The caring neighbour

Author: LOVELY

That night I was sitting home alone, waiting for my husband to call me from his next destination. He was on his business tour and was not expected to come tonight. I’ve gotten used to that but I find myself watching X-rated movies and getting myself off just to ease the tension. Tonight was just like any other night, I decided to watch my favorite sex video and make myself cum. I went to the T.V. and inserted the DVD, suddenly my lights went out. I felt my way to my kitchen and began to light every candle I had and place them around my living room and dining room. Just as I put the last candle down, I heard a knock at my front door. Of course being a woman alone, I carefully peeked out the window to see who it was. It was my neighbor from down the street who just so happens to be a fine, sexy, chocolate, single brother.

When I saw him my heart began to palpitate. I’ve been attracted to him since he first moved into the neighborhood but I never let him know it. I opened the door, and he asked if I was alright because all the lights were out on our block. I told him I was fine and he asked if I’d mind if he stayed with me since he was home alone also. Reluctantly I said yes while all along my pussy was throbbing for a good fuck. We sat down in the living room talking casually by candle light while I did my best to hide my hot sexual desire. As he was talking, my mind drifted and I began to let my eyes roam all over his body. I let my eyes stop at his crotch and my pussy became so wet at the thought of having his dick inside me.

Suddenly, I heard him call my name and I was embarrassed that he saw me staring. The look he gave me told me that he liked the way I stared. I asked him if he wanted anything and he asked me if I had any fruit. I told him yes and asked him which one he would like, he told me he would like a fruit salad. Ok, I said and I went into my kitchen and began slicing all kinds of fruits for him. I put everything into a bowl and was bringing it to him when to my surprise; there he was on my dining room table with nothing on. I almost dropped the bowl of fruit and he told me to come to him. I came slowly and he began taking the fruit out of the bowl one by one and placing it on his body.

Strawberries on each nipple, kiwi’s, grapes, orange slices, peaches, apples, all going down toward his already hard dick in the shape of an arrow. He asked me to get him a banana peel. I did and he told me to put it on top of his dick. I put it on him so it looked like his dick was the banana. He pulled me close to him and I bent down and began to stick my tongue in his mouth. We kissed and my pussy throbbed ’til my juices began sliding down my leg. He told me to undress and I eagerly took off all my clothes. As I stood there, he stared at me, saw the wetness between my legs and said “Eat me”. I began eating each piece of fruit and let my tongue lick the fruit juices from his hard body.

I looked up to see if he was enjoying what I was doing to him and he was moaning “Yeah baby, I like that.” I finally reached the last piece of fruit which was a peach slice right above his hard dick. I slowly let my tongue grab it, slide it onto his dick while I took the banana peel off with my hand. I let my tongue slowly slide the peach slice to the tip of his dick, stopped, looked at him and swallowed the peach and his dick whole. “Oh shit!!” he screams while I worked his dick in my mouth. He reached up, grabbed my hair and began to move my head up and down on his dick. He suddenly exploded his cum inside my mouth and it began to ooze out of my mouth. I held my head back, swallowed the rest, and wiped my face. He got up, grabbed me, and threw me down in front of the couch on my knees. I was so ready for this, my pussy was practically begging to be fucked. He grabbed my ass and rammed his hard dick inside my dripping pussy.

Oooohh!! It felt so good! He began to talk nasty to me and I loved it. The more he talked the wetter I became. My pussy walls pulsated around his dick as it went deeper inside me. I was about to climax when he pulled his dick out and with my pussy juices all over it slipped it with ease into my ass. I began to moan, beg, and cry for more. He slapped my ass and stroked in and out as if he’d been there before. Oh damn! I’ve never had it this good! My pussy was still dripping while he fucked my ass. He pulled out of me, layed down on the rug and said “Ride my dick.” I slowly slid my ass onto his dick and began to ride him like a Merry-go-round. I was so into this juicy dick of his, I didn’t notice that the lights came back on. I kept riding that thick dick as he grabbed my tits and began to suck them both at the same time.

This made me go crazy and I began to cum. I screamed his name so loud I knew the other neighbors could hear me but that didn’t stop him. He kept fucking me until I came 2 more times. I got up off him and lay there, spent from all he’d done while he went to clean up. He came back dressed, thanked me for letting him spend the evening with me, kissed me on my cheek and said “Maybe I can make you that fruit salad sometime.”
“ sure my dear” was the only sentence I could say in the answer.

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