Surprise attack

Author: Cecilia

You might say that Max and I like to get into some of the rather bizarre little fetishes. You might say that we like to add a little spice to our sex life. And you might say that we are some of the most twisted individuals you have ever met in your life.

Why is this you ask? Simple. Other couples devolve into a casual boring love life. From the beginning of their marriage, where things are new and exciting dwindling down to having to have space between the two of them in bed cause the heat from their bodies make each other uncomfortable or worse yet, sleeping in separate rooms from one another.

But my husband and I keep changing things and adding things to our intimate life. We’ve been married for ten years, since we were eighteen years old, and our sex life is spicier than the night of our honeymoon.

We take turns shocking one another to see what we can do to make the other all hot and bothered. One of my favorite times was a few years back. Every time I think of it I get all horny again.

I came home from the office one casual Friday and when I walked in the door, the entire living room was covered in thick tarps over plastic. It literally looked like we were about to paint the entire living room. I had no idea at that point how close to the truth I was.

Next thing I knew I was blindsided by my husband as I started to walk into the room. He playfully tackled me to the floor, pinning me underneath him. When I got my senses enough to realize what was going on, I found myself staring up at a pair of whipped cream cans pointed right at me. An instant later, I was coated in the cream, spraying all over my face and T-shirt.

I squirmed out from under him, wiping my eyes clear of the cream. When I could see again, there he was standing completely nude and holding one of the cans. This was about to get a lot more interesting than I had even dreamed.

I took my own clothing off, his cock getting solidly erect as I did. When I had wiped the whipped cream from my face with what was left of my shirt, he tossed one of the cans to me and we proceeded to fight and spray each other with the stuff.

I retreated into the kitchen where I found more ammunition when I ran out. Two bottles of chocolate syrup and a cherry pie. The fridge was stocked with ammo. He must have been working hard to plan this for the day. Instead of spraying him with the stuff, I tackled him and pinned him down to the couch where I poured the stuff all over his chest and his throbbing cock.

I took the other bottle of chocolate and poured it down over my own head. I leaned back slightly, pouring it over my hardened breasts, letting the cool beads of sugary delight roll down my body and just start to quench the erotic fires that had started building within me.

When I looked back, he had a pair of caramel ice-cream topping bottles in his hand. I slipped from his waist after setting the cherry pie of to the side for the time being. When I went down to my knees, I squeezed a little of the syrup all over his messy cock watching him quiver in the erotic mess.

As I slipped my steamy throat down over the heated shaft, he poured the other bottle over top my head, letting it drip lewdly down to his thighs and all over the tarp that covered the couch.

My tongue cleaned his cock like a banana split sundae. I drank down every sugary drop that I could reach, to my husband’s delight. I looked up to him with an approving smile The caramel, chocolate, and whipped cream dripped down my face slowly and fell to my chest. I stood back to my feet and straddled myself over my husband. I pressed by sugar slick body to his, kissing him long and hard with a fiery passion that was just as hot as the first time we made love.

The warmth between the two of us was more than the chocolate. I leaned him back only to feel another goo pouring over my back. I looked behind me and he had gotten a hold of the pie, pouring the contents over me. We were a horrific mess of confections and loved every second of it.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled his freshly cleaned cock inside me. In the middle of that kiss, I could feel the syrupy cherries rolling down over my ass and dripping down over my pussy as I held my husband back onto the couch.

He wrapped the tarp around the two of us, not letting a single bit of the spilled mess escape us. I felt like a burrito with the blanket sticking to my flesh. The passion drove me wild. I drove my pussy down onto his cock, filling him into me as far as he could reach. Every time I landed home, the sounds of our flesh slapping against one another filled the room with a spray of the various syrups spraying aside.

There was not a single inch of our flesh that was not covered. I threw off the tarp and sat up on the couch, bounding my body onto him.

He sat up and wrapped his arms around me, burying his face between my breasts and licking them clean as he suckled gently on my sweet nipples.

When I finally came, I fell over his body with my legs nearly going numb in the sheer force of the explosive release. I held tightly against him, just letting my body wallow in the muck of confections that filled the place from wall to wall.

The once clean room of tarps was reduced to a paint splattered mess that would take most of the day to clean up. But it was worth every second of it I swear.

Next time I talk to you, I will have to tell you of my second favorite session with him… The cleanup in the shower afterwards. I still had to get him to cum now didn’t I?

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