Hubby Watched Me Screw The Lawn Guy

Author: Wave

My husband and I are both self employed and work from our home. It makes it nice for afternoon sex, because we can work whatever schedule suits us. One thing my husband has always wanted to do is watch me fuck another man. I was always tempted to do this, but never did anything to make to it happen.

One sunny day, while we were working, I began to feel horny and started fantasizing about getting pumped nice and slow with my husband’s hard cock. Just as I was going to ask my hubby to take a break and give me his nice big cock, our lawn service guy Tom pulled up in his truck. This guy is in his early twenties and is ruggedly handsome, but with a soft spoken voice and gentle demeaner. He’s always been very nice to me, so much so that I wondered if he had a slight crush on me. He looked especially good today, he had a nice tan to go along with that wonderful muscular body. I often checked out his ass while he worked up a sweat in the yard. He also looked like he was packing something nice in front, too.

I asked my husband if he wanted to watch me fuck Tom and he was all over that! I could see his cock got hard right away and he said he would have to fuck me himself afterwards, which was fine with me. I decided to seduce Tom outdoors, since we live on several acres and have complete privacy. This way, my husband could just watch through the sliding glass door.

I threw on my bikini, went outside and laid on a lawnchair. I noticed Tom kept sneaking peeks at me and finally, when he came close enough to me, I blurted out “wanna fuck me, Tom?” His jaw just about hit the ground, and he said “wouldn’t that piss your husband off?” I said “actually, he’s dying to watch me fuck someone else, and he’s inside watching us right now.” At just that moment, my husband opened the sliding glass door and said “please Tom, this is a huge fantasy of mine, plus, I know you dig my wife.” Tom said “I can’t argue that.”

I could see the bulge in Tom’s pants growing, and I took that to be a yes. I took my bikini top off and asked Tom to please suck my nipples, which he did quite nicely. Then, I unzipped his pants and exposed his gorgeous, thick cock. He had hairless balls, which was a real turn on to me. I was starting to wonder why I hadn’t done this sooner! I started licking the shaft of his cock, which I could tell he really liked. Then, I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, before taking the whole head into my mouth and slowly bobbing up and down on it.

I squeezed those hairless balls while I stroked and sucked his cock. I could tell that he loved having his balls played with, so I spent some time sucking each one in, then kissing and licking them. His cock had to be 8 inches long and stood straight up, hard as it could possibly get. Tom’s back was to the house, but I could see that my husband was standing at the sliding glass door with his cock in his hand, slowly stroking it. I turned Tom sideways so my husband could see me sucking that massive cock.

I asked Tom if he would like to lick my pussy and he said “I sure would.” I took my bikini bottom off and laid back on the lawnchair, while he eagerly lapped up my pussy juice. He fingered my nipples while he explored my pussy and clit with his tongue. Soon, I couldn’t help but cum all over that tongue of his, he was really good! I looked over to the house and my husband had the most delighted look on his face, along with the hugest hard on I’ve ever seen him have.

I decided to draw this out as long as I could, because it really made me horny all over again seeing my husband with his big fat cock in his hand, knowing that I was driving him wild with desire by fucking this young stud. I decided to give a little more attention to Tom’s cock and I sucked it some more. I looked up at him while sucking him and he looked like he was going to lose it any second. Now it was time to fuck, so I asked Tom how he would like to give it to me. He said he would love to lay on the lawn chair and have me stradle him. That sounded great to me, and I knew it would make for good viewing for my husband, with my back and ass to him.

He laid down, I stradled him, and slid my pussy along the top of his rock hard cock for a minute before sliding all the way down onto it. Tom squeezed my nipples while I did this and I could tell that I would easily be able to cum again very soon. When I slid down onto his cock, it felt incredibly big and hard inside me. I knew this had to be a huge turn-on for my husband, because as I rode it, he had a perfect view of my pussy juice glistening on that fat cock, while I slid slowly up and down on it.

Soon, I was creaming all over Tom’s cock, my body shaking and convulsing. My orgasm started to put him over the edge, so I jumped off his cock and started stroking his cock and fondling his balls. He cried out as he came, shooting a massive amount of cum onto his tight abs. I watched my husband, he was feverishly yanking on his cock, but I knew nothing but my pussy would do for him. I looked him in the eye and began to lick the cum off of Tom’s stomach. Then, I said to Tom, “I’m sorry, but I’m needed inside.” Tom said “no problem, be sure to thank your husband for me!”

I went inside and my husband said “you have no idea how incredibly beautiful you looked fucking that guy, but now I’m going to give you the kind of fucking you really deserve.” I had figured he would just fuck me quick and be done with it, but he had more in mind than that!

He carried me to our bed and laid me out and kissed me deeply. Then, he started nibbling delicately on my clit. His hard on was raging and that was really exciting to me, because I knew that I had really pleased him. I was starting to think that I might even be able to cum again. Then, he pushed my legs up in the air and started flicking my asshole with his tongue, which was something he had never done before and it really felt good. Soon, he was lapping up all my pussy juice, saying he could taste my cum, and that he was going to make me cum again. I knew he would.

He took time to suck my nipples, fingerfuck me a little bit, and then he finally gave me that big hard cock that I’d been looking at for so long. He gave it to me doggy style, long and slow, pulling it all the way out and sliding it all the way in, filling me up. Eventually, he turned me over and gave it to me missionary style, all the while kissing me more passionately than he ever had before. He pulled his cock in and out of me so slowly that I pushed him up, so that I could watch his cock do its work. He worked his way up to a faster pace and we both finally came at once, in a trembling pile.

We laid there for a while in total silence, and suddenly there was a knocking on the door. Tom had finished the lawn work. I answered the door, still naked as Tom handed me the bill. I said “you’ll be back next week, right Tom?” And he said “I’ll definitely be back, in fact I can come sooner if you’d like!”

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