Breaking My Cherry

Author: luvsurfinit

I’m coming to grips with the reality, that I am totally bi-sexual. I love the thought of me going down on a man, and “servicing,” him in every way.

The following is one of my male on male stories (my favorite). “Get a reply from an adult online dating/sex service. In the ad I posted, “would love to strip for a

group or couples”. I get a request from a group in my area to strip for them. The idea makes

me so hornnyyyyy!!!! I e-mail back to them, asking when and where?? The reply asks “what

about this weekend?” , and includes an address. MMMMMMM, I can’t wait!!!

A couple of hours before I have to leave, I shave my body, shower up. I dress in a tight t-shirt, and jeans with no underwear on underneath. I drive to the address I wrote down. I’m shaking as I

walk down the sidewalk. I’m so very horny. A guy greets me at the door, and shows me into the living room that has a group of about 10 guys sitting around. I kind of freak, because I thought it was going to be girls, but the idea of stripping for just men, gets me even hornier. They all whistle as I walk into the room, they turn the music up. I guess this is my cue. I start to dance, and gyrate my hips. I rub my hands all over my body, my chest, nipples, thighs, and crotch. This is turning me on even more than before.

A couple of guys pull out their cocks and start stroking them. I pull off my shirt, and squeeze my nipples. More guys pull their cocks out, and stroke them. I need relief, so I pull my pants off. My hard on bounces up and down. I dance while stroking my cock. I’m so horny!! One of the guys motions me over, and he points to his cock. I kneel down and grab it. It feels so good to stroke his cock. I lick the precum off of the head. MMMMM, it tastes great!! He pushes the back of my head, so that my mouth goes down his shaft. I open wide and suck his cock down. I feel hands on me, groping my legs and ass. Someone parts my ass, exposing my hole. I feel a tongue circle it, then it goes in my hole. MMMM, then a finger slides in my ass. I suck on the cock even harder. .I feel it throbbing, and I get ready for a load down my virgin mouth. I feel a head of a cock, against my man hole. I feel it press against, then into my fuck hole. MMMMM. cum is erupting into my mouth. God this feels so great!!! After the cock is done cumming in my mouth, another cock takes its place. It’s a little bigger, and just as tasty!!. A guy is fucking my ass with long hard strokes. I know it won’t be long before I feel the hot cum spurting up my virgin ass. The hard cock in my ass is starting to throb. OHHHH it feels so good. Cum is splashing down my hole, and my cock erupts.without even touching it!! A few more strokes in my ass, and a new hard cock slides into my hole. They all take turns getting a piece of me. By the end of the night I have cum all over me, and in me.

They invite me back for an encore. How about tomorrow??”

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