Big Girls

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“Who?” Mike said, trying to find the right end of the phone. He sat up in bed and turned the clock so he could read it. It was just past midnight.

“Who the hell is this?” Mike demanded, holding the phone to his ear as he made his way to the bathroom.
“Dan… your brother.”
“Dan? Dan, why are you calling me at 12:45 in the morning, I work tomorrow?” Mike asked as a stream of urine trickled into the toilet.

“I can’t tell you over the phone. You need to come here, and I mean now.”
“Screw you, Dan. I’m not driving five hours and missing a day of work, unless I know why,” Mike said as he lit a cigarette.
“Do it, Mike, I mean it. You can’t miss this, buddy, really. Get your ass over here. Bring your video camera.”

Mike heard the click and looked at the phone incredulously. Dan lived in Ohio, almost 300 miles away. Was he serious? Of course he was serious, he was always serious. And if he called, Mike had to come. Dan wouldn’t call for nothing.
“Fuck me,” Mike said, pulling on his pants. He didn’t want an all night drive, he wanted sleep. He had a box of Nodose around somewhere. He needed to find it.

Dan paced his kitchen floor restlessly, trying to drink a cup of coffee between steps. He nearly chocked when he saw the silver Lincoln Navigator barreling down his road. His farm was at the end of a long gravel road, few people came who did not belong there. He had a few turnarounds, but not many. This car he recognized, even though he had never seen it before. It was his brother’s new car.

Mike stepped out of his vehicle and waited for the cloud of dust to pass. When he looked up his brother Dan was holding out a cup of coffee. Mike took it wordlessly, while staring at the old family farm. It hadn’t changed much, except for the fact that there was a huge blue tent made out of tarps at the end of the pole barn. The equipment which should have been stored inside the pole barn had been hastily pulled out into the lawn in the center of the driveway circle. It would take days to fix that lawn.

Not far away, a group of American Power trucks were working on the high voltage towers. It appeared that a line was down. Dan followed his glance and chuckled.
“Let me show you what I’ve got in my barn, it could shed a little light on their activities,” he smiled.

“What’s with the blue tarp tent. A little tacky, isn’t it?”
“It’s a deterrent.”
“From what?” Mike asked.

“Spy planes, satellites, NASA, the FBI, the unusual,” he shrugged with a secretive smile.
“I told you to get a good woman. Living out here alone is eating up your brain’s,” Mike said, throwing the remains of the disgusting coffee into the grass. He sat the cup on a fencepost as they passed. Dan stopped and added his own cup to the post.

“I was hoping they would be gone by now,” he nodded toward the AMP trucks.”
“Why. Is that any of your doing?”
“No, it was a friend of mine. Here, come on in,” he hurried to the small door in the side of the pole barn and ushered Mike inside. The first thing Mike noticed was that the barn was full. the second thing he noticed was the smell.

“It smells like you’re raising French whores in here.”
“Are you ready?” Dan asked dramatically, with his hand on the light switch.
“Sure, let’s get this over with so I can get some sleep.”

“You asked for it,” Dan yelled, flipping on the lights. They were mercury lights which came on slowly, gradually brightening over a 1 minute period. Mike waited listlessly, yawning conspicuously, while he glanced at Dan. Dan’s eyes were wide with excitement. Mike moved forward into the darkness and immediately bumped into something soft and warm. He leaped back, in case it was a horse or cow, either which could flatten him with one kick. But the softness seemed to be human skin. He reached out tentatively and swore.

“Dan? What the fuck” he yelled, following the bare skin down the length of the barn.
“Step back so yo can get the full effect,” Dan called. Mike stepped back. The lights were beginning to work, but they were partially blocked by the bulk inside the barn. As he looked at the lights, the outline blocking them seemed to rise and fall.

Mike jumped back with a cursing shout. He ran over next to Dan, who was giggling loudly and grabbed his arm to keep him from leaving.
“Just a second more,” Dan said, doubled over in laugher.
“What the fuck is that?” Mike demanded.
“Look,” Dan pointed dramatically. The lights were brightening quickly now. Mike squinted, then turned white and jumped back.

“Who the fuck is she?” Mike demanded in outrage.
“How the hell should I know. She’s probably an alien. You seldom see a 40 foot tall naked woman out walking in the country. She knocked herself out when she walked into the power lines. I though she might be dead, but she was just unconscious. I loaded her onto a wagon with a forklift and pulled her inside here. I couldn’t get her all the way inside, so I built a tent around her head. Come here,” he said with a boyish grin. Mike followed, finding himself climbing up on the wagon, between her enormous legs.

“Oh Dan, you fucking pervert,” he said as he followed Dan between two legs almost as tall as his head. Dan stopped and stepped aside.
“Have you ever seen a pussy so big?” Dan asked breathlessly. “She’s fucking beautiful,” Dan said in excitement. “Wait until you see her face.”

“Well she looks good from this angle,” Mike agreed, looking at her amazing pussy. He edged closer, feeling the heat coming from her pussy and legs. Her aroma was strong, but pleasant.
“She’s hairy,” Mike pointed at her embarrassingly sexy pussy. “A blonde?”
“Yeah, she’s incredible,” Dan said, pushing his hands down into his pockets and grinning boyishly. “I’m going to keep her.”
“You can’t keep a forty foot tall woman. People would talk.”
“Fuck them, I’m keeping her.”
“Have you… explored,” Mike asked nervously.
“Have you… you know, done perverted things?”
“Where would I start?” Dan snorted.
“Well, here or her breasts.”
“You’re weird,” Dan said uncomfortably.
“Who’s fucking weird?”

“Ok, I’ve thought about it. I’ve even checked her breasts out, come on,” Dan said, enthusiastic again. He grabbed a stepladder and placed it against the woman’s 6 foot tall leg. They climbed up, sinking and bouncing on her soft, warm flesh. After negotiating her leg and hip, they began to sink into the softer flesh of her stomach. It was like walking on a water bed.

“Whoa, look at that,” Mike pointed at her belly button. It was two feet across and a foot deep.
“To hell with that, look at those,” Dan said, pointing at her breasts.

“My God,” Mike said reverently as he saw the massive breasts. Each breast was 6 feet across and 4 feet tall. The nipple alone was as big as Mike’s head.

“Push,” he said, starting up the left breast. Dan put his hand behind Mike’s ass and pushed. Mike clawed his way up her breast and sank down beside the nipple. Come to me,” Mike said, clasping the nipple in his open arms. He pressed his face against the nipple while stroking it with his hands.
“Hey, what about me?” Dan called.

“Take that one,” Mike pointed at the right breast. “Let’s see if we can turn this sleeping bitch on.”
“Oh yeah,” Dan called, running up her right breast and diving toward the nipple. He used the hardened nipple to pull himself up. He had never noticed how soft and squishy a breast could be. He could get lost in it.

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