Chocolate Decadance

Author: Cecilia

I was on my knees in front of my beloved Krissy in the middle of the living room floor. There were candles all about, of various sizes, as I gazed at her with admiring, wanting eyes. Both of us had removed our clothes, placed them on the couch, and stretched out an 8×8 foot blue tarp, and then towels over it, to make it soft. She was blushing at me softly, as I reached over to the coffee table, and picked up a bottle of chocolate syrup. Krissy covered her face, having agreed to this a few nights ago, and finally getting the nerve to try. I opened the little snap-top of the chocolate syrup, and slowly brought it to one of her still soft but large nipples. She reached down, where I was straddling over her legs, and caressed the bulb of my shaft, at the tip. I was already fully aroused.

I looked down at Krissy, shivering just a bit as she played against my sensitive tip with her trembling fingers. She teased me for a bit, and then gripped me, almost painfully in her hand, just at the tip, as I began to squeeze the chocolate out. It had been in the refrigerator, making it thick, and very cold. The nipple it touched was almost instantly hard. She arched her back, groaning, and protesting a bit. I simply told her it would warm up, and rolled my hips a bit, some pre-cum allowing for a little motion in that tight-squeezing hand, as I gave her opposite nipple a similar treatment. Then, I poured streaks of it slowly up and down her body, drawing, tracing lines with the cocoa up and down over her chest and belly, all the way down to her shaven sex, making a ‘v’ pattern down to that sweet spot, glazing her labia with the rich syrup. I smiled, as I gave her a very liberal covering of it, doing tiger stripes, zigzags, and anything else my playful heart desired.

After making her shiver a bit from all the cold syrup, which was quickly warming, I got onto my hands and knees, and lowered myself, so my lips made contact with her tight nipples. I pulled one, then the other into my hot mouth, grazing the supple, tense texture with my tongue. Warming them did not make them stop perking, only making the flesh tighter, and even more turgid. The scent of her arousal mixed beautifully with the scent of the chocolate. I then sat back up, looking down at Krissy, as she writhed softly on the towels over the tarp. I reached over to the coffee table again, selected a jar of caramel, and began to pour it, right from the jar, over those large, d-cup breasts. It spilled over the sides of her white, creamy flesh, making each breast look like a beautifully sculpted sundae. Krissy moved her hands to her tummy, getting some chocolate on them, and then reached down, and spread it over my pulsing member slowly. I gritted my teeth, my dick drifting forward at the desired attention. Then, I lowered my head again, licking and kissing that thick, syrupy sweet chocolate and caramel, as those graceful long fingers encircled the head of my length, and slipped rather easily back and forth with the sticky, slippery chocolate syrup.

I slowly moved down, out of her grip, reluctantly. I pressed my lips immediately to her sex, pressing my tongue into her, and licking out the seeping chocolate syrup, as well as the glaze of her own sweet honey. My tongue dug deep into her, spreading her swollen lips around it, hugged tight by her inner channel, as she rolled her hips forward a bit, releasing a shuddering moan, and grabbing my head, getting that chocolate all in my hair. I knew I was going to need a shower, anyway. I flicked her rapidly with my tongue, teasing at her clit, my face covered in chocolate, and my hips trembling with need, a trail of pre-cum connecting my heavy, rock hard shaft with the floor, glistening. She bucked rather firmly, suddenly, into my face, spreading that sweet chocolate down her inner thighs.

“Oh god… please… t… take me!” she hissed, pulling my hair a bit, pulling me away from her sex. I knew she preferred to climax around my shaft rather than on my tongue. She liked the feeling of being filled. I moved slowly up her body, and straddled over her chest.”Gotta clean me off first.” I said, arching my eyebrows. She nodded, and immediately, almost in a feral state, engulfed my pulsing shaft with her tight lips, her tongue pressing the tip of my aching rod to the roof of her mouth, as she tugged her head back and forth, sucking heavily, using her tongue and lips to pull off all the syrup.

I closed my eyes tightly and groaned, as she pulled off of me quickly and spun her tongue against the tip rapidly, making me gasp hard, and slide back down her body. That was good enough. I grabbed her behind her knees with one hand, and I pressed the tip of my member at her wet, tight entrance. I shuddered, as I pressed myself harder against her, sinking deeper into her. My back arched a little, I held myself fully in her, feeling those tight walls squeezing. I suppose I was moving a little too slow for her taste, or got her closer to climax already with my tongue than I realized. She pulled herself up and grabbed my shoulders, rolling suddenly, pressing her body against mine, and beginning to buck her hips hard and fast against mine. The syrup spread evenly between us, gluing us together slightly, making it hard to pull apart and that was just fine for Krissy.

I had expected her to enjoy it, but not to get into it quite this much. I gripped the towels, my legs tensing, as she slammed her hips against mine, the slapping of our wet, sticky bodies loud and lewd. The feel of her flesh, slickened by the food, as she moved back and forth against me, pressing herself tightly close to me was unbearable. As she thumped her hips hard into mine, I released, the almost blind flash of ecstasy racing through me as pulses of thick seed channeled deep into her body, Krissy crying out loudly, as she climaxed as well, squeezing my shaft hard, pulling upward, chocolate, liquid now from the heat, spattering me, as she reared up, shouting in pleasure as her climaxed thrashed her quaking body. She then pressed herself back against me, rolling her hips slowly, longingly, her breasts slick, pressed to mine, our bodies scented of sex and chocolate.

“Later, pineapple slice ring toss.” Krissy laughed softly. I closed my eyes, breathing heavily, still pulsing inside those tight, slick walls.

“Yeah.” I said softly, chuckling.

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