back my head so that I was looking up at him. "Stand up," he said. I complied with his demand and stood there in front of him, my seven and a half inches pressing out tightly against the front of my jeans. He leaned forward and began rubbing his hand up and down the front of my pants, squeezing and rubbing and running his fingers back past where my balls were and pressing them to put pressure on The Spot. I stepped forward, straddling him in the chair and bringing my crotch right up to his face and he leaned into it, nuzzling and mouthing the bulge there. Then he undid the top button and unzipped the fly and proceeded to nuzzle and nibble at my shaft through the fabric of my tight, white briefs.

I let my fingers tangle in his hair as he proceeded to pull down my underwear and go to work on my steel rod with his tongue. First, he slowly ran the tip of it round the rim of my head stopping only to give some attention to the head itself, tickling it and licking it with the firm, rough surface of the flat of his tongue as if it were an ice cream cone. Then, he took the shaft in his hand and ran his tongue along the big, fat vein on the underside. Lightly he ran it slowly down until he reached my nuts. He buried his nose in them, then licked and sucked on them, popping them into his mouth and thoroughly washing them with his tongue. I was in heaven and gave out a loud moan. Then Roy ran his tongue back up my meat to the head, all the while tugging and fondling my balls.

He engulfed the head with his hot, wet mouth and began whisking his tongue all around my cockhead, sending electric spasms through my body. I could feel my knees buckle slightly as the young buck seated before me began bobbing on my head, his hand working my shaft in time to the motion. I began to feel my balls tighten up knew that if I wanted to get a piece of that ass, I had to do something. I pulled back on his hair, forcing him to release my dick. He looked up at me with a surprised look and I said "I want your ass. Have you ever been fucked?" "Oh, yeah," he said, as he stood up in front of me. He dropped his shorts to reveal he was wearing nothing underneath but a jockstrap. The hairs from his bush were poking wildly out from underneath the tent that was being held up by his now-fully-erect pole. My mouth watered, but there was just one thing I really wanted and when he turned his back to me, his ass looked just as luscious as I had hoped. Rock-hard, with just a bit of the same wiry hair that covered his legs.

He wiggled it a little and then asked me if I liked it. I laughed and gave it a slap and told him it would do just fine. He bent over before me, grasping the back of the chair with his hands as I ran my hands over the fine butt. I felt every inch of his cheeks, how soft and pliant the skin was. How firm and taut the muscles underneath. I stepped up to him and pressed the shaft of my cock into his crack, letting it slide up and down between his cheeks. Then I teased his hole with it, rubbing the head from right behind his balls all the way to his tight, pink hole and rubbing my precum there. It was getting all slippery and was ready for my rod, so I grabbed him by his hips and slowly pressed the cockhead into it until I felt it was all the way in. I felt his body shudder and stopped there for a moment to enjoy the feeling of his tight sphincter as it gripped me.

Then I forced my cock home, all the way to the hilt. He yelped at the sudden pressure as it slid up his manhole, so I stopped for a moment to let him adjust to the size of it. His butt felt warm and snug around my tool. I began pumping it in and out in long, slow strokes. Roy threw his head back and I could see the muscles along his spine tense up as he arched his back. I began going faster, gripping his hips tightly. My dick was slick with my precum, so it was easy. I could feel his skin burning against mine with each slap of my thighs against his. I could feel the manjuice welling up at the base of my cock, so I slowed down. I could feel his muscles gripping at it as if he were trying to suck me deeper into his hole. I pulled my cock almost all the way out, then slammed it back so that you could hear the slap of my sweaty thighs as they hit his firm ass. I did it again and then a third time, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer.

I decided to take this race into the home stretch and began doing short, rapid strokes, throwing the full weight of my hips into it and grinding them a little on each downstroke. I could hear low moans coming from Roy as I went faster and faster. My balls were clenched tight to the sides of my cock like little sidecars and I felt myself reaching the point of no return. I gave one last hard stroke into his pucker and all hell broke lose. He gave out a yell as my cream shot into him and I could feel an orgasmic wave rush through my entire body. Every muscle seemed to twitch all at once as my cock pumped it’s juicy load into him. My fingers pressed deep into his sides as I tried to steady myself. I could feel my cum as it began to run back down along my cock. Roy was panting like he’d just run a mile and I could see a bead of sweat running down the center of his back. I loved the feeling of my hot juice as it flowed back around my penis, sticky and warm. I felt it begin to soften inside him, another one of my favorite things, so I slowly slid it out until I heard the "pop" of the head as it pulled out.

As we cleaned up and recovered over another cold glass of lemonade, Roy told me how he’d noticed me on my porch before, watching as the team passed. He didn’t have any friends at the college, at least not any gay ones, so he thought he’d take a chance. Since then, he’s been around my place a lot. We’ve become great fuck buddies and he’s introduced me to more of the talent around campus. Some of them two and three at a time.

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