Sook’s Love

Author: Cecilia

Their marriage of five years had had its ups and downs, bumps and valleys, but overall they were both very happy. Sook couldn’t remember a time when she wasn’t with her hunky Army husband. Nor did she want to. She did, however think back on the day they met often and how he’s changed her life for the better. As he laid there in bed beside her, the candles on the night stands glowing with warmth and soft light, both of their naked bodies pressed against each other, she looked into his deep green eyes and was taken back.

They had met while he was serving in Korea at the local restaurant. She was a waitress, and he was, well a PFC in the Army, first tour from home and hurting for someone to give him some warmth and affection. She provided that.

He tipped her a rather large amount that night and came back at every chance he could. Waiting for an off base pass was sometimes a struggle, but he always managed to get one. As the time passed, they grew closer and closer. She comforted his need for someone to love him and he in turn made her feel safe and secure. Their love blossomed in that run down, dingy restaurant.

Then came the dreaded new orders. He was being reassigned to Fort Hood, Texas. She took the news pretty hard, as much as he did. They both tried to stay strong for one another, but after a few somber visits, she broke down. She held onto him. Her arms were barely able to reach around his muscular chest. The soft cotton of her simple dress pressed against the rough material of his BDUs. Such a contrast. But they had become one. They completed each other. He held her small sobbing form against his firm body tightly. Her thick accent coupled with her crying made it all but impossible for Brandon to understand her words. He didn’t need to.

Hearing and seeing Sook’s distress, her deep hurting, he knew he had to do something. He couldn’t lose the best thing that’s ever happened to him, over some orders. He made his mind up. He was going to ask her to marry him that coming Friday. That gave them one full month to get married, get through the paperwork, wait for the Army to approve his marriage, gather her belongings and have the military ship them to Fort Hood.

Friday came and Brandon was a nervous wreck. The guys in his barracks had teased him about marrying Sook from all angles. Most we’re all in fun, some were rather cruel. He didn’t give a shit. He had already spoken with her father and asked for his permission. It went smoothly and Brandon felt better about it all. He had made up his mind to ask her that night, and he’d be able to conquer this hurdle the Army had thrown at him.

He waited rather nervously as she finished up her shift. He had ordered dinner, but had barely touched it: too much on his mind and the fact that he didn’t want her to see his hands shaking as he ate. He knew he would have ended up wearing more food than he actually ingested.

Sook, in her strong Korean accent asked him what was troubling him. She could tell that his mind was racing and was carrying a heavy load. That’s when he did it. He slid off of the hard, wobbly wooden chair onto the dirty floor on knee and in front of everyone, military and civilians alike, he asked for Sook’s hand in marriage. With tears welling in her dark brown eyes she couldn’t manage the word yes. As she looked down at him, this strong man, giving himself to her and asking for her to accept him, her tears rolled down her cheeks, landing on his knees. She nodded with her entire body, half in shock and half in utter disbelief.

She was brought back to the present as Brandon stretched his hand to her cheek, caressing it as he wiped away her tear with his thumb. Sook smiled at him, with all the love she felt for him beaming from her almond shaped eyes and collapsed against his muscular body. He comforted her, his arms surrounding her with safety and assurance. His touch still made her tingle and almost immediately aroused. He saw the look in her eye and slowly rolled her over so that she was lying on her back and he was to the side of her still protecting her with his loving arms. With the gentlest of touches he ran his strong hand up her soft skin, marveling at her beauty. He leaned in for a passion filled kiss as his hand reached and cupped her left breast. Their tongues danced slowly as he pulled her closer. Her left arm reached up and around his lower back as if to tell him she was ready.

He slowly rolled on top of her, carefully supporting most of his weight on his elbows so he didn’t crush her tiny frame. As he maneuvered his legs between hers, he looked deeply into her eyes. Each time they made love was better than the last in his mind. He had learned her body, her reactions, her needs. Brandon kissed her again and slid his hard, throbbing manhood deep within her. She let out a light gasp, as he filled her completely. In one fluid movement they had joined once again and slowly began to thrust against each other’s hot bodies.

Her sweet moans began to fill the room as they made love and Sook knew it wouldn’t be long before her stud of a husband would have her writhing in ecstasy. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it. She ran her hands up and down his back and could feel his muscles ripple with every gentle thrust. Sook could feel her climax beginning to build and felt her body begin to tense up. Brandon felt it as well and lowered his head for another kiss to bring her through her orgasm.

Her grip around his back tightened as her orgasm washed over her, completely taking over her body. He kept his pace slow and easy, wanting to lead her to the highest peaks. As he continued his slow and steady thrusts, he felt himself being taken with her and joined her in climax. They both danced on the wings of passion, together, as one, joined for all eternity.

Brandon leaned down, placed a tender kiss upon Sook’s lips and quietly eased himself back to her side. He watched for a few minutes, her chest rising and falling, her breathing returning to normal. Once they had both regained their breathing and their minds had stopped reeling, he told her just how much he loved her. She rolled over, laid her head on his muscular chest, and fell asleep listening to his strong steady heartbeat.

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